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Petition to Food Standards Agency

Don't risk lives - Keep meat inspections independent

Our 6 year old daughter Joanna was a beautiful, healthy, fun loving child without a care in the world.  A bright future lay ahead of her until suddenly it came to a halt.  Joanna ate meat at a fast food restaurant which contained the deadly bacterium E.coli O157 and what came next was unimaginable. She suffered excruciating stomach pains with sickness and diarrhoea, her kidneys failed and even with the help of dialysis she deteriorated rapidly. Joanna suffered multi organ failure and within nine days she was dead.Joanna's story is not an isolated case.  Apart from loss of life, people have suffered brain damage, kidney damage, seizures etc., all because of consuming contaminated meat.  We are aware of these tragedies because of our involvement with a small charity called Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome Help [HUSH].The Food Standards Agency (FSA) now want to stop independent meat inspections by Meat Hygiene Inspectors and Official Vets and leave the slaughter houses to carry out their own inspections for hygiene and safety.For an organisation such as FSA to contemplate such a dangerous strategy in terms of public health in unbelievable.The FSA was set up in 2000 after Mad Cow Disease to control bad practices within the food industry and claim to "put the consumer first". Whilst we appreciate they have excelled with regards to diet and nutrition, the same cannot be said for food-borne illnesses, mainly caused by contaminated meat. New proposals mean that the meat industry will be able to regulate itself rather than have independent inspections. If our Meat Inspectors are not there to give us independent health and safety and hygiene advice in slaughter houses, we should be asking the question 'if the Food Standards Agency is really fit for its purpose?'We strongly urge you to sign this petition to keep the Meat Hygiene Inspectors and inspections independent and send a clear message to the FSA to stop listening to the meat industry and pandering to their cost saving ideas at the expense of public health.Please don't let others suffer unnecessarily.Norah and Steve Nash

Steve Nash
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Petition to Simona Bonafe, Karl Heinz Florenz, Mark Demesmaeker, Nils Torvalds, Josu Juaristi Abaunz, Davor Skrlec, Piernicola Pedicini, Frans Timmermans, Katarina Butkovska

Let’s cut Europe and the UK's food waste in half!

Petition also available in: français, Deutsche, Español, italiano, Português, čeština, Magyar, Română, български, hrvatski There are about 55 million people in food poverty in Europe - and the food wasted throughout the continent could feed them over 9 times over. Globally, if food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest carbon emitter after the US and China. I think this is a scandal. We’re at a historic moment. The EU is about to decide whether to act to halve Europe’s food waste by 2030. This will enter into UK law before Brexit and be difficult for the UK government to go back on. It could be the most ambitious agreement on food waste the world has ever seen. Join me to make sure this historic commitment to cut food waste isn't weakened, and to end food waste together. I’ve been campaigning on food waste for 7 years. I’ve seen literally millions of vegetables left to rot in the field because they were a bit small or imperfect-looking. I’ve seen hundreds of loaves and sandwiches binned daily by single supermarket stores. I’ve found supermarkets throwing perfectly tasty food away, instead of giving it to people. It breaks my heart to see this food wasted needlessly, alongside global hunger and environmental crises. This has to stop. In 2017, there will be a historic decision by the EU, to decide the future of food waste in Europe. This could be the most ambitious, legally binding target on food waste the world has ever seen, committing to cut the EU’s food waste by 50% by 2030, setting a global example. And the target will enter into UK law before it leaves the European Union, meaning that it will shape the UK’s approach to food waste even after Brexit. The British Government would need to change the law after Brexit if they want to back down on the commitment. This could be our last chance to get such a strong target embedded in UK law. But the agreement is far from certain – it might be watered down. Halving food waste could become an “aspirational” voluntary target, making it easy to ignore. Some versions of the agreement even sideline the mountains of food wasted on farms and in factories, even though some businesses waste more in a day than a person does in their home in a year. No ifs, no buts – we need committed action! I've joined with campaigners, businesses and environmental groups around Europe to call for: A binding target to cut EU food waste by 50% by 2030, from farm to fork. Prioritise food waste reduction, then diverting edible food to feed hungry people, before being considered for use as animal feed or other uses, and landfill only as a last resort. Please join us.  Together, we can persuade the EU to take the lead in putting an end to food waste. And together, we can end the needless hunger and environmental destruction it causes.

Martin Bowman (This Is Rubbish)
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