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Petition to Theresa May MP

LGBT+ History to be taught in schools.

In schools Black History is taught and Black History Month celebrated, and so it should be. Every groups struggles should be recognized and celebrated, this includes the LGBT+ community. My whole time throughout school I was never once taught about the history or struggle of the LGBT+ people. The Stonewall Riots, the legislation's against LGBT+ peoples and the slow but steady forceful fight for same-sex marriage to be legalized globally. Even on the topic of sex education, you are never taught how to have sex with the same sex and the dangers about it when protection is not used, yet heterosexual sex education is taught and children are told ways to prevent the spread of diseases, STI's and so on.. Ever since I came out in 2011 I was never once told when LGBT+ history month was, let alone anyone else celebrate or talk about it. Schools wonder why the bullying rate towards LGBT+ students is so high along with the suicide rates. This is because people are not educated on it or the people who belong to it. I did not have a clue what a gay or lesbian was let alone a transgender person. This lack of knowledge is a MASSIVE contribution to the ignorance of others.  I personally think this would have a massive impact on my community and give the people in my community some sort of hope that future generations will come to just accept the LGBT+ community and the people within it.  So many cultures and other peoples are celebrated throughout the year but the LGBT+ history month (which is in February by the way) is not taught to children in schools across the UK.  For me this is a very important issue and could tackle a lot of the ignorance of teenagers and attacks on the LGBT+ community in the future, and hopefully start to educate future presidents and prime ministers to eradicate this ignorance all over the world.  Thank you. 

Matthew Newman
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Petition to Justine Greening MP

Scrap S.A.T.S in primary school

"S.A.T.S negatively impact on children's teaching and learning and wellbeing" INDEPENDENT research and GOVERNMENT findings have said the same thing - S.A.Ts  show how well schools are coaching children to pass the tests, they are NOT  A MEANINGFUL reflection of children's ability and they CAUSE HARM. The government has commissioned a report in to SATs and the results are conclusive and stark - STOP. They have ignored this advice! House of Commons Education Committee Report on the negative impact of S.A.T.s  For the sake of our children lets stop the madness. Levels of mental ill health, and self harm are rising in young people, exam pressure is a major factor. Rise in self harm and poor mental health in children Teachers are leaving posts and, it's increasingly hard to recruit new ones. We have got our priorities wrong! Children in the last year of primary school and their teachers spend chunks of the year been coached and doing practise papers for standardised testing - S.A.T.S. At a recent parents evening  I was explaining to the teacher that my 10 year old daughter was starting to get so worried about the tests she was crying, and after a week of pre tests she felt really stupid and she felt there was no point her even going to schools as it made no difference. I was told not to worry, 'many children are worried and upset about S.A.T.S, they get through it together', and that 'the government now allows one 'weak' area so my daughters can be spelling' - since when was school about universal suffrage!! Just a note - my daughter has been diagnose as been dyslexic and having other educational learning challenges. This seems irrelevant to the government, and the school doesn't have the time or money to support her to learn even though she has a recognised learning disability.  The tests cause huge anxiety for children, with some schools building up the pressure to 'knuckle down and prepare' the year before. No one can learn under pressure and when children are stressed they either shut down or act out, teachers are constantly reminding us that a large part of their time is spent managing behavioural problems. S.A.T.S have done nothing to help kids get on in life, as can be seen with the BBC report link: Schools failing to support children to hope and aim for a better future The tests are supposed to be a way of comparing schools and seeing if children have reached a set level or reading and writing and spelling. However,last year, the variation in writing results between local authorities prompted education data expert Dr Rebecca Allen to warn that it would be safer not to judge schools on the results. Ofsted also urged its inspectors that the results should be interpreted “carefully” and education secretary Justine Greening later confirmed that no decisions on intervention would be made on the basis of 2016 data alone. So what's the point? Please help me stop my daughter from feeling increasingly stupid and under unnecessary pressure, along with millions of other children who's childhood and potential is being squashed due to pointless testing. They were stopped for younger children and everyone was relieved, we can do the same again. Please join the petition. Thank you in hope. (Photo credit: Lincolnshire live/SWNS)

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