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Petition to Canada Bay City Council, NRMA Insurance

Save the ONLY fast electric vehicle charging station in Sydney.

The only fast electric vehicles (EV) charging station in Sydney is being decommissioned. This will negatively affect the use and uptake of electric cars in Sydney and damage the reputation of the transportation network. This station in North Strathfield was installed by NRMA and Canada Bay City Council in 2012. The charger is located at 32 George St., North Strathfield, New South Wales 2137. The details can be viewed here:  It has been broken for the past few months and many EV owners have raised concerns and disappointment about this (you can see the full comments history by following the link above).  Before it was broken, it was regularly and efficiently used by many drivers. NRMA is now planning to decommission the charger instead of repairing it. Canada Bay Council has shown no interest in taking over and maintaining the charger although the council represented by Angelo Tsirekas (mayor of City of Canada Bay at the time) was publicly involved in the installation and opening. If removed, this would be a big step back for the transportation infrastructure and make Sydney the only major city in Australia without a single rapid charger of this type.  We appeal to the Council on behalf of electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts of Sydney to keep, repair and maintain the charger. I am a member of Australian Electric Vehicle Association, an owner of 3 electric cars and a director of Eveeh, a company that is dedicated to increasing the adoption of sustainable electric transportation in Australia. I believe we should work together with the government to create a better infrastructure to increase the uptake of electric cars.

Slava Kozlovskii
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Petition to Emily Plymin


BUNNINGS SAY THEY... "Make no claim to be perfect" AND "we are committed to reducing our impact and building a more sustainable business".... AND... "Our aim is to help customers learn how to care for the environment and live sustainably in and around the home." THEY SAY THEY HAVE...."Knowledge of environmental issues and sustainable practices"              THEY TEACH CHILDREN TO...."Get active in their local community help them learn about the importance of protecting trees and the natural environment." BUT THEY HAND OUT HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS OF BALLOONS EVERY YEAR TO CHILDREN THAT KILL  WILDLIFE AND POLLUTE OUR WATERWAYS AND OCEANS! Bunnings says that they've discontinued the use of helium balloons and instead attach sticks to balloons so they can’t be easily released. "More recently we have modified this stick attachment to make it more secure". But these "sticks" and "attachments" are PLASTIC and just as Hazardous to wildlife as the BALLOONS themselves! They can still escape their attachments and blow away and even if they dont blow they can still pop and drop as litter. There are so many environmentally friendly alternatives available and we ask BUNNINGS to please stop handing out BALLOONS. HERE ARE SOME GREAT ALTERNATIVES FROM THE WEBSITE OF "BALLOONS BLOW": Hand out a seed pack or Seedling Kites, garden spinners & Pinwheels Ribbon dancers Flags, banners, streamers and dancing inflatables ASK BUNNINGS TO PLEASE STOP HANDING OUT BALLOONS! 

Sharyn Taylor
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