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Petition to San Diego City Council

Support Oversight Ordinance of Smart Streetlights

The Smart Streetlights program was introduced in a misleading way. The public and many city officials were led to believe that the streetlights were to be used to collect transit data and to lower energy costs. What started as a seemingly innocent sustainability project has become surveillance technology being accessed by the police with little oversight. The energy savings have not appeared, costs have increased, and uses have radically changed. Money was misappropriated from community grants meant to be used to alleviate poverty in order to help pay for this problematic program. Who will be targeted by increased police surveillance? Undoubtedly, it is the already marginalized communities who will face the brunt of this change. The misleading start and nonexistent oversight erode trust in our city government and police force. In this time of strained police community relations, it is more important than ever to regulate police oversight in our lives and increase community trust in local government. We need to give the public the opportunity to discuss the Smart Streetlights program and to hear the options for ending the program entirely. Citizens should get to decide how they feel about the balance of security and civil liberties in their city. If smart streetlights are here to stay, we need an ordinance that provides clear guidance on the acceptable uses for the Smart Streetlights as well as defining unacceptable uses. We, the signers of this petition, ask for public hearings on the issue of creating oversight for the Smart Streetlights program. We also ask for full disclosure about the possibility of ending the program. The public wants options and it wants to have a voice about the surveillance in its communities, especially its most vulnerable ones.

Office of Local Affairs, UC San Diego Associated Students
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Petition to New Jersey State House, New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities, New Jersey Ombudsman for People with Disabilities

Strike Down the Peeping Tom Proposal

Listen up! People with disabilities need your support. There is a proposal apparently being supported by the New Jersey Ombudsman for People with Disabilities that would see the installation of invasive security cameras in group homes and supervised apartments across the state. This proposal is currently being trial-ballooned by certain legislators in the state assembly. Helping Hands president Gary Rubin, an outspoken self -advocate, feels people with different abilities need to take urgent action on the "Peeping Tom" proposal.  “The New Jersey Ombudsman for People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities is allegedly pushing legislation that would see the installation of invasive security cameras in group homes and supervised apartments across the state. This proposal is being made with complete disregard to the wishes of people with different abilities and is a violation of our right to privacy. We need to tell the Ombudsman and the world that people with different abilities deserve choice and privacy in their own homes.” By signing this petition you are stating "As a concerned citizen I am urging those in leadership to act now to prevent a bill requiring cameras within the homes of those with different abilities (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities). I assert that is a violation of the basic human right to privacy. This action would not serve to improve safety within the community of those with disabilities or ensure quality services. Instead I am urging that a focus group of advocates, support professionals, and families be established to provide input as to what is needed to support this community." Please consider supporting our petition to prevent this proposal from being drafted and protect the rights of people with disabilities. Thank you for your support!

New American Movement for People with Disabilities
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump

End unwarranted gov't digital spying before our data leaks again

Americans are not being put first when it comes to digital privacy.  Our government is actively spying on our digital lives without our consent.  Both major parties are responsible for blatantly and repeatedly disregarding our Fourth Amendment rights. To make matters worse, our data is being held without adequate protection as most recently seen here: Although the above leak allegedly did not contain private data, our government does hold private data, as Edward Snowden has revealed. Our government has proven itself unfit to be the caretakers of such sensitive information. This is not a call to end all digital surveillance, since warranted cases of digital surveillance have protected us from terrorism and will save lives in the days to come.  This is a call to hold our government accountable and to ensure the protection of American citizens. I am asking our President to put Americans first by making an Executive Order and to urge congress to pass legislation requiring the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, military, and all local law enforcement agencies to scale back their surveillance of American citizens to constitutional parameters and to delete all data that was collected illegally.

Josh Austin
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