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Petition to Emily Plymin


BUNNINGS SAY THEY... "Make no claim to be perfect" AND "we are committed to reducing our impact and building a more sustainable business".... AND... "Our aim is to help customers learn how to care for the environment and live sustainably in and around the home." THEY SAY THEY HAVE...."Knowledge of environmental issues and sustainable practices"              THEY TEACH CHILDREN TO...."Get active in their local community help them learn about the importance of protecting trees and the natural environment." BUT THEY HAND OUT HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS OF BALLOONS EVERY YEAR TO CHILDREN THAT KILL  WILDLIFE AND POLLUTE OUR WATERWAYS AND OCEANS! Bunnings says that they've discontinued the use of helium balloons and instead attach sticks to balloons so they can’t be easily released. "More recently we have modified this stick attachment to make it more secure". But these "sticks" and "attachments" are PLASTIC and just as Hazardous to wildlife as the BALLOONS themselves! They can still escape their attachments and blow away and even if they dont blow they can still pop and drop as litter. There are so many environmentally friendly alternatives available and we ask BUNNINGS to please stop handing out BALLOONS. HERE ARE SOME GREAT ALTERNATIVES FROM THE WEBSITE OF "BALLOONS BLOW": Hand out a seed pack or Seedling Kites, garden spinners & Pinwheels Ribbon dancers Flags, banners and streamers ALL CAN BE MADE WITHOUT PLASTICS AND FROM THE CRAFT RANGE AT BUNNINGS! ASK BUNNINGS TO PLEASE STOP HANDING OUT BALLOONS! 

Sharyn Taylor
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Petition to Scott Morrison, Senator Richard Di Natale

Australia needs a sugar tax on soft drinks to help end the child obesity crisis

Hey everyone. I'm Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar – and I'm asking for your help to get Australia tackling the urgent child obesity crisis by introducing a sugar tax.It's devastating that more than 1 in 4 of our kids are now overweight or obese. Our kids' health and education are suffering. Tooth decay, type 2 diabetes and impaired brain function are all caused by excessive sugar in drinks.Companies adding 15 teaspoons of sugar in a small soft drink is ridiculous. And dangerous. I know so many parents are trying to reduce sugar in their family's diets – but until soft drink companies are forced to act too, we're not going to fix the child obesity crisis. The funds raised from the tax can help subsidise healthier options and food education in schools.I quit sugar in January 2011 - initially as an experiment. My doctors advised it'd help my autoimmune disease. But it had such an impact on my energy, wellness and concentration, I just kept going. Imagine if those benefits were transferred to our kids. Misbehaviour would decrease. Grades would soar.Australia is lagging the world in acting on child obesity. The UK has just introduced a sugary drinks tax (France, Mexico, Denmark have too).I need your help today to sign & share this petition - on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - let's get it out there and make a difference! Tell Scott Morrison it's time for a sugar tax on soft drinks!

Sarah Wilson
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NZ post to sell eco-friendly postage bags!

Better for Environment The most obvious benefit of eco-friendly packaging is in relation to the environment. Eco-friendly packaging is usually made from recycled materials, reducing the waste of natural resources in production. Additionally, the manufacturing process itself tends to be more efficient, further reducing resources used and minimising the negative impact your company has on the environment. Even specific ingredients, such as soy ink, used in eco-friendly packaging will help the environment. Soy ink has low levels of volatile organic compounds (commonly referred to as VOCs), substances which harm the environment and are found in traditional inks. Easy Disposal In addition to minimising the environmental impact when creating the product, eco-friendly packaging also tends to be better for the environment after it has served its purpose. Depending on the particular type of packaging you use, it will be recyclable or compostable. That means that if customers have compost facilities, they can simply turn the discarded packaging into fuel for plants. If they don’t have a compost pile, they will be able to bury the remnants with the knowledge that they will biodegrade within a short period of time. In the case of recyclable packaging, the end user will simply throw their packing in the recycling bin so it can be reused. Versatile In addition to helping the environment, eco-friendly packaging is actually incredibly versatile, finding uses in every major industry that standard packaging is involved in.  No Harmful Plastics Traditional packaging materials contain at least small quantities of plastics, and this type of packaging contributes to global warming and other environmental concerns. By using eco-friendly packaging, you are able to reduce the plastic used as well as its harmful effects. Petrochemicals are part of most traditional plastics, and these require large amounts of energy during production, with most of it being from non-sustainable resources. When petrochemical products are discarded, they can litter parks, roads, and waterways. Worst of all, plastics and their petrochemicals have even been linked to health problems when used with food, an issue that never causes concern with eco-friendly packaging. Improve Brand Image A final benefit of eco-friendly packaging is the way that it improves your brand image. When clients learn that you use environmentally friendly resources, this will show them that you not only care about the environment, but also that you are a responsible company. This improved brand image will lead to an increase in sales, furthering your company’s profits. ( 

Courtney Martin
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