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Petition to Donald Trump, Commissioner John Koskinen

Stop America’s Starvation Crisis

HALT  GREED and  THEFT by  BIG BUSINESS   IN  OUR  FOOD SUPPLY                                                         Require changes in the IRS tax system to intense detail restructure or  remove  the huge LOSS tax write off of our food supply.  Supermarkets throw away millions of tons of edible quality food each year The reason is simple.:   Markets charge to much for food shoppers cannot afford, stores toss it out as loss write off on tax deductions, the government refund this then raise our tax’s to recover their payments. We pay for food we never saw or consumed .  America goes hungry, as Markets toss thousands of dollars a day, $5,000.00 for a small store, large chain stores are off the charts.  Starvation is rampant, health care expenses up for all effected. God provides an abundance of food to waste it is an insult to his intention.              Is this really    America The Great system we want ?    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~               Hunger Hurts . . . and is not necessary. Food waste in America is rampant this is America not a third world nation food should be available to everyone not simply the wealthy.              Require changes in the IRS tax system to  intense detail restructure or  remove  the  huge “LOSS”  tax write off option of big business food supply and supermarkets.  This would deter quality food to be tossed into  locked dumpsters for the easy money gain to the business..             Farmers, restaurants and supermarkets throw away millions of tons of edible food each year     Supermarkets the greatest offender charge to much for food the average shopper cannot purchase, the stores toss it out as a loss write it off their tax deductions at the year end, this includes non food high priced items in those stores. the government refunds them this vast amount then raise our tax’s to recover their payments.  In reality we pay for food we never saw much less got to consume ...      Tax’s also go for food stamps which most cannot obtain , those on social security make a couple of dollars to much thus do not qualify, a rigged system ? probably. So our Senior Citizen’s who worked a life time paying tax's  cannot even enjoy food, but those who come here illegally or refugee’s can....Great system Washington D C !       If your tired of seeing America go hungry we need changes of the present tax food waste/loss deduction of big business.  Markets toss thousands of dollars a day, this is food priced to high for the average shopper, not just food that doesn’t look pretty or is spoilt  ... standard  is $5,000.00 per day for a  simple small store, chain stores are off the chart..... the store can write it off as loss,  tossing good food in the sealed dumpsters to be disposed of  .. the government pays them on their tax qualified refund payment, the government then raises our taxes to cover this payment to simple  GREED !.      Thus we are paying for food we never see much less eat. While families struggle and their children starve and develop health issues.  What kind of stupid system is this ? Food Stamps are not the answer it simply intensifies the greed of Markets.       EXAMPLES:               This article is  normal for California, and I think for every state in the United States....   Waste is built into the food chain, at all levels,” said Jonathan Bloom, author of an upcoming book on food waste and of the blog Wasted Food. “On the whole, the amount of food we waste is ridiculous, especially when you consider the number of Americans who experience hunger every day.”  Over 13.1 million children across the country go hungry every day and live without enough food at home, according to Feeding America.          Slow and steady starvation of America is rampant :                         Demand changes in the IRS tax system to remove this huge tax write off option of big business food supply and supermarkets. Food is a necessity not a luxury..         MIT Researcher’s Warning: Half of All U.S. Children Will Be Autistic (by 2025)       “Monsanto should have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food                                  Current Food Lines .. NY is an example of many in the nation . . America starves             Let our Government on all levels know that we will not tolerate this any longer                           Please sign, promote and forward !!                   The IRS will never be given your personal ID ( :                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

Betty Garrity
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Petition to Mary Fallin

Show us where our money has gone!

Today, teachers, parents, and students fill and surround the Oklahoma State Capitol building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on day 3 of the Teacher Walkout. Social media is exploding with local and national news coverage, personal posts, and even memes about the walkout. At the same time, momentum is slowly growing among Oklahomans urging the repeal of the recently passed bill granting a modest teacher raise, a small support staff raise, and nearly insignificant sum devoted to operational funding for the schools due to tax increases placed on taxpayers. While many teachers are grateful for the proposed raise, major concerns have arisen regarding the metaphorical "hot check" written to pay for these funds.  Many of these ideas are addressed in a recent news article titled "Oklahoma's Education Disaster," written by Mark Antonio Wright and published on on April 3, 2018. Some of the many great points made in the article come from Wright's interview with Tom Coburn, a former U.S. senator. Wright writes: ' "How about the citizens of Oklahoma being able to see [how state funds are spent]?" Coburn asks. Indeed, Fallin vetoed a bill that would have published how the state spends its money. "How dare her," Coburn says. "We do that on a federal level - you can go to and find out everything. But in the state, we can't know how we spend the money." '  At a time when education funding, public health funding, mental health services, DHS services, and many other citizen-based services are being cut, the public deserves to know where tax dollars are going. It is time for Oklahomans to see an itemized report showing us where our money has gone.  Please sign this petition in an effort to push our state leadership to be transparent about the mismanagement of our state's money so that we can begin the process of fixing our broken system ourselves. 

Samantha Perry, 7th Grade English Teacher
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Petition to Mayor Sly James, Scott Wagner, Heather Hall, Teresa Loar, Dan Fowler, Quinton Lucas, Katheryn Shields, Jolie Justus, Lee Barnes Jr., Alissia Canady, Scott Taylor, Kevin McManus, Jermaine Reed

Close Universal Floodwater Detention TIF and return surplus funds to taxing jurisdictions.

In 1990, the city of Kansas City, Missouri approved the Universal Floodwater Detention TIF. The plan included the redevelopment of an area of 202.24 acres bordered by Reynolds Avenue on the west, the south bank of the Missouri River on the north, Interstate 435 on the east, and Front Street on the south in Kansas City, Missouri. The plan called for the development of 2,800,000-3,300,000 square feet of office and warehouse space and 32.5 acres of storm water detention facilities, together with all necessary appurtenances, utilities and street improvements. Now, 27 years later, the project has concluded with a surplus of $9.8 million and Kansas City Manager Troy Shulte recently announced a plan to divert $4.8 million of this surplus that would otherwise go for schools ($4.2 million), libraries, community colleges, disability and mental health programs to pay for Kansas City infrastructure, including “recreational amenities.” The Mayor and City Council need to reject the City Manager’s plan.  On April 4, voters authorized the city to borrow and spend up to $800 million for public works projects over the next 20 years. This includes $600 million for streets, bridges and sidewalks.  Under these circumstances City Officials should more thoughtfully balance the distinct needs of our schools and underfunded social service agencies against the large amount Kansas City already has for streets and sidewalks.   As our elected representatives, the City Council should act immediately, in the interest of our children and families and that is why we are asking them to close the Universal TIF now and return all funds payable to the taxing jurisdictions that include schools, libraries, community colleges, disability and mental health programs. There are also surplus Universal TIF funds that are payable to the City. Rather than divert them to already well-funded street repairs, the revenues should be used to provide relief for seniors and families struggling with exorbitant water bills and to fund the Shared Success program to foster economic development in highly distressed census tracks on the east side.

Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform
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Petition to President of the United States, United States Congress, A.A.R.P. , The Ellen Degeneres Show

Congress: Stop the Social Security "Marriage Penalty".

Well It's about that time of the year many dread; Filling out, or having others fill out our income tax forms with the impending dread of owing something...or perhaps the unexpected fortune of having "overpaid" and expectant of a check. We go through the merry-go-rounds and roller-coasters year after year thinking we'll reach those "Golden Years"' that place where we have a collective sigh of relief, catch a breath,  relax thinking taxes shouldn't be a torment...Only to find, for retired, working spouses, collecting pensions and Social Security, "marriage bliss" is attached with a steep tax penalty not placed on those who are single, "separated and not living together the entire year" and those who choose to cohabitate, divorced or simply have a "civil union". All of these sub-groups receive $25,000.00 each "base amount" of income exclusion which offsets how much of our Social Security Income is taxable (separate, cohabitating couples, divorced or separated couples receives $50,000.00 toward  Social Security Income offset). Married couples are forced to use a "base amount" of $32,000.00 vice $50,000.00. My first inclination was to file taxes as "Married filing separately" which would magically and mystically incorporate the $25,000.00 "base amount" and remedy this. It was not to be; Instead, "Married filing separately" meant using 85% of Social Security income as our "Basis" for taxation as the offset; The net result being the same; We still owed substantially more than our unmarried contemporaries simply because we were "married"...and simply because we experienced unexpected income this year it made our government the beneficiary/overall winner and recipient of a sizeable amount of our "windfall" due to the "Marriage Penalty". Had we been single, we would have paid a mere fraction of that amount. "When it comes to taxing Social Security, the marriage penalty is very much alive and well. Older married couples having modest incomes and receiving Social Security benefits must pay tax on their benefits if their "base amount" is more than $32,000. (The "base amount" is the married couple's combined adjusted gross income, as reported on their tax return, plus interest from tax-exempt investments, plus 50% of their combined Social Security benefits.) In contrast, each partner in an unmarried couple pays taxes on Social Security benefits only if his or her "base amount" is more than $25,000. That would mean that, as a couple, their base amount could be as high as $50,000 before they had to pay taxes on Social Security benefits." I have no qualms with just and equal taxation. We pay taxes our entire lives. It's tough enough paying taxes on Social Security deposits and then be taxed again on it. But this takes it to yet another level. I take issue with an inherent flaw in our tax law, which needs to be addressed and corrected; There is a sizeable and ever-growing number of U.S. citizens being unfairly treated as a subclass. This issue will become increasingly conspicuous and inflammatory as the second wave of married, dual-income, "baby-boomers" reach retirement age.

R Thomasson
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