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Petition to Woolworths, Coles

We want a Vegan Aisle!

Veganism is booming, in a way that’s totally unprecedented, which is wonderful for humans and all the other animals on the planet. More and more people are realising the benefits of a vegan lifestyle every day. However, it’s really challenging to find good-quality pre-packaged vegan foods in local supermarkets. There’s a big gap in the market here, and you guys can fill it!Of course, there’s always good ol’ fruit and veg, but surely it would be a wise move for bigger supermarkets to start stocking a wider range of vegan products, like mock meats, desserts and drinks? Not only will this encourage vegan shoppers to return to mainstream supermarkets in their local areas, it would also encourage more non-vegans to think about making the change. The way that vegan products are currently spread across stores is challenging for a bunch of reasons. First, shoppers miss them, particularly if it’s a flying visit to grab something quick for dinner. Secondly, it creates extra work for stocking and merchandising and thirdly, it makes vegans reluctant to wander through aisles that contain products that they have no wish for. The solution?A vegan aisle in the supermarket! Heck, even a few bays would do it! More and more people are choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle. Providing a vegan section in the supermarket would:• Make cruelty-free options more accessible to more customers• Give customers greater confidence when choosing products• Reduce the stress of shopping for vegan items• Create a more favourable opinion of big brand supermarkets So please, big supermarkets, please add a vegan shopping section… for people, for the animals and for the planet! (PS: It won’t hurt your profits, either!)

Brian Hallmond
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Petition to Melbourne City Council

A Community Garden for North/West Melbourne

'North West Patch' is a proposal for a large community garden in the North/West Melbourne municipality.To have our proposal heard we need as much community support as possible to show Melbourne City Council that the people of North and West Melbourne want to get their hands dirty! We want to grow our own vegetables! We want a positive space for everyone to enjoy! North/West Melbourne is long overdue for a community garden. No garden of this type exists in the area, it is a much needed resource for the people. In North Melbourne, residential apartments comprise 58% of all housing types, while West Melbourne is set to become ‘the new Southbank’ in the coming years, with many new apartment developments, although with very little new or existing parkland or open space. All these residents who live in small spaces or apartments have little access to space for growing food or keeping a garden. Community gardens and growing your own produce organically has been proven to cut down on the carbon footprint and environmental impact. 41.4% of the average Melbournians eco-footprint is embodied in the food we buy. This statistic can be easily minimised if people are given the opportunity to choose where their food really comes from. North Melbourne on the 2011 census scored lower than the overall municipality for all four SEIFA (Socio-Economic Index for Areas) metrics, achieving one of the lowest scores across all the municipality’s small areas. These results indicate pockets of social disadvantage in the area. It will be an important component of the community garden to include subsidised or free plots set aside for low income earners, Indigenous Australians, refugees, people with disabilities or mental illness. Potentially, with the community garden we can establish gardening, cooking and food preparation education and support for adults and children. We can also establish ongoing education on healthy eating and food wise choices. Most importantly the community garden will be a space for locals to come together and grow fruit and vegetables of their choice to enjoy.  

North West Patch
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Petition to Scott Morrison, Senator Richard Di Natale

Australia needs a sugar tax on soft drinks to help end the child obesity crisis

Hey everyone. I'm Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar – and I'm asking for your help to get Australia tackling the urgent child obesity crisis by introducing a sugar tax.It's devastating that more than 1 in 4 of our kids are now overweight or obese. Our kids' health and education are suffering. Tooth decay, type 2 diabetes and impaired brain function are all caused by excessive sugar in drinks.Companies adding 15 teaspoons of sugar in a small soft drink is ridiculous. And dangerous. I know so many parents are trying to reduce sugar in their family's diets – but until soft drink companies are forced to act too, we're not going to fix the child obesity crisis. The funds raised from the tax can help subsidise healthier options and food education in schools.I quit sugar in January 2011 - initially as an experiment. My doctors advised it'd help my autoimmune disease. But it had such an impact on my energy, wellness and concentration, I just kept going. Imagine if those benefits were transferred to our kids. Misbehaviour would decrease. Grades would soar.Australia is lagging the world in acting on child obesity. The UK has just introduced a sugary drinks tax (France, Mexico, Denmark have too).I need your help today to sign & share this petition - on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - let's get it out there and make a difference! Tell Scott Morrison it's time for a sugar tax on soft drinks!

Sarah Wilson
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