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Petition to California State Park and Recreation Commission

Designate Malibu as California's first State Marine Cultural Preservation Area

Let's make surfing history again. Join us to designate the iconic Malibu surfing area (Los Angeles County, CA) as California's first State Marine Cultural Preservation Area; recognizing its worldwide contributions to the history and culture of the sport. ABOUT MALIBU // From 1945 through 1959, Malibu played an integral role in the development of surfboard design and production, in addition to surfing style. The long rides offered by Malibu’s smaller, well–shaped waves (one of the world's “original perfect waves”) placed it as a center of the evolution of surfing style and technology, as well as a cultural evolution of what surfers looked like –– in and out of the water. Malibu surfers perfected a relaxed, but aggressive, “cool” style of surfing and many of the era’s best came from, or regularly surfed at, Malibu. Their accomplishments helped bring surfing into a modern age, and earned Malibu an international reputation as a destination for high–performance surfing. Although new ideas of surfing were developing worldwide, Malibu served as a cultural, technological, and intellectual arena for its expert surfers and surfboard shapers. It was a focusing point for surfboard design theory, the deconstruction of surfing style, and the development of a lifestyle that defined its era of surfing while serving as a template for the next. Malibu, then, is associated with the broader history of surfing; it is an important California locale which represents an evolution of modern surfing both in the minds of surfers and the general public. ABOUT THE MALIBU HISTORIC DISTRICT // The Malibu Historic District (2018) is the first listing in the National Register of Historic Places based on surfing history, recognizing the iconic surfing area's worldwide contributions to the history and culture of the sport. The 160-acre district is entirely composed of public property and includes: the First Point, Second Point, and Third Point surf breaks, the Malibu Pier, and portions of both Surfrider and Malibu Lagoon State Beaches. The listing is site-specific and secures protections in state and federal coastal project planning explicitly from the point of view of the area's significance, in this case surfing. In addition to the coastal planning protections secured through the National Register listing, the Malibu Historic District makes no changes to public access, public safety, nearby private property rights, public property ownership, or the area's current uses, such as: pier fishing, summer camps, special events and, of course, surfing. ABOUT STATE MARINE CULTURAL PRESERVATION AREAS // The second phase of the Malibu project advances the National Register listing as a qualifying step for other protections based on historical or cultural importance. The CA Marine Managed Areas Improvement Act (2000) establishes State Marine Cultural Preservation Areas as, "nonterrestrial marine or estuarine area[s] designated so the managing agency may preserve cultural objects or sites of historical, archaeological, or scientific interest in marine areas." (CA Pub Res Code § 36700 (2013)). LET'S MAKE HISTORY AGAIN // State and national recognition of these exceptional surfing areas is important to understanding the patterns of our history and promoting a richer interpretation of our coastal environment. Please use the COMMENTS section to express your support and share your personal and family stories of Malibu. Over 450 people endorsed the Malibu Historic District and were part of the official nomination. Join us in making surfing history again. Your signature counts!  

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Petition to Cuban Athletics Federation, Cuban Olympic Committee, National Institute of Sport, Physical Education, and Recreation in Cuba

Legitimize Surfing in Cuba

Today, surfing is not a legal sport in Cuba. A group of dedicated athletes on the island has dreamt of changing this for their entire lives. With sweeping political changes on the island, and the introduction of surfing to the 2020 Olympics, these surfers hope their chance to prove surfing is a true sport has arrived.  This petition is the first step towards their dream of surfing without restriction, both at home and on the world stage    BACKSTORY:  In Cuba, unless activities are explicitly stated as legal, they fall under an enforceable category of “not legal”. Ever since it originated on the island, surfing has lived inside that zone of illegality. For the past several years, a case to legitimize the sport has been building under the leadership of Yaya Gurrero, who is known on the island for spreading the sport to empower women on the island. The group aims to demonstrate that not only is surfing respected worldwide, but there is a rich history of the sport in their own country, and there is cultural and economic value in being granted permission to pursue the sport freely.   GOAL: Many people in Cuba don’t know what surfing is, and many more don’t believe there are even waves in the country to support it. The main battle for the Cuban's is against this lack of knowledge - to prove to the people and the government that surfing is a viable sport. This petition's purpose is to showcase solidarity within the sporting community, and arm the surfers with undeniable proof of the global support for their mission.  As a legitimate sport on the island, Cubans will be able to compete internationally, import surf supplies and most importantly form an official organization capable of advocating for the needs of surfers and ocean health around the island.   MORE INFORMATION AND THE COMPLETE STORY: Online, this campaign is being organized by Makewild, a group of filmmakers from Maine who befriended many of the Cuban surfers when US/Cuban relations began to open. Over the course of 2 years a film and friendship grew and as friends, Yaya and her group have asked for global support in the endeavor. This petition became the first stage. Outside support of this petition doesn’t guarantee the acceptance of the sport in Cuba, but hopes to provide momentum and scale for a presentation that could shape surfing's future for generations to come. > For press inquiries (or any inquiries) please e-mail:  > Visit to learn about the film. > Visit Instagram to further assist and follow this project. Join the growing crowd of supporters: sign the petition and share it with all the surfers and athletes in your life. Use #surflibre so we can track the campaign's spread. Thanks!

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Petition to JONATHAN OLDHAM: Mayor

Surfing Outside the Flags in Harvey Cedars

[If you live or vacation in Harvey Cedars please indicate that in the notes section.] We request that Harvey Cedars remove the restriction and allow surfing outside of the designated swimming areas during guarded hours.  We acknowledge that surfers would be surfing at their own risk. At this point, every mayor in every municipality on Long Beach Island besides Harvey Cedars has listened to the advice of their senior lifeguard and decided that surfing outside the flags during guarded hours is perfectly fine. To arrive at this decision, they analyzed 10 years of data and facts from Ship Bottom and other areas regarding ocean safety and liability issues and found that it simply has had no ill effects.  I think we can all agree that if surfing outside the flags had any negative impact on these municipalities that the mayors would have had to ban it -- and they haven't. We are asking Mayor Oldham to please speak with his LBI counterparts regarding this issue so he can inform the Harvey Cedars surfing community as to any issues he uncovers that would preclude him from removing this restriction in Harvey Cedars.  We need to look to neighboring municipalities because that is where the data resides. Harvey Cedars has little or no empirical data on this. While our guards are probably the best on the island, they don't have extensive first hand experience guarding beaches with outside the flag surfers.  According to Thomas Smith, the senior lifeguard lieutenant in Ship Bottom, "We allow surfing outside the swimming areas on our beaches and have done so for over 10 years with no problems". There can be no stronger argument.  The current unofficial rule in Harvey Cedars seems to be (although it's kind of secret and no one is sure of this) that when conditions are "good",  that the guards will let you surf. I have been surfing twice this week and was called out at 10:03 am while I was surfing what I call "good" waves.  And that was with no swimmers in the water or people on the beach. The definition of what is  "good" is one thing if you are a parent trying to teach your 10 year old how to surf versus if you are an advanced surfer. So I think most reasonable fact based people would conclude that a daily call on what is "good"  has not worked and can't possibly work. The end result is no one surfs during guarded hours even on an average rideable day because they are tired of being rejected on a regular basis (speaking from personal experience). Positive safety aspects include relieving the crowded and therefore unsafe conditions at Hudson, Harvey Cedars' only surfing beach. In addition, it is well-documented that surfers frequently assist in water rescues in hazardous conditions. Surfing is a healthy, multi-generational family activity and it is practiced on an increasing basis yearly. This is a great way to maximize the public's use of the beach and surf zone and acknowledge over a century of wave-riding tradition on the NJ coast. Surf City surfers started a similar petition in June of this year and it very quickly had over 1,000 signatures. It was delivered to Mayor Hodgson and Surf City approved surfing outside the flags in time for the summer 2017 season.

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