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Petition to CNN, Anderson Cooper

Bullied Teacher Asking CNN for Help to Force Change to Protect Teachers

     Please read, support, and even more important, share this petition asking CNN to post a veteran teacher’s story on their Facebook page.  She wants to tell of her 20-year experience of being bullied by various administrators and a few co-workers which created a constant hostile work environment.  CNN’s Facebook page has over 31 million followers.  It is her hope that if they will post her story that she will be able to force her district to investigate, change the way administrators are trained, and receive some type of compensation/apology for her 20 years of suffering.  It is an issue/story that is rarely exposed or talked about.  Maybe it can also cause change for other teachers dealing with the same pain. #BulliedTeachersforChange     Just a few details (so much has happened in the last 20 years it would take several books).  During the first administration, she was bullied under, the principal gave her job of 13 years to his good friend after she showed the principal that she had caught that friend cheating in the reading contest that she ran.  There was a witness and evidence. He did this to her as she was walking out the door for summer break! That woman then was in charge of the reading contest she had been caught cheating in!     Teacher True knew it was her word against the principal’s.  So, she paid a lot to have a polygraph done to prove what happened.  However, when the superintendent called in response to her letter to meet with him with her evidence and witnesses he refused to meet with her.  He said he didn’t see the point because he trusted his principal’s decisions.  Even after being told that another employee had already filed a grievance against that principal in regards to that same friend the superintendent seemed surprised but still was not interested.  Devastated, Teacher True spent the next year contemplating suicide knowing she would be forced to return and work for him again.     She waited 5 years being subjected to constant torment and when a new superintendent was hired she got a school board member to agree to take her story to the new superintendent.  He never responded.      Even though the administrations have changed several times since, some of the school’s administrators have been cruel in regards to simply allow her the few disability accommodations they, in fact, agreed to.  The teacher’s disabilities have gotten worse as a result throughout the years.  It is a daily struggle to go to work and get through the day.  She has learned that sometimes when she asks about her accommodations being done that they will sometimes do some of them, but then treat her coldly or then try to retaliate against her in some way.  She will be updating this information soon to include what happened this past school year which was the worst year thus far and caused her to create the petition.  She just sent a letter to a new superintendent and we will see if he ignores it like the last.     Even though she has 3 decades in the system and she struggles daily, she is alone and stuck and has no choice but to continue to work (she lost everything in a natural disaster years ago).  She has waited until now to reach out for help because she honestly feels like she is no one special and that no one would truly feel compelled to get involved.  It has also gotten so bad she feels she no longer has anything to lose by trying to seek change to make things better for herself and others dealing with similar issues.  Teacher True has dealt with this alone and feels alone in dealing with it all.     She hopes that if CNN will post her long story (maybe they can break it down into parts) that she can force her school district to make major changes.  The school district needs to finally acknowledge and admit there is a real problem.  She wants the district to train their administrators in regards to bullying and harassing employees and respecting employees agreed to accommodations.  She would hope they might apologize and/or compensate her in some way for 20 years of suffering.     Teacher True’s biggest fear is that her story will only come out after it is discovered on her bedside table if a time ever comes when the despair is just too overwhelming to deal with (yes, she is seeing someone).  Won’t you help her force a change?  She deserves better after giving more than half her life to her job.  She fights hard to ensure her students are not bullied.  Will you stand up for her and show her she is not alone and cared about and ensure that she deserves to be protected, too? Shouldn’t society stand up against teacher’s being bullied, too?   Thank you. 

Bullied Teachers for Change
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Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services, Julie von Haefen, North Carolina State Senate, Support Admin,, Michelle Obama, American Heart Association, Sydney Batch, Hillary Clinton, Allyson Frazier, Thomas Gentzel, Eric Davis, Mark Johnson, Ellen Essick, David E. Price, Richard Burr, George Holding, Thom Tillis, American Red Cross, Kamala D. Harris, Nirmita Panchal, John Schlitt, Tammy Greenwell, Margo Wootan, Raul Espinoza Jr., Sam Searcy, Troy Munn

Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy

Children have been eating junk food including processed foods such as frozen foods, and fast foods  and they have been drinking sugary drinks like sodas, sports drinks, and juice for so many years. They have access to these junk foods and sugary drinks if there are vending machines present in the schools. I think  they  remove soda and drink machines with these sugary drinks, and  put water, chocolate milk, 1% milk, 2% milk, vitamin d milk  and skim milk. They need to also add  soy milk, rice milk and almond milk as well, or eliminate drink machines completely.   Then they should keep  cracker products, party mix, popcorn, pretzels, and Chex mix in the snack machines as oppose to candy bars, chips, cookies, and pastries, or remove the snack machines completely.  In  school cafeterias,  they have ice cream, cookies, pies, cakes,  fruit juices, and chips for the kids to buy with lunch. In school cafeterias, they should give popcorn, cracker products, chex mix, and pretzels along with fruits and vegetables in place of  junk foods. Instead of serving juice and other sugary drinks, they need to give milk with meals, and water with snacks.  In childcare centers, private schools,  and preschools, they emphasize the concept of healthy eating and that they are not to bring junk food of any kind to school. With meals, they are served milk, and with snack the kids drink water. Also, children drink water with lunch and snack in some schools because there are kids with certain food allergies. There are no snack or drink machines present in these centers, and same with most private schools. Even if there is no cafeteria in these childcare centers, private schools and preschools, a chef should be  available to cook meals for them in a clean kitchen. In half-day preschools and childcare centers, children bring lunch from home. Half-day preschool, childcare teachers and administrators should hire a chef to cook lunch and give a healthy snack each day to the staff and students. Students can have the option of eating school lunch, or bringing  lunch from home. Even if children bring lunch from home, the teachers or chefs can give them milk. They can eat the snack given in school with water.  They should serve these milk products, milk alternatives, healthy snacks, healthy meals, and water  whether or not there is a cafeteria. Fresh fruits and vegetables have more nutrients that children need, compared to juices, sports drinks and soda. Chefs  and teachers should feed children more fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and other protein sources, yogurt, and grains. Children  need to  drink milk with meals, and water with snacks. They should also cook all the children's meals fresh from scratch, and not feed children processed food. Several frozen meals have lots of preservatives, and the nutrients are not natural because they come from those preservatives. Plus all these processed foods have too much fat, sugar and sodium. Examples of healthy meals are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, and pasta dishes made from scratch with vegetables on the side. They can even make chicken nuggets, french fries, and other items children enjoy eating from scratch too instead of buying them frozen. Another thing  school chefs, teachers,  and administrators could do is put a salad bar with fruits, vegetables, chicken, and other meat products, and fresh salad dressings for children and teachers to access during their meal times whether they have a cafeteria or not in all schools.   All children need access to a salad bar during lunch time. People in the cafeteria or kitchen should be there to supervise children each time they go. Teachers need to be able to watch the children as they eat their lunch, too. For children with food allergies, such as milk, corn, eggs,  nut(s), gluten, meat, or fish allergies,  chefs and teachers need to provide the children with food substitutes or alternatives. They should give them soy, almond, or rice milk. Parents need to let the staff know about their children's food allergies.  If the school cannot provide alternatives, healthy foods for snack and lunch need to be sent from home.  Once a month or everyday, I see some schools ordering fast food for the students and teachers. Instead of ordering  fast food, they need to  order pizza, tacos, french fries, chicken nuggets, burritos, salads, and sandwiches from fast casual restaurants. They should order food from fast casual restaurants once a month for all students and staff.  In teacher's lounges in schools, they have vending machines with all the junk foods and sugary drinks, as well. In those vending machines, I suggest they  put coffee, tea, water, and milk, and the same types of healthy snacks they have for children  in cafeterias. When kids see their teachers  walk in with candy bars, cookies, and other types of junk food and/or sugary drinks,  they will be tempted and want to eat them as well. Either vendors and administrators change the types of foods and drinks they have in vending machines for teachers, or eliminate them.  Parents who send lunch from home know they should  replicate the same principle at  home.  Even if children take lunch from home, they still need fruits and vegetables. As their first teachers, they know to should teach their children to eat  healthy.  Children need to still have access to the salad bar in school whether they eat lunch from home, or the food they have in school.   Whatever school children go to, the same rule should be implemented. Whether there is a school cafeteria or not,  teachers and chefs should serve milk  with lunch, and water with snack.  Chocolate, lowfat milk (1% and 2% milk), vitamin D milk and skim milk should be given to children. Children who have allergies, or are vegans should be given soy milk,  rice milk, or almond milk. Children who are not allergic or are not vegan should have a chance to try the alternatives to milk, too.  Sodas, juices and sports drinks contain too much sugar,  and it is unhealthy for everybody to drink.   Drinking these will cause heart problems, diabetes and weight gain. These health problems will also lead to premature death. Same thing with eating sweets  of all kinds excessively.  All the nutrients our body needs will also become depleted if we drink all these drinks with meals and snacks. Eating mostly healthy foods, and drinking milk and water is also the key to leading a healthy life.

Kavitha Subramaniam
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Petition to Linda Darling-Hammond

Suspend the RICA

Prospective teachers who seek to earn a California credential to teach elementary students must pass an exam called the RICA (Reading Instruction Competency Assessment), in addition to successful completion of an approved credential program and a teaching performance assessment.  All educators understand and support the need to be well-prepared for strong literacy instruction. However, in its current form, the RICA is flawed, but it is the only obstacle standing between many well-prepared teachers and the classroom. The RICA does not accurately test literacy content, is biased against examinees whose first language is not English, and does not predict instructional effectiveness. We strongly advise the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to suspend the RICA requirement for teacher candidates until these issues are resolved.    Further Explanation Content: The current RICA exam, as written, tests students on 1997 English Language Arts Standards; as teacher educators, we teach our candidates to implement 2012 California Common Core Standards and the ELA/ELD framework. The RICA test does not reflect current research and instructional best practices in literacy. Bias:  The RICA pass rates show evidence of bias against individuals in certain subgroups. For example, English-only examinees have an average first-attempt pass rate of 71%, while the pass rate is 56% for examinees who speak one or more languages other than English (CTC agenda item 2018-02-4e). Predictive Validity: There is no evidence that successful completion of the RICA is predictive of the examinee’s ability to effectively deliver literacy instruction that leads to student learning.  

Mimi Miller
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