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Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP

Justice for SEN children in Halton Borough

Are you aware that Halton Borough Council slashed the budget for special educational needs children?But are you also aware that they announced this to the School heads of SECRET? The matter featured in an article exposed by reporter Faye Brown in the Liverpool ECHO, after she received an email leaked to her by a concerned whistleblower The leaked email was from the Council informing all School Heads of Halton that funding for Special needs enhanced provision was being axed and instructed them NOT to submit any future referrals because the Council had run out of cash. This is against the backdrop of revelations that since 2010, the Council has made £27.2 million from land sales of public land and property. Then there's the fact that the Mersey Gateway Bridge, raked in a staggering £15 million in fines and tolls in the first 3 months when it opened in October 2017 Furthermore, 2 months after the education cuts came to light the Council found the finances to host the Queen and Megan Markle to belatedly open the new Mersey crossing.Oh yes and not to forget the means were found to revamp their Town Hall too but still no money for disabled childrens education! These disabled children are being shamefully deprived of their equality by not being afforded an education by this Council. Children who have had to stay at home because their 1 to 1 teacher has been laid off and there's not the alternative of home tuition because the majority of them have been axed now too. So how can this be fair? Another question that everyone in Halton needs to be considering is the serious lack of transparency that's been exposed through what's happened here. So if the Council were discussing,deciding and implementing these cuts behind the backs of their residents what else is being planned behind closed doors? Also to contemplate is how our local politicians are not doing enough to challenge the decisions being made in the Council, they didn't even confront the Local Auhority about why the people behind all of this considered themselves so superior as to exclude the tax paying public from their deliberations. The fact that we have been treated with such contempt to have had to find out about this from the press I think is reason alone and a matter of principle to sign this petition. "In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell Thank you  

Amy Jane Hannah
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Petition to Ghana Education Service, Ghana National Association of Teachers, Ministry of education, Ghana


The Controller and Accountant General Department of Ghana in June, 2018 deducted all teachers in Ghana an amount of Gh¢ 10.00 for State Insurance Company (SIC) purported to be an insurance policy deduction arranged between the Ghana Education Service and SIC without prior notification to the teachers concerned.  This is fraudulent and out of place due to the following: 1. Most of the affected teachers already have existing policies with the said SIC and thus cannot be coerced into taken another one against their wish. 2. The processes were not earlier discussed with the affected teachers. 3. The actions of GES, SIC and CAGD is against the fundamental human rights of the affected teachers as it kicks against their freedom of association because no one can be forced under the laws of Ghana to join any scheme or insurance they do not wish to join.  4. The processes seem fraudulent as it is a plain methodology for some few people to gather monies of the already suffering teachers using SIC as a cover up so they can further use for their personal gains.   We therefore call for an immediate halt of the entire insurance policy and for a refund of all monies deducted in June, 2018 because SIC is an open-for-all company where anyone willing to take an insurance policy can walk in and take it.  We want action now or head to the law courts to seek redress.   

Bismark Yankson
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