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Petition to H.E. Gen. Michel N. Aoun - President, H.E Tarek el Khatib - Minister

Make the sky over Lebanon safe for storks and other migrating birds

Despite the formal prohibition of hunting, about 2.6 million migratory birds are killed annually on the part of their migration path that goes across Lebanon, a part which is only 200 kilometres long. Fun, trophies, and occasionally food are the reason to kill these precious birds. Starting this coming autumn, the hunting is not going to be even formally banned any more, and the number of dead birds will certainly rise. Unfortunately, Tesla, a male white stork from Croatia, equipped with a GPS transmitter for movement tracking since June 2016, will not join other storks this autumn on their way to the south. Tesla was killed in April this year in the north of Lebanon, on the way back to his home in Lonjsko Polje Nature park in Croatia. Out of 4 Croatian storks equipped with tracking devices as a part of the SOS Stork project, 3 are no longer alive ... We hope that at least Leta, the only one still alive, will successfully complete this year's spring travels. We'll never know how many birds’ lives, lives of birds that could not be traced like Tesla, ended on this journey of death. Although the hunting law in Lebanon was adopted back in 2004, it was never truly enforced, partly because –in addition to the Law - a permanent hunting ban was in place, a ban that will end in September this year. Now, more than ever, the strict enforcement of the Law becomes necessary. In order for the Lebanese sky to be safe, birds must be legally protected, and offenders have to be severely punished. It is unfortunately too late for Tesla. So much effort, time, hopes and concerns, ended by a single shot of a careless shooter. Therefore, we want Tesla's name to become synonymous for the safety of the Lebanese sky; that his death marks the beginning of a new era for safe travels of migratory birds across Lebanon. We are asking for a strict and consistent application of the law 580/2004 - Tesla's law! Please persevere in it!  HRVATSKI: UČINIMO NEBO IZNAD LIBANONA SIGURNIM ZA RODE I OSTALE SELICE! Unatoč formalnoj zabrani lova, oko 2,6 milijuna ptica selica biva godišnje ubijeno na dijelu svoga migracijskog puta koji vodi preko Libanona, a koji je dug svega 200 kilometara. Zabava, trofeji i rjeđe hrana razlozi su ubijanja ovih plemenitih ptica. Od ove jeseni lov više ni formalno neće biti zabranjen, a broj ubijenih ptica sigurno će porasti. Nažalost, na tom putu u tople krajeve ove jeseni s njima neće biti Tesla, mužjak bijele rode iz Hrvatske, koji od lipnja 2016. nosi GPS odašiljač za praćenje kretanja. Tesla je ubijen u travnju ove godine na sjeveru Libanona, na putu kući u Park prirode Lonjsko polje u Hrvatskoj. Od 4 hrvatske rode označene uređajima za praćenje u sklopu projekta SOS Stork, 3 više nisu žive... Ostaje nada da će barem Leta, ta jedina koja je još živa, uspješno okončati svoje ovogodišnje proljetno putovanje. Nikad nećemo saznati koliko je još roda koje nije bilo moguće pratiti poput Tesle okončalo život na ovom putovanju smrti. Iako je zakon o lovu u Libanonu usvojen još davne 2004., on nikad nije istinski primijenjen, dijelom jer je - i pored zakona - na snazi bila trajna zabrana lova, koja prestaje u rujnu ove godine. Sada, više nego ikada, striktna primjena ovog zakona postaje neophodna. Kako bi libanonsko nebo bilo sigurno, ptice moraju biti zakonom zaštićene, a prekršitelji strogo kažnjeni. Za Teslu je nažalost prekasno. Toliko truda, vremena, strepnje i nadanja mnogih, prekinuto je pucnjem jednog bezobzirnog čovjeka. Stoga želimo da Teslino ime postane sinonim za sigurnost libanonskog neba. Da njegova smrt obilježi početak nove, sigurne ere za migraciju ptica selica preko Libanona. Tražimo striktnu i dosljednu primjenu zakona 580/2004 - Teslinog zakona! Molimo vas da u tome ustrajete!  

SOS Tesla - Save White Storks
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PETITION: No further damage should be done to the archaeological landscape of Stonehenge. Future generations would be appalled at those who decided that road widening should be at the expense of England’s most iconic World Heritage Site. If A303 widening at Stonehenge is felt to be essential it should be done by means of a deep bored tunnel at least 4.5km long. Anything shorter would cause irreparable damage to this landscape, in breach of the World Heritage Convention. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? The UK Government proposes to widen the A303 trunk road to the south west. This road crosses the iconic Stonehenge World Heritage Site (WHS), which has been called “the most archaeologically significant land surface in Europe”. The whole site, extending to beyond the horizons around the famous stones themselves, is c. 5.4 km across. All of it makes up a “huge ancient complex” that holds many secrets yet to be discovered. The proposal is to put the road into a tunnel where it passes the stones, but the tunnel would be at most only 2.9 km long. This would result in at least 1.6 km of above-ground 21st-century road engineering within the WHS, consisting of new dual carriageway descending in massive trenches to the tunnel portals and possibly a new underpass with slip roads on the western WHS boundary. All archaeology in the construction zones would be destroyed and the A303 would become the largest ever human intervention in an area fashioned and revered by over a hundred generations of our ancestors. The whole Stonehenge landscape has an outstanding universal value that is of immense significance for all people for all time, and this transcends any consideration of sorting out a 21st century part-time traffic jam. ----- This is a world wide petition and is linked to an identical one at 38 degrees which keeps count of the running total for both petitions. See here: 

Stonehenge Alliance
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