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Petition to Marcus Antebi, Kaspar Basse, Denise Mari, Eric Helms, Karliin Brooks, Blossom du Jour, Pressed Juicery, Liquiteria , The Juice Shop, Heather Tierney, Eat By Chloe, Organic Avenue, Juice Generation, Joe & the Juice, Juice Press, Agavi Juice Bar


While many of us are educated and aware of the dangers of plastics, particularly BPA plastic, we continue to overlook the larger picture which is the environmental impacts of our choices.   According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Americans alone discard 30 MILLION tons of plastics per year; ONLY 8 PERCENT OF IT GETS RECYCLED.  The rest becomes landfill or litter.   According to,  New York City residents currently recycle only about 17% of their total waste--HALF of what they could be recycling under the current program.  And 7.5% of that waste streams consists of plastic films such as plastic bags.  Plastic continues to be the largest source of ocean litter.  IT NEVER BIODEGRADES and as a result whatever plastic ends up in the landfill spoils our groundwater, pollutes our food chain killing 100,000 mammals each year and 1 million seabirds each year.  Sadly, ONLY 1% OF PLASTIC BAGS ARE RECYCLED WORLDWIDE.  According to straws and stirrers are amongst the top 10 marine plastic debris found in coastal cleanups.  Some researchers estimate that some 90 percent of individual seabirds, many whales and dolphins, and some sea turtles have ingested plastics, including plastic straws.  Most straws are made of a polypropylene plastic which is a derivative of petroleum.  Straws are very hard to pick out of recycling because of how small they are and rarely recovered.  More plastic= More oil & gas= more electricity= more pollution.       Bearing in mind all the facts stated above, I find it odd and unfortunate that  Juice Bars/Health Food shops in NYC and throughout the US including but not limited to: Juice Press, Organic Avenue, The Squeeze, Juice Generation, Blossom Du Juor, Pressed Juicery, The Juice Shop, Liquiteria, The Butcher's Daughter, See By Chloe, and Agavi Juice Bar continue to package and serve their juice and food in non biodegrable plastic bottles & containers, use disposable cutlery and plastic straws, and plastic bags.  BPA free packaging or not, the ramifications on our environment and ecosystem as a result of our disposable, fast paced society far outweigh the benefits long term.  Which is why I'm urging my friends, family, fellow new yorkers, PETA activists, and anyone else environmentally conscious to sign my petition to see that the companies I listed above change the following practices (see below) if they haven't already done so and inspire other companies small and large to do the same.   Together, WE can make a difference.   1.  STOP packaging and serving ALL juices, food, and smoothies in disposable, plastic bottles and containers.    2.  STOP purchasing and distributing non biodegradable disposable cutlery including straws, forks, knives, spoons, containers. 3.  STOP packaging goods in non biodegrable, environmentally destructive plastic bags. 4.  ONLY use and serve napkins from 100% recycled paper. My proposal to replace all the above practices: 1.  Package all premade juices and smoothies only in shatter proof GLASS bottles. Offer a reward system such as a free juice/smoothie for every 5 returned and recycled glass bottles to encourage bottle returns.  If the customer brings their own reusable bottle/straw for juices/smoothies then offer them a 5 or 10 cents off their purchase. 2.  Provide only biodegrable & compostable cutlery and straws such as those made from bamboo, wheat straw, sugarcane, or palm leaves from areca palm trees.   3.  Encourage customers to bring their own bag as much as a possible.  Discount their purchase for every bag by 5 cents. Otherwise package juices and food for a small bag fee in sustainable Jute, cotton, or other eco friendly bag from sustainable materials. 4.  If cotton or reusable napkins aren't possible then use 100% recycled paper.      References:  Documentary on Plastic Pollution  

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Petition to Alshaya

No More Disposable Items in Starbucks Oman

As coffee, tea, and many other ingredients used at Starbucks come from the environment, the earth is Starbucks' most valued partner. Therefore, Starbucks should slowly decrease its usage of disposable items. Although Starbucks has been advocating to recycle their cups, it is really out od their control when it comes to what the customers do with their cups. In Oman, we have poor recycling facilities. Therefore, we do not have the choice to recycle. But, do we need to recycle? Why don't they just limit disposable packaging? We believe it is doable as previous generations have done so. Starbucks has begun to do so but let's reinforce the rules. As they are a global food chain, they have been set as an example and have more than enough influence to create the ripple effect. Reusable cups are also an important component their overall waste reduction strategy. Since 1985 they rewarded our customers with a discount when they bring in personal tumblers. In 2013 they launched a $2 reusable cup in the U.S. and Canada, and a £1cup in the United Kingdom. Starbucks has used 2.5 billion cups and has been creating an enormous environmental impact. It is also up to the people to stand for their environment to be healthy for future generations. It is time for a change, one step at a time. Starbucks should start off by lowering the costs when someone uses their cup. From then on, they should slowly decrease their supply of cups and straws. Then finally they should stop offering disposable cups or straws anymore and should have people bring their mugs or buy one from there. That way Starbucks spends less money and gains more while receiving good press for their sustainable impact. It's a win-win!

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Petition to NC General Assembly

Protect Recycling in North Carolina, Keep DEACS!

Do you recycle in North Carolina? Is your company/organization involved in the recycling industry in North Carolina? You need to know that North Carolina's recycling programs are in big trouble. The NC General Assembly has proposed cutting an entire state agency devoted to keeping a healthy recycling industry in the State. If North Carolina loses this agency, we could lose funding for recycling programs, jobs, businesses, and even your own curbside recycling program. Please sign this petition asking lawmakers to continue to fund the North Carolina Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service. NC needs the 18,000+ jobs and $4-billion in annual revenue from recycling! Visit our website for more ways to help, including how to contact your legislators individually! The Facts: The State recycling office helps create vital, cost-efficient material supply for manufacturers across North Carolina.  More than 60 manufacturers in North Carolina depend on recycling material for feedstock, employing 14,547 people and generating over $4 Billion in annual revenue. The state recycling program supports a robust and dynamic state recycling economy that includes more than 700 separate recycling businesses with annual payroll exceeding $664 Million. Recycling investment in North Carolina has exceeded $1 billion in the last seven years.  State recycling grants and assistance have catalyzed $36.8 Million in private capital investment across NC in the past three years. Much of the economic development that recycling has spurred in North Carolina has been in rural communities, putting abandoned factory buildings back to work and creating employment opportunities for rural workers.

Carolina Recycling Association
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