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Petition to British Columbia Government, John Horgan, Carole James

Stop BC's Speculation Tax

The BC Government has proposed what they call a "Speculation" Tax in their 2018 Budget.  The objective of this tax is to prevent "foreign" real estate owners from driving up the price of BC real estate by purchasing BC real estate, leaving the properties vacant and then flipping the properties simply to make a profit, thereby driving BC real estate prices higher. As submitted to B.C. Legislature: To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, in Legislature Assembled:The petition of the undersigned, residents of the province of British Columbia, states that:The tax as proposed must be stopped. Any tax written must target ONLY real estate speculators, partially vacant homes must be excluded regardless of ownership.The B.C. Speculation Tax is unfair to all owners of non-primary residence homes in British Columbia and is unfair to the local communities these owners support. These home owners are not real estate speculators and legitimately own these homes for a variety of personal reasons unrelated to real estate speculation. Rental of these homes when not in use cannot be a factor for taxation and the new tax on these homes must not go forward. And the requests of municipalities that wish to opt out of this tax must be respected.Your petitioners respectfully request that the Honourable House Stop British Columbia's Speculation Tax as currently proposed. Dated 2nd day of April, 2018. I am caught in the tax below as a “Satellite Family” except that we are a Canadian Satellite Family not what the term generally means in the BC Real Estate world, i.e. wealthy investors from outside the country. I am currently an Alberta resident but I have owned property in BC as a vacation home since 2006. I consider the Okanagan home. My husband was raised in Coquitlam and attended UBC. We will retire there in a few short years. We are residents, not speculators. We and many of our friends and family from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan have visited our Okanagan home and spent many weeks and months there as residents.  We spend thousands of dollars in our home community every year, at restaurants, Superstore, Save-On Foods, wineries, restaurants, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, the list goes on.  We are residents, not speculators. BC Residents: Please sign this petition. We do not want to leave our home but we cannot afford the "speculation" tax which more than doubles, and then more than quadruples our property taxes. If we sell, and we would have to, we not only have to abandon our dream vacation home but we take all of our spending with us. Who will buy our home? A BC resident? Maybe, or maybe an actual speculator. Ministry of FinanceTax Information SheetISSUED: February 2018 Information Sheet 2018 Tax Info Sheet The speculation tax will target foreign and domestic speculators in BC. These are homeowners who have removed their units from BC’s long-term housing stock –meaning they are not owner-occupied or a qualifying long-term rental property.Satellite families - households with high worldwide income that pay little income tax in BC - will also be captured by the tax.The speculation tax will initially apply to the Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Capitaland Nanaimo Regional Districts, and in the municipalities of Kelowna and WestKelowna.In 2018, the tax rate will be $5 per $1,000 of assessed value. In 2019, the rate will increase to $20 per $1,000 of assessed value. The owners of this petition can be reached at Find your MLA here:

Stop BC Speculation Tax
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Petition to B.C. Voters and Members of Legislative Assembly

Say No to New Provincial Surtax on Property 拒绝省政府新施的物业附加税

PETITION: SAY NO TO NEW PROVINCIAL SURTAX ON PROPERTY WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, strongly oppose the new Provincial Surtax on property (School Tax) as it is completely unfair, arbitrary and counterproductive. WE DEMAND THAT YOU REPEAL THIS POORLY CONCEIVED, UNFAIR, ARBITRARY AND COUNTERPRODUCTIVE TAX IMMEDIATELY. The tax is a shameful tax grab to extract money from a vulnerable minority, a poorly selected group of homeowners, on the pretext that they are somehow more fortunate than others, but with total disregard to their incomes, financial circumstances or ability to pay. The announced tax rates amount to thousands and tens of thousands of dollars ​per year​ per household​ in cash obligations imposed by surprise on an unsuspecting public. Many of those victimized by it are seniors with no prospect of earning income and their savings will be eroded. Many other victims of the tax will be financially burdened beyond their means and will be unable to service their mortgages. Many will be forced to leave their homes and neighbourhoods. This tax does nothing to improve housing supply and nothing to improve affordability. It is likely to make home ownership and renting less affordable. Only developers, the wealthy and foreigners will be able to afford to own. The tax will cause entrepreneurs, high value employees and business owners, to leave the Province for jurisdictions where they can live with housing taxes that are less oppressive. REPEAL THIS TAX! 请愿:拒绝省政府新施的物业附加税 以下签署的我们强烈反对省政府新施的物业附加税(学校税),因为该附加税完全不公,武断,和适得其反。 我们要求你立即撤消这个错误,不公,武断,和适得其反的附加税。  这项附加税是一个可耻的税收攫取手段,以从目标错误,无还手之力的弱势群体中提取金钱。省政府新施物业附加税的借口是,目标群体比其他人更幸运,但完全无视他们的收入,财务状况或支付能力。 省政府宣布的物业附加税会导致毫无戒备的公众要每户承担每年上万至数万元的税收。许多这项附加税受害者是没有收入的年长人士,他们的储蓄将被耗尽。这项附加税的其他受害者将承担超出他们的经济负担的税收,而无法支付按揭,最终被迫搬离他们的家园和社区。 这项附加税对住房供应和可负担性毫无益处,而会导致买和租房更加不可负担。最终,就只有开发商,富豪,和外国人有能力买房。 这项附加税是会导致创业者,管理人员,和企业家搬离本省,迁移去不受物业税压迫的管辖地。 撤消这项附加税!

No New Property Surtax
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Petition to Vancouver Park Board

No parking meters on Spanish Banks!

Vancouver Park Board has decided to charge $3.50 an hour for parking all along Spanish Banks where it used to be free.  We are told that parking is charged at other beaches like Kits and Jericho, but there’s a reason.  Those beaches both have limited parking and far easier public transport and bike access.  Spanish Banks is long and has a great deal of parking.  People come to Spanish Banks by car because it is by far the easiest way to get there, especially for large families, the elderly, disabled or people with bbq’s or other beach gear. But we are told that the Park Board needs to raise money to pay for upkeep and they rely on these fees.  Then the question is, how on earth has the Park Board managed for all these years while Spanish Banks has been free?  Is there some other reason their budget requires this new source of income?  Could it be poor fiscal management or simply a matter of priorities?   You might ask, why shouldn’t everyone pay for parking there anyway?  Why should parking be free in Vancouver?  The answer is less about all the politics around car use, but more to do with what Vancouver is about.   In London, all museums are free.  No admission charge.  They have the finest museums in the world and if any museums could justify a fee, they could.  So why are they free?  Because museums and culture are what London is about and so easy and free access mean people enjoy this important asset.  Vancouver doesn’t have museums on this scale or renown, but we have something else.  We have the outdoors.  Beaches, parks and mountains, and people should be encouraged to use them.  Charging people to park where it was free before means people are going to be a little less inclined to go, or when they do go, they will be watching the clock.  Especially lower income people who have to think twice about the cost which used to be free.   Where we do have to pay for parking in Vancouver, we have seen considerable increases over the last ten years.  Many street parking meter rates have more than doubled and now extend to 10pm instead of 8.  We don’t need another parking fee increase like this.  We, the undersigned, urge the Park Board to reconsider this means of revenue which has never been there before.  We feel that the parks budget should be maintained on the same basis it has been for all the years Spanish Banks has not had parking fees.  This is a special place for people to come and go and enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of our city without having to put our hand in our pocket.  It’s a rare treat.  Let’s keep this area free for all.  

Vancouver Beach Lovers
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Petition to Hon. Bill Morneau, Hon. Bardish Chagger, Hon. Navdeep Bains, Hon. Maryam Monsef, Katie Telford

Stop Unfair Tax Changes | #ProtectGrowth

The Canadian government is proposing sweeping changes to small business taxes. Nobody supports tax evasion or loopholes. But these changes will severely hurt small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities - they drive local economic growth and employ countless middle-class Canadians. This government has said it is committed to providing new opportunities for small businesses to grow and to helping the middle-class. But, if the government moves ahead with its tax changes, it will hinder the prosperity of small businesses. The ability of business owners to invest and grow their business will be limited, forcing many to close their businesses or cut jobs. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and its network of provincial, territorial and municipal chambers of commerce is asking you to add your voice to those of concerned Canadians. We are calling on the Government of Canada to: Rethink its proposed tax changes to ensure no harm is done to small businesses across Canada. Launch meaningful consultations with the business community to address any shortcomings in tax policy without unfairly targeting independent businesses. Consider a comprehensive review of the Canadian tax system with a view toward fairness and simplification for all taxpayers. Sign our petition to urge the Government of Canada to put these changes on hold to avoid hurting small businesses across the country. We need to hit pause and make sure we have a plan that is fair but does not kill the ability of small business to grow and hire more people.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce
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