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Petition to Brett White, Josh Wells, Bob Baier, Matt Forney, Melinda Fritze, Carly Haynes, Jennifer Seymour, Andrew Chaney

Save Mrs. Hays, let her teach our children full-time for full-time pay!

The momentum to SAVE MRS HAYS and have her teach our children full-time is growing! We have had a ground swell of support from Mrs. Hays' current and former students and now have almost 300 physical signatures on our petition, please join us by signing our new digital petition online! We will be presenting this to the Andover School Board at their monthly meeting on Monday, November 12th at 6:30 pm. Please show your support and join us on Monday, we will all wear red in unity for Mrs. Hays. Mrs. Hays has been teaching kindergarten in the Andover School District for 40 years. She has profoundly impacted hundreds of children’s lives over those years, and yet the Board is attempting to push Mrs Hays out early by preventing her from teaching full-time. We believe it is in the best interest of our children, students, and community for Mrs. Hays to be allowed to continue teaching kindergarten full-time in the district. Please show your support for Mrs. Hays, and the importance of our community’s educators, by signing this petition. Please share this by email, Facebook, Twitter, and in any other way possible! Help us do what is in the best interest of our children and #SaveMrsHays! For more information, please contact Heather Johnson at 316-609-6628 or

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Petition to California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Suspend the RICA

Prospective teachers who seek to earn a California credential to teach elementary students must pass an exam called the RICA (Reading Instruction Competency Assessment), in addition to successful completion of an approved credential program and a teaching performance assessment.  All educators understand and support the need to be well-prepared for strong literacy instruction. However, in its current form, the RICA is flawed, but it is the only obstacle standing between many well-prepared teachers and the classroom. The RICA does not accurately test literacy content, is biased against examinees whose first language is not English, and does not predict instructional effectiveness. We strongly advise the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to suspend the RICA requirement for teacher candidates until these issues are resolved.    Further Explanation Content: The current RICA exam, as written, tests students on 1997 English Language Arts Standards; as teacher educators, we teach our candidates to implement 2012 California Common Core Standards and the ELA/ELD framework. The RICA test does not reflect current research and instructional best practices in literacy. Bias:  The RICA pass rates show evidence of bias against individuals in certain subgroups. For example, English-only examinees have an average first-attempt pass rate of 71%, while the pass rate is 56% for examinees who speak one or more languages other than English (CTC agenda item 2018-02-4e). Predictive Validity: There is no evidence that successful completion of the RICA is predictive of the examinee’s ability to effectively deliver literacy instruction that leads to student learning.  

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