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Petition to Twitter, Inc, Jack Dorsey

Ban #shtwt and other self-harm tags on Twitter

Similar to another petition here on concerning eating disorder Twitter (#edtwt), self-harm Twitter (#shtwt) is a dangerous and unhealthy community. I should preface this with the fact that these hashtags contain VERY graphic content, so if you are sensitive to blood, gore, self-harm, or similar things, DO NOT GO INTO THIS COMMUNITY. What you can typically find there are photos of self-harm, ranging from mild to extreme, with cute filters and stickers, or words like “cute,” “pretty,” or “sexy” describing the open wounds on people’s bodies. I often see people seeking advice on how to cut deeper or how to treat their wounds, including some instances where people cut too deep and didn’t know how to control the bleeding or people whose wounds got infected.  It’s blatantly against Twitter’s policies (encouraging self-harm & being in danger OF self-harming), as well as furthering the stigma of “cutting is for attention.” I was addicted to self-harm for a long time in high school but understand that there are lines being crossed in these Twitter hashtags—and there are a few dozen hashtags at least. Romanticizing, encouraging, glorifying, and bragging about self-harm is both dangerous and insulting. Not to mention, I’ve seen several different instances of these graphic self-harm hashtags mixed in with other hashtags, exposing and triggering others who do not wish to see blood and wounds. Please help to get Twitter to act. It’s not long before someone dies or severely injures themselves trying to fit in with this community. Here are some more tags to ban: #shtwt #selfharm #selfharmtwt #Barcodetwt #Catscratchtwt   Resources for anyone who is, or knows someone who is, struggling with self-harm or suicide. • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: • Crisis Text Line: • You Matter Suicide Prevention Hotline: • Self-Injury Outreach & Support:

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Petition to Joe Dill, Michael Barnes, Willis Meadows, Sid Cates, Rick Roberts, Bob Taylor, Xanthene Norris, Liz Seman, Ennis Fant, Sr., Lynn Ballard, Butch Kirven, Dan Tripp, Joseph Kernell

Create a New First Responder Agency in Greenville County

What is ECS?The mission of Emergency Community Services is to provide community based support to improve safety and reduce crime while taking stress off of our law enforcement officers.   Emergency Community Services is a new first responder agency proposed to work in place of LEOs for emergencies that do not need law enforcement presence. The main areas which ECS would handle would be: - Mental Health Crises/Behavioral Calls- Domestic Disputes- Substance Abuse  The Need for ECS Mental Health The former Dallas Police Chief, David Brown, said “Every societal failure, we put it on the cops to solve … Not enough mental health funding, let the cop handle it. Not enough drug addiction funding, let’s give it to the cops. Here in Dallas we have a loose dog problem. Let’s have the cops chase loose dogs. Schools fail, give it to the cops. 70 percent of the African-American community is being raised by single women, let’s give it to the cops to solve as well. That’s too much to ask. Policing was never meant to solve all those problems. I just ask other parts of our democracy along with the free press to help us.” This speech is a microcosm of the stress on LEOs. Ask yourself this: what is the purpose of law enforcement? The only acceptable answer is to enforce laws, mainly those of a violent nature. This is what they were created to do and what they are trained to do, and to expand their responsibilities to mental health, family counseling, and everything else does not work.  A study done by the Treatment Advocacy Center found that when police come into contact with individuals with mental health disorders - 10% of their interactions - are 16 times more likely to not just be shot but killed.  Citizens with mental disorders make up 1 in 4 of all fatal police encounters, 1 in 5 of all jail in prison inmates, and 1 in 10 of all LEO responses (Fuller, Lamb, Biasotti, Snook, 2015). In 2019 in South Carolina there was 16.6 suicides per 100,00 people (compared to 14.5 nationally), leaving us ranked 25th in the nation. In general our suicide rate has been on the rise (   Domestic Violence One of the biggest issues South Carolina faces is that of our domestic violence. A February 2019 article in AP News explains that SC is the “nation’s sixth-worst state.” While it does show an improvement - from being in last place - it is still awful. In 2015 the National Domestic Violence Hotline conducted a study among abused women and police. In the study they found: 4 in 5 who had not called the police were “somewhat or extremely afraid” to call the police in the future (70% thought it would make things worse, 59% did not think the police would believe them, 45% wanted to protect the offender in some way, and 17% believed the police would be violent to them or threaten to or actually arrest them)- 1 in 4 who had not talked to the police would not call them, and 1 in 2 were unsure if they would- 1 in 3 victims felt less safe after calling the police- 2 in 3 who had called the police were somewhat or extremely afraid to call again (80% thought nothing would happen, 51% thought it would only get worse)- 1 in 4 women had been arrested or threatened with arrest when reporting partner abuse of sexual abuse to police- Only 1 in 7 (14%) of women were extremely likely to call in the future - the rest would not or were unsure if they would call (Logan, Valente, 2015). And the sad fact is that these beliefs are not without reason. The National Center for Women and Policing conducted an analysis of studies in regards to police domestic violence rates. Police have a domestic violence rate of 40% compared to the national average of 10%. Several factors have been proposed that attribute to this statistic: - The stress we put onto police while simultaneously making them bottle it up is not something that any person is made to handle- The training of police officers rewires their brain and increases violent responses- Because police are the respondents to domestic violence, families would not be trusting of the police to protect them- The culture of policing creates an environment where it is tolerated and normalized- The personality type of police officers are more prone to violent outburstsWhile the final two are difficult to prove or disprove, the others have significant merit. However as this proposal is focused on introducing a new response unit we will not focus on the effects of training, although it deserves significant discussion in the future.  BenefitsOne of the main goals of ECS is to take much of the pressure that likely attributes to these factors off of the officers. In addition if we change the people who respond to these calls then there is a significant increase of trust from the victims who are married to officers. This then could be yet another step towards weeding out the irresponsible and “bad-apple” officers.   In addition to these the local benefits of ECS are deserving of consideration themselves. Greenville has a lack of psychiatrists which is difficult to combat. However if ECS was to pay our responders (who would likely be psychiatrists, trained therapists, etc) a competitive salary we would increase the influx of mental health professionals. This, combined with things like the reduction of crime, improvement of community support, and the families of the mental health professionals moving in we would likely see an increase in our already high growth. We would provide members of our community with jobs, and could provide a starting point for people who need some sort of workforce breakout.  By intervening prior to a crime is committed (often the crime of mentally ill people is not what prompts the call, but how they respond to the officer) we would keep a significant number of people out of jails, prisons, and the criminal justice system. We would save tax dollars on incarceration, free up court dates for violent criminals, and save money on public defenders to be able to allow them to focus where they are needed most.

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Petition to U.S. Senate, United States Department of Health and Human Services, Donald J. Trump, Kamala D. Harris

Make Facebook Care About Mental Health by Demanding People Over Profits

On July 3rd, 2014 we created the private Bipolar Disorder Support group on Facebook with the intent to connect people with bipolar disorder and other mental health issues to one another and to help facilitate real positive changes in the lives of the people within the group. We currently have over 35K members and have continued to strive to provide the best support possible for our members to achieve better mental health outcomes. We have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the years, and we take great pride in what we do. Our staff, which is 100% volunteer, along with our absolutely wonderful group of members are overwhelmed with compassion when another member reaches out in a crisis. Like a well-oiled machine, everything falls into place, admins, mods, and group members alike spring into action. Providing group conversations, one on one discussions through various means including text, video, and voice. When needed we elevate these issues to Facebook’s suicidal content team through their reporting tool, we provide links, hotlines, websites, and more. We even elevate some of these crisis situations to local law enforcement officials to provide welfare checks on people we’re concerned about. However, that in fact is not the point of my post today. My post addresses a problem within the Facebook community. Over the past year or so, Facebook has been censoring content on their platform including within this group through their woefully inadequate community guidelines in regards to what is and is not acceptable regarding suicidal ideation and self-harming type posts. Through a system of strikes, Facebook has automatically removed content and posts by people actively seeking help and even those actively in crisis, that by any means of legitimate analysis by a sane individual would clearly indicate the poster needs assistance. They need to talk to someone. They don’t need to be told to reword their post so the Facebook bots don’t destroy it along with destroying their chance of getting help. That is our purpose, to let people discuss real issues facing them, and to let the members of the group help them. I’m not going to scare you with statistics about depression and suicide rates. I’m not even going to place emphasis on the fact that this growing mental health crisis is made substantially worse by social media giants like Facebook. These data points are already out there. To be clear I am addressing Facebook directly here, not the entirety of social media. Facebook is effectively saying they do not care about your mental health condition, especially if it has the potential to negatively impact advertising revenue, regardless of the well-being of the community or the individuals that signed up to Facebook expecting a place to talk freely. A communication platform that does not allow the open and active discussion of reality, specifically the reality that we’re not always in the right place mentally and we may need help, is not what I signed up for. Or what I stand for. And not what I expected when I created the group so many years ago. Facebook has shown through their actions what their stance on the issue really is, with PR stunts to make it look like they care, to make it seem like they’re providing effective options for people to get help with their problems, like the recently launched the Emotional Health hub. The Emotional Health hub sure does look nice on Mental Health Day, the day Facebook announced the feature, which can be found by searching for “Emotional Health” within the main Facebook app. This is nothing more than a rearrangement of resources that have already been in existence and are already well established. This is nothing new. This is not impressive. This should not be commended. This is an affront to everyone who legitimately advocates for better mental health. We, as a community REJECT Facebook’s clear disregard for the health and safety of the community. I, as a leader in the fight for better mental health outcomes, REJECT FACEBOOK’s ABHORRENT INABILITY TO SEE THIS AS A REAL ISSUE. We will continue to DEMAND Facebook accept accountability for the mental health of the community and we will continue to DEMAND Facebook to implement better tools to more effectively provide support to those in need. I’ve been in touch with Facebook on this very issue for months now, and if there is one thing that is clear it is this: FACEBOOK DOES NOT CARE ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH. FACEBOOK DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE IN CRISIS. Today, on October 17, 2020, I, Jason Rybka, along with all the staff at Bipolar Daze Mental Health Network and on behalf of all of our followers, supporters, and the mental health community at large, do hereby reaffirm our commitment to PROVIDE SUPPORT TO THOSE IN NEED. Facebook may not care enough about the issue, but we do, and we WILL NOT STOP until we see a conviction from Facebook to address this clear shortcoming on their platform and begin to PUT PEOPLE OVER PROFITS, COMPASSION OVER PUBLIC IMAGE, and REALITY OVER PERCEPTION. Join us in our fight by sharing this far and wide. Share it with your friends, share it with your communities, and share it with the people you love, because it may be you or a loved one in crisis at some point, and we need to ensure that when that situation occurs, help is there. I INTEND TO FIGHT FOR THIS CAUSE UNTIL WE CANNOT POSSIBLY DO BETTER. and WE CAN ALWAYS DO BETTER. Where is the outrage from the informed medical health professionals and public officials on this matter? Where is it? I’d like to know. I will take this to The United States Congress if given the opportunity to do so. I have the documents, I have the receipts, and I’m sure Facebook has all the data I need hiding from public view to backup all of my assertions. It’s time to expose this at the highest levels. WE WILL MAKE FACEBOOK CARE! #MAKEFACEBOOKCARE WE WILL MAKE FACEBOOK PUT PEOPLE OVER PROFITS WE WILL MAKE FACEBOOK PUT THE SAFETY OF THE COMMUNITY AT THE FOREFRONT OF THE DISCUSSION WE WILL NOT ALLOW THE MENTAL HEALTH OF OUR PEOPLE DETERIORATE SO FACEBOOK AND ADVERTISERS CAN MAKE MORE MONEY WE WILL SEE REAL IMPACTFUL CHANGE Share this from our public page if you found this in a private group.Follow me on social media as I demand Facebook be held to account for this @jayreportscom Thanks so much for listening. Jason RybkaFounder, Bipolar Daze Mental Health Network (our Facebook Page link)

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