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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, United Nations, Council of the European Union, UK Parliament, French Parliament, Secretary-General of the United Nations - António Guterres

World Leaders: Recognize the Syrian Genocide, and end it

The Syrian Genocide is one of the most wicked extermination campaigns against civilians in modern history, orchestrated in response to peaceful protests in 2011. Dictator Bashar Al Assad has murdered over 400,000 Syrian civilians in populations deemed "undesirable" by him since then. Evidence reviewed by organizations including the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International, shows that the Assad regime is guilty of the following: Unlawful mass killing of men, women, and children Deploying chemical weapons, including banned nerve agent Sarin gas, on civilian neighborhoods along with napalm and conventional bombs Torture, including sexual and psychological torture and torture of children Arbitrary detention and mass-execution Systematic use of rape as a wide-scale weapon Hundreds of attacks on hospitals used to treat victims of government atrocities, resulting in the death of doctors, aid workers, and the sick and wounded Forced displacement of civilian populations Moreover, Assad allowed foreign terrorist organizations like ISIS to enter Syria. He was a critical backer of the precursor to ISIS, which itself commits horrific crimes against Syrians. It is time to end this once and for all. Recognition of the Syrian Genocide is our obligation as citizens of the world to the Syrian people. The aforementioned crimes combined with the incomprehensible scale of extermination should go by no other name than genocide. It is a word that compels action, regardless of the murderer's excuse (e.g. political cleansing). "Never again" should mean something. Let's send that message to the leaders of the world. Please share and spread the word. 

Keenan Kassar
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