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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Secretary David Shulkin

Dogs need your help! Tell Congress to stop cruel taxpayer-funded experiments.

UPDATE (March 2018): Following your efforts, U.S. Congress enacted a law to de-fund the VA's dog experiments for 2018 and placed dramatic restrictions on the practice. Read more here. We're still working to end this waste and abuse for good! --- An investigation by White Coat Waste Project revealed that more than 1,100 beagles, hounds and mixed-breed dogs—even puppies—are subjected to secretive, wasteful and cruel experiments inside government laboratories each year. As a physician, researcher and dog-lover –and someone who once reluctantly experimented on dogs—I know there’s no way to defend the government’s use of dogs for invasive and unnecessary experiments.  It’s also a betrayal of a 10,000 year old bond between dogs and humans built upon mutual affection and loyalty. The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other major news outlets have been documenting how the Department of Veterans Affairs, Pentagon, National Institutes of Health, and other agencies spend taxpayers’ money to abuse dogs: Death by Sand Flies: Infected sand flies are strapped to beagles’ bare skin, causing painful ulcers. Forced Vomiting: Dogs are cut open, their nerves severed, and electrodes are implanted on their intestines. They're then forced to vomit repeatedly. Forced Heart Attacks: "Snares" are tightened around dogs’ coronary arteries to induce heart attacks before they're killed and dissected. American taxpayers are forced to pay millions of dollars for these studies with virtually no access to information about what’s being done or why and how much it costs. Is this how you want your money spent? Please sign our petition to end wasteful spending and increase transparency and accountability about taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs! Most agencies including the VA, DOD, FDA and CDC do not reveal details of how our taxpayer dollars are being used for experiments on dogs, but on one of the few projects for which spending data is available, NIH experimenters have used nearly $6 million of taxpayers' money since 2011 to give dogs heart attacks. Bipartisan Members of Congress also recognize the ethical, scientific and economic problems with these controversial experiments on dogs. They’re now working to help spare dogs from abuse and cut wasteful government spending. Please join us and encourage Members of Congress and the administration to end this wasteful government spending on flawed research.

White Coat Waste Project
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Petition to Unified Carrier Registration Board of Directors, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Secretary Chao

Petition to the UCR Board and FMCSA: Stop Unnecessarily Overtaxing Motor Carrier Industry.

On August 8, 2018, the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) wrote to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) protesting a previously promulgated rule that raises the Unified Carrier Registration ("UCR") fees on independent truckers and carriers from 2018 to 2019, asserting the fee raise was unlawful. Thereafter, SBTC lobbyists met with FMCSA officials in person on August 10, 2018 expressing the SBTC membership's concerns that FMCSA was unlawfully raising the fees.  On August 21, 2018, FMCSA announced it decided to reduce the fees instead. SBTC released this announcement later that day showing the details of how SBTC successfully affected a move toward lower UCR fees for the industry for 2019. On August 23, 2018, during a public meeting of the Unified Carrier Registration Board of Directors, the Board determined that the fees currently under consideration by FMCSA are still higher than the Board needs to operate by over $1,000,000. Disturbingly, the Board concluded it should not tell FMCSA this during FMCSA's pubic notice and comment rulemaking so that FMCSA does not further reduce the fees to the benefit of the industry. This ensures, once again, the Board's depository will have a surplus contrary to the Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005 (UCR Act - 49 United States Code (USC) section 14504a), which states: (7) DETERMINATION OF FEES.—(A) RECOMMENDATION BY BOARD.—Theboard shall recommend to the Secretary theinitial annual fees to be assessed carriers,leasing companies, brokers, and freight forwardersunder the unified carrier registrationagreement. In making its recommendationto the Secretary for the level of fees tobe assessed in any agreement year, and insetting the fee level, the board and the Secretaryshall consider—(i) the administrative costs associatedwith the unified carrier registration planand the agreement;(ii) whether the revenues generated inthe previous year and any surplus or short-age from that or prior years enable theparticipating States to achieve the revenuelevels set by the board; and(iii) the provisions governing fees undersubsection (f)(1) (emhases added). Accordingly, we the members of the motor carrier industry hereby petition the UCR Board, Secretary of Transportation, and FMCSA to stop unnecessarily taxing the industry by imposing inflated UCR fees and mandate only those fees which are actually necessary to fund motor carrier safety initiatives and enforcement programs.

Small Business in Transportation Coalition
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Petition to The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


For decades, Suffolk County homeowners have relied on the ability to deduct their full state and local taxes (SALT) on their federal tax returns. The new federal tax plan significantly limits this critical deduction for countless suburban households across Long Island, resulting in a massive tax increase for working and middle class families. To protect homeowners, earlier this year, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed state legislation authorizing local municipalities to establish charitable funds to which homeowners may contribute, and later receive, both income and property tax credits. Governor Cuomo’s plan to utilize existing provisions in the federal tax code, which reduces the property tax and income tax burden for families across Long Island and the state, is threatened by an unprecedented action by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The IRS has proposed new regulations that would cripple the ability of taxpayers to utilize this state-authorized mechanism. We are calling on the IRS to be fair and consistent across the nation, and halt these unprecedented regulations. Sign our petition now and join thousands of New Yorkers who are fighting back against this massive tax increase. Next month, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone will travel to Washington D.C. to testify at the IRS public hearing on these proposed regulations. By October 11th, we encourage you to submit a comment below on why YOU oppose these regulations. We will submit them to the IRS on your behalf as part of the official record during the comment period and public hearing. MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD!

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone
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