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Petition to Users, Contributors (Writers)

KEEP #HYRO ALIVE! (Free 80-Word Article Summaries)

SIGN THIS PETITION TO KEEP HYROGLF ALIVE! OUR STAKEHOLDERS NEED TO SEE MORE USER ACTIVITY AND SUMMARY CONTRIBUTIONS TO KEEP THE PLATFORM ALIVE AND DEVELOP MOBILE APP! SHARE PETITION AND SAVE #HYRO! You're Invited (Sign Up Link) Featured Summaries "The germiest place in your home and the best way to combat those microbes" "What Happens to Your Body on No Sleep" "The shoe industry is at war" "I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb" The Problem Everyday, we're flooded with attention-grabbing headlines. We initially click, scroll and browse to get more details. The initial intrigue suddenly dissipates with each wave of words we come across. We become conflicted, wanting to know more but turned-off and perhaps even overwhelmed by the oceans of long-winded text. We constantly feel behind, lacking the time (or attention-spans) to learn more about topics that interest us. To make matters worse, we're in a constant mental battle with advanced algorithms designed to distract us and capture our attention (eg Social Media, Netflix/YouTube Suggestions). As a quick-fix to help alleviate the stress, we save and bookmark articles with the genuine intention of eventually going back and reading them. But months later, we still haven't gotten around to it... The Solution Hyroglf is the new Summary-Sharing Platform. On HYRO, anyone can post 80-word limit summaries about anything. We're based out of Washington (DC) and we've added thousands of summaries since launching in 2017. Imagine how much more informed our society could be if we consistently condensed 10-30 minute articles in 30-60 second summaries? By making interesting and important information easier to absorb and remember, Hyroglf is Summarizing Your World.  Your Role The goal of this petition is to make you aware of Hyroglf and encourage summary contributions. By signing this petition, you're validating the concept of summarizing interesting and important information. Ultimately, we need more users and contributors (writers) to succeed. Once potential contributors see the demand for more summaries from people signing this petition and from you sharing HYRO summaries, they'll supply more summaries. In addition to signing the petition, you're invited to Sign Up for Hyroglf using the link below. Registering will give you access to the topic pages (News, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, etc) and Search Functionality. Sign this Petition to make history as one of the original supporters and early-adopters of Hyroglf! #HYRO Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@hyroglf)

Alex Sherman
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Petition to Yelp, United States Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, healthgrades , Yelp

Remove online reviews of doctors!

Doctors and other healthcare providers are reviewed on online review sites, similar to other businesses.  We, however, are not like those other businesses.  These online reviews are an open forum to the public written by patients, who are allowed to share their stories and photos explaining their experiences that they had with their doctor.  Often these reviews are negative and accuse the doctors of complications or mismanagement from medical visits, treatments and procedures that they have had.  Unlike other businesses, we, the doctors, are not allowed to respond, to defend our case or share any facts or photos to the public because of HIPAA and medical privacy laws.  We, the doctors, find this extremely unfair and unjust.  If patients are allowed to review us, then we should be able to defend the review and be able to state publicly our side of the story.   This is a clear cut prohibition and violation of our rights to defend ourselves and to protect our names and reputations. These reviews that are often one sided, impact our livelihood and medical practices. They also cause emotional distress to the doctors, who cannot explain their side of the story that is out in the public forum for others to read and believe.   Also, many doctors fearing poor reviews will overprescribe and overtest just to "satisfy" patients.  We, the doctors, should not be pressured to do things to get good reviews.  We want to provide medical care not customer care.  This affs the care to our patients and society as a whole.   We ask for immediate withdrawal of ALL doctors and providers, who are affected by HIPAA and medical privacy laws, from being reviewed on these online review sites. Until we can defend ourselves, a review should not be posted to which we cannot respond.

Physicians Working Together
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Petition to Microsoft

Leave Political Decisions to the Voters, Don't Boycott ICE!

In the 21st century America, the Internet has become an essential communication tool and a basic part of daily life.  Yet in recent years, the has been a trend toward big technology companies seeking to prevent those who hold differing political views from having free access to the communication channels that they control.  From demonetization on YouTube to shadow bans on Twitter, those who deviate from progressive orthodoxy on contentious issues far too often find themselves blocked.  Now, a group of software engineers claiming to represent the open source community is trying to take the industry’s influence in politics to a new level.  They have issued an open letter asking GitHub, a source code hosting service owned by Microsoft, to refuse to do business with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This petition takes no position on the policies enforced by ICE or what changes should or shouldn’t be made to these policies.  Rather, our concern is over who should be making these decisions in the first place.  In a democratic society such as the United States, decisions of national importance are supposed to be made by the people through their duly elected representatives, with judicial review to ensure that they are in compliance with the Constitution.  It is a subversion of democracy for the leadership of one industry to use its power to override the will of the people as expressed through the democratic process.  Please join us in urging Microsoft to leave political decisions to the voters and refrain from denying access to ICE or any other customer on the basis of their politics.

Engineers for Individual Rights
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