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Petition to John Fraser

Change from a model of sound finance to one of functional finance

"Sound finance" in government is the belief that we have to "live within our means". That spending must be "financed" directly by either taxation or issuing bonds (which we call "government debt"). "Functional finance" instead says we should focus instead on real outcomes we wish to achieve, such as full employment. Critics of functional finance claim that deviating from sound finance will result in runaway inflation and we'll all end up "paper billionaires" like in Zimbabwe. Rather than explaining the economics of why this is untrue I want to keep things simple with an analogy. Imagine a car driving on the highway at 40kmph in 1st gear. "Its red lining" says the driver, "we can't go any faster!" "But you could change gears and go faster without red lining" you say. "Oh I know we could change gears and go faster" says the driver "but a car once drove faster than 40kmph and crashed. You don't want to crash do you?" Never mind that the car was going 180kmph when it crashed. Maybe we could go 60, or 80 or 100kmph and get to where we want to go more quickly... but that isn't the conversation we are having. We are so obsessed with the "dollar in, dollar out" mechanism of sound finance that we are completely ignoring how we really want our society to look; that we could easily be spending more money on social services, innovation, research & development, and most importantly maintaining full employment for all citizens without any inflation risk. This petition calls for an end to sound finance, and a move to functional finance; and in particular to return to a full employment policy in Australia like we had between 1945 and 1975.

Australian Employment Party
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Petition to Woolworths, Coles

We want a Vegan Aisle!

Veganism is booming, in a way that’s totally unprecedented, which is wonderful for humans and all the other animals on the planet. More and more people are realising the benefits of a vegan lifestyle every day. However, it’s really challenging to find good-quality pre-packaged vegan foods in local supermarkets. There’s a big gap in the market here, and you guys can fill it!Of course, there’s always good ol’ fruit and veg, but surely it would be a wise move for bigger supermarkets to start stocking a wider range of vegan products, like mock meats, desserts and drinks? Not only will this encourage vegan shoppers to return to mainstream supermarkets in their local areas, it would also encourage more non-vegans to think about making the change. The way that vegan products are currently spread across stores is challenging for a bunch of reasons. First, shoppers miss them, particularly if it’s a flying visit to grab something quick for dinner. Secondly, it creates extra work for stocking and merchandising and thirdly, it makes vegans reluctant to wander through aisles that contain products that they have no wish for. The solution?A vegan aisle in the supermarket! Heck, even a few bays would do it! More and more people are choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle. Providing a vegan section in the supermarket would:• Make cruelty-free options more accessible to more customers• Give customers greater confidence when choosing products• Reduce the stress of shopping for vegan items• Create a more favourable opinion of big brand supermarkets So please, big supermarkets, please add a vegan shopping section… for people, for the animals and for the planet! (PS: It won’t hurt your profits, either!)

Brian Hallmond
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