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Petition to John Reinhart

Return Mrs. Simon to her position in the gifted program

My name is Victoria Santos, and I'm a rising junior at Easton Area High School. I've started this petition in regards to Mrs. Simon, who has been a key figure in the EASD gifted program. During my time at Tracy Elementary years ago, I was lucky enough to enter the gifted program, and even luckier to be learning under Mrs. Simon as a result. However, Mrs. Simon is being moved to be a third grade teacher for upcoming years, a move that is both unfavorable to her and the students and teachers she’s worked with. Mrs. Simon has dedicated her life’s work to Easton and its students for 11 years, taking on multiple schools—including Tracy, Cheston, Paxinosa, Palmer, Forks, and the middle school—and sometimes up to four of them all at once. While at the middle school, she worked to teach students about Pecha Kucha presentations, and did an Earth Day project that involved students performing research on pollution and creating awareness posters made entirely from recycled objects. At Forks, students created weather dioramas, wrote short stories that were published as part of an anthology, ran the Student Lighthouse Team, taught all students about haiku poetry (189 kids being published), made a pep rally video and PSSA pep rally video, and ran the Pennies for Patients program—raising over $2,500 for LLS. She was also the editor of Tracy’s school newspaper and ran the science fair, or STEAM Night now. Even further, this year, Mrs. Simon honed in on a particular student’s interest in technology and arranged a Skype interview with Mark Dean, a renowned American computer scientist who worked for IBM and invented the color monitor and gigahertz chip. She’s also done 5-6 books with students from the program, and is currently illustrating and publishing another book for one of her students. She has received seven grants from the Foundation for Easton Schools, one being for a mural based on Leader in Me at Palmer and Kamishibai Theater. More recently, she received a PSAR grant to establish a Student Author Section in every elementary school library in the district. These mark just a few of Mrs. Simon’s incredible achievements within the district. It is clear she has an overwhelming knowledge, drive, and passion for and of the gifted program. While there is no doubt that Mrs. Simon would thrive with her students in any position, I believe it is of the utmost importance that she continue her crucial role in the gifted program. She is specialized in this area, and she’s garnered irreplaceable experience that should not be pushed aside so soon, especially considering her sustained passion for nurturing gifted students. Teachers with great love and great accomplishment for where they are, what they do, and who they’re with should be able to remain in such positions for the sake and achievement of all involved; this is no different for Mrs. Simon. If you know Mrs. Simon, have ever had her as a teacher, or have ever had your son or daughter learn under her, please consider signing this petition. She has put her whole heart into the gifted program, and based off of her record, it only makes sense that she be allowed to do so for many years, and many generations, to come.

Victoria Santos
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Petition to Mr. Paul Saxton

Hopatcong wants Mrs. Blaizer, HM’s Music Teacher!

It has been brought to many Hopatcong first grade parents that Mrs. Linda Blazier has been one of several teachers who have been released due to the town’s budget cuts.  Mrs. Blazier is our Hudson Maxium music teacher. Over the years she has had a great impact on many children and parents with her gift and passion for teaching students music.  If you were one of the parents who had the honor to witness the hard work of our children on May 22, 2018 for their spring concert, words do not describe how positively powerful Mrs. Linda Blazier is working with our children.  It is very unfortunate and immeasurably sad that our amazing music teacher has been effected by the budget cuts and will no longer be teaching come the 2018-2019 school year.  This shouldn’t be. Cutting cost where it will effect our students poorly should never be a consideration, let alone actually followed through upon. Especially, when it involves a school music teacher like Mrs. Blazier.  As a community and tax payers, we should have a say, an influence, and most important a role before such decisions are made. With that being said, Mr. Saxton, we strongly disagree with your decision to release Mrs Linda Blazier.  We are asking you to respectfully accept this petition and to immediately reinstate Mrs. Linda Blaizer’s employment. It would hurt our community greatly without her teaching our students.   

Eryn Swenson
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