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Petition to Haldimand County Council, Toby Barrett, Ernie Hardeman, Randy Pettapiece

Allow Small Flocks of Backyard Chickens in Haldimand County

When one conjures images of Haldimand County, they often will picture wide open spaces and farmers fields. An oasis outside of the hustle and bustle of city life. We recently moved to Kohler from Hamilton. An opportunity to escape the crowded streets and enjoy the serene rural escape that Cayuga has to offer. As part of this rural lifestyle, we were planning on purchasing three or four chickens for our backyard to produce eggs for our consumption. These chickens would be kept fully contained in a fenced in area, with no roosters present. We were surprised to find out that chickens are banned under Haldimand County Bylaw No. 1396/13, unless we are living on a property zoned as rural or agricultural. Our property backs on to a large field of wheat, and there are several farms within a kilometre of our house that raise cows and sheep. I was shocked to be informed by the county that we are not designated as a rural property, despite there being cows and sheep within walking distance of our house! Backyard chickens provide their owners with a self-sustainable supply of eggs. Furthermore, chickens can be fed table scraps, which alleviates the strain on the municipal waste system. Small flocks of up to 5 birds should be permitted in such a rural setting. There are various urban municipalities that allow or are in the process of allowing backyard chickens. The City of Waterloo has recently allowed the practice. The City of Toronto has begun a three-year pilot program to test the impact. Yet, in a rural area like Haldimand, this practice is not allowed.
 I encourage the current council (and future council to be elected in 2018) to consider the rights of property owners on this matter. As taxpayers, we are told far too often what we are not allowed to do.  In an era of waste reduction and self-sustainability, I would imagine that any municipality would be glad to adopt such a measure and reduce the restrictions on local homeowners.

Zak Horkoff
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Petition to B.R. Johnson

Allow Back Yard Chickens In North Bay, Ontario. Change the By-Law May 16th/17 Sign now!

Many Cities and Municipalities are embracing constituents rights to be able to have the ability to have Chickens in their Back Yard's. The City of North Bay is not a proponent of their residents having the ability to have a small flock or chickens. Four Chickens are more then enough to allow a growing family the number of eggs for daily or bi weekly consumption.  Although the Bylaw department is receiving up to 2 calls per week from residents on the rules of having Chickens, those 100 plus yearly enquiries are still not enough for council to change their ambiguous by-law 151-93  It names Domestic Fowl Which could be your Finches, Dove, Canary, Parrot or any other Bird. All I want is the right to have 4 birds for pets and healthy eggs to eat and to have any other resident to be able to do the same thing.  I will be attending City Council on May 16th 2017 to ask council to be like countless other cities who are recognising property owners right to raise birds. Case and Point In January 2007, Vancouver City Council adopted the Vancouver Food Charter which sets out the City’s commitment to the development of a coordinated municipal food policy that recognizes access to safe, sufficient, culturally appropriate and nutritious food as a basic human right for all Vancouver residents.  If you feel it's your Basic Human Right to have nutritious food which you raise and feed and nurture with things you know they're consuming, then please sign and support my Petition I will be bringing to council on that date... Our voice matters and will make a difference. Thanks for your signature and passing this off to some friends who are like minded...

B.r. Johnson
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