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Change America's national anthem to the Space Jam theme song

No matter where you stand (or kneel) on current political issues, we can all certainly agree that America's national anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner" and how individuals react upon hearing it has become a divisive topic. We now must choose between letting this issue divide us further, or using this as an opportunity to select another song that will inspire such widespread pride in our country that we will ALL be unable to resist standing as it plays.  Faced with the latter option, the theme song from beloved 1996 live-action/animated sports comedy film Space Jam starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny is the logical choice. Ya'll wanna know why? Cuz it's a slam jam. Additionally as many of you may remember, in the movie Michael Jordan was a stranger in Looney Tunes Land unlike all the other inhabitants. Yet, as an outsider he was the only one who could assist Bugs Bunny and his friends in defeating those whom wished to imprison them. That spirit of team work and strength found in diversity truly represents the ideals that we as Americans aspire to achieve.  If this becomes the new national anthem the time for kneeling would be over and we as a nation can begin to heal. Everybody will get up because they know the time to slam would be now, we'd have a real jam goin' down. Welcoming people of all colors and creeds to the Space Jam. Here's our chance, do our dance at the Space Jam. Alright. Hey you, whatcha gonna do?Hey you, whatcha gonna do?Hey you, whatcha gonna do?Hey you, whatcha gonna do?  You're gonna join me in exercising your First Amendment right to sign this petition to tell President Trump we are ready to make the theme song from Space Jam our official national anthem. 

Sheridan Bucket
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