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Petition to The Australian Government, The House of Representatives, Malcolm Turnbull

End Tax Exemption for the Catholic Church

For too long, large religious organisations such as the Catholic Church function more like corporations than not for profit. Even so, they have maintained their tax exempt status whilst individuals and small business have not.  The Catholic Church is rumoured to have vast financial and real estate holdings and the Vatican Bank has been plagued with corruption and transparency issues for many years. In addition to not paying income tax, the Catholic Church in Australia is also exempt from GST, FBT, payroll tax, council rates, state government taxes, land tax, and local government taxes. The Catholic Church operates with no transparency or accountability, making it impossible for anyone to truly know the extent of their wealth.  Ensuring they pay their share of income tax would be the first step in a long process towards changing the Australian culture of religious amnesty.  A further step would be reducing or eliminating the  government grants and other tax exemptions they currently receive even while they harbor and refuse to extradite Australian citizens who are being charged or investigated for pedophilia.  Hard working citizens have always been opposed to multinational corporations taking advantage of tax loop-holes, let alone complete tax exemptions. Regardless of whether you are a person of faith or an atheist, end the tax exemptions for this secretive and illusive organisation and reduce it to religions that are new and need financial help.    

Rhys Westcott
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Petition to Senator Matthew Canavan

Make global fossil fuel companies pay - update resource royalty laws and audit them now.

We know in this country we have a vast wealth of natural resources which have been extracted for decades by all the big multinational companies - Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BP and BHP Billiton to name a few. What you may not know is that our resource tax system which applies to these companies - the money Australia receives for our natural wealth of oil and gas - has been ignored and broken for so long by our government that multinational companies are exploiting it, claiming questionable losses (to avoid tax payments to us) in the hundreds of millions, meaning BILLIONS of lost revenue for our country every year. All because our government (on both sides) cannot be bothered to reclaim this revenue stream. Or perhaps they work more for the international fuel companies than for us? It has been estimated in the media that in the year 2021 Australia and the the nation of Qatar will both export 100bn cubic metres of liquefied natural gas. Australia is expected to receive $800m in taxation revenues for this but Qatar is expected to receive $26.6bn in royalties. Something is wrong here. We need to pay for health, education, infrastructure, developing new industries and jobs for the future. And we have the riches to do so, but the money is not being collected. Our government has no political will to claim this revenue and this, my fellow Australians, is why we can't have nice things. We need to be compensated properly as a community and country for our natural resources. We need a robust petroleum resource rent tax or royalty system, and companies audited fully and yearly by the Australian Government. We need someone in government with actual guts to do something about our economy and the billions lost in tax avoidance - not tinkering with piddling backpacker taxes or refusing another $5 for pensioners. Time to tell them to get off their backsides and do it.      

patricia bakacs
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