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Petition to United Soccer Coaches, U.S. Soccer

Make Mental Health Education Mandatory for US Soccer Coaches

The statistics surrounding depression and suicide for young people in the United States are STAGGERING-   Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for college-age youth and ages 12-18 and more teenagers and young adults will die from suicide than from Cancer, Heart Disease, AIDS, Birth Defects, Stroke, Pneumonia, Influenza, and Chronic Lung Disease, COMBINED (2016 CDC WISQARS). Each day in our nation, there are an average of 3,041 attempts by young people grades 9-12. If these percentages are additionally supplied to grades 7 and 8, the numbers would be even higher (Jason Foundation). What's more staggering is that FOUR out of FIVE teen who attempt suicide have given clear warning signs (Jason Foundation). But what's my point? It is difficult for many adults to understand what would motivate a young person to take their own life. Changes in behavior of a child are often seen as part of adolescence. This may not be the case. Some youth see ending their lives as the only option to end the pain they are going through. As a soccer coach who has taken many licensing courses and has worked for a professional soccer organization, I have never been taught anything relative to warning signs of mental health problems in the youth that I coach. I feel that the warning signs of youth suicide are something that we, as coaches and adults, can help to recognize and aid/seek help for the young adults that we coach. The more that we understand, the more we can openly talk to young people about the problems they are facing. We NEED to be able to recognize signs of concern and know how to react and get professional help if needed. This is why I'm calling on U.S. Youth Soccer and the United Soccer Coaches Organization to make mental health education training a compulsory part of all Soccer Licensing Courses that they offer. If educating coaches of the warning signs can save just one life, then the training will have been worth it. Thank you.        

Richard Roselli
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Petition to Charles Rivkin, John Fithian

Make tomorrow's kid-rated movies smokefree and save one million lives

#RateSmokingR Why do so many kids still start to smoke? America removed cigarette commercials from TV and radio nearly fifty years ago. But kid-rated movies — especially PG-13 movies — still push smoking at children and teens. In 2017, half of PG-13 movies featured smoking, the highest level in years. Smoking in movies kills in real life. Smoking on screen will recruit six million American kids to smoke in this generation. Two million of those kids will die from cancer and other diseases caused by smoking. Parents and health advocates demand a reasonable solution to this urgent problem. America's #1 killer deserves the R-rating. R-rating future movies with smoking will keep smoking OUT of movies rated G, PG and PG-13 — the movies that kids see most — and cut young audiences' deadly risk in half. The CDC says the R-rating will protect three million kids from tobacco addiction, America's #1 cause of preventable death. Film producers will still be able to include smoking in any movie they want, accepting an R-rating just as they routinely do for other content. Why won't Hollywood act? The major movie studios and movie theater chains run the film ratings. They know the harm done by onscreen smoking. Their leaders could update the R-rating tomorrow but, so far, they've refused. The tobacco industry, far richer than Hollywood, has a long history of exploiting movies to sell smoking, using paid product placement and other tactics. Movies are the last media channel pushing tobacco at kids, completely unrestricted. When it comes to life and death, Hollywood must follow a simple rule: One little letter "R" will save one million lives. Learn more…and educate others:• Smokefree Movies (University of California, San Francisco) • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC fact sheet) ____________________________________________ Follow a lively Twitter stream tracking tobacco on screen: @onbeyondme 

Smokefree Movies
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