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Petition to Steve Bellone, Kara Hahn, Bridget Flemming

Please - Immediately Repair Cranberry Bog Preserve Bridge, Riverhead, NY

The Cranberry Bog Preserve is well loved and used by local residents and visitors from across Long Island. It's known for its beauty, ecology, and cultural value. The loop trail and it's interpretive guide, engages the public in environmental education, appreciation, and a continued conservation ethic to appreciate and value Suffolk County's treasure of open space. And it offers a reason for people to get outside and exercise and to reduce stress by being in Nature. But around two years ago, the bridge crossing was found broken and in need of immediate repair. Suffolk County Parks' response was to close off the bridge and do nothing else. We watched the bridge deteriorate. Quality Parks attempted to work with a Boy Scout on an Eagle project to rebuild the bridge, but had no success. Last week, we were contacted by an irate citizen demanding action, as our name, Quality Parks, would indicate -- that we cared. The irate citizen said that they contacted Suffolk County Parks and nothing happened, so they contacted us. We learned that many local citizens care about the Cranberry Bog Preserve and want the bridge repaired.  They are in support of Suffolk County finding and allocate funding to immediately repair the bridge. And so do we. Learn more: Please sign our petition to show your support.

Quality Parks
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Petition to New York State

Protect Our Children: Save The Community Protection Act

Support the Community Protection Act: The Toughest Law In The Country Protecting Our Children From Sex Offenders We are asking all New Yorkers to urge New York State to protect the rules that are currently enacted under Suffolk County’s Community Protection Act. The Community Protection Act — developed by County Executive Steve Bellone, victims’ rights advocates including Parents for Megan’s Law and law enforcement professionals — is the nation’s toughest sex offender enforcement, monitoring and verification program.  Since this law was enacted in 2013, sex offender recidivism in Suffolk County has been reduced by 81%. But now the law itself is under assault by sex offenders unhappy with the level of monitoring in Suffolk County and organizations that support them. That is why we need New York State to protect the Community Protection Act and close the sex offender loophole by passing legislation that: ·         Mandates that all Level 3 sex offenders and offenders who have committed an act against a minor must not reside within 1,000 feet of a school facility. ·         Authorizes counties and/or their designee to verify the residency and job sites of registered sex offenders. ·         Authorizes local municipalities to require homeless sex offenders who seek housing through the County to call their local Police Department each night to confirm their domicile for the evening.  ·         Require an affirmative obligation of all sex offenders to cooperate and confirm information required as part of their sex offender designation. Please join me in voicing your support to uphold the laws that are protecting our children under the Suffolk County Community Protection Act by signing this petition.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone
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Petition to Steve Bellone, Jon Schneider

NO Suffolk Bus Cuts

After weeks of testimony at various hearings, Suffolk County is still scheduled to cut 10 bus routes on October 10th, 2016 due to a redistribution of funds from the bus service, which had been slowly improving, to fill the structural deficit. These routes account for over 130,000 rides per year. The estimated price to operate these ten routes is $4 million per year. This accounts for a 14% reduction in the County's contribution towards bus service, and will force riders to either use alternative routes which will take more time, find alternative and more costly means of transportation, or go without. This will impact some of the most vulnerable of the population; low-income, disabled, seniors, students, as well as a disproportionate minority population.   While the County in recent years has been pushing the need to Connect Long Island, promoting transit service and economic development in the future this system presently serves existing downtowns and employment centers, and will essentially dis-Connect Long Island. What is ironic is the communities facing cuts have just collectively approved over 1,000 units of Main Street apartments where transit is an important component. The impacts that these bus-line reductions would have on riders, the communities served by the eliminated lines, and the Suffolk economy has not been fully determined; some will face job losses, have to spend extra money for child care due to longer rides, miss medical appointments, not be on time for college, be unable to run errands, and will be unable to enjoy visiting Long Island's downtowns on the weekend. There is a strong possibility of layoffs due to the proposed cuts, as well as a drop in State Transportation Operating Assistance for the system, setting it into a downward spiral.  It is understood that Suffolk County does not get its fair share in funding in comparison to Nassau and Westchester Counties, and that there are a lot of roads to cover. However, simply cutting the routes without results from an On Board Origin to Destination Demographic Survey, which is not set to launch until Spring of 2017, is irresponsible, counter-productive and a disservice to the vulnerable population.  The County Executive has the power to postpone these cuts until a proper analysis is complete to better understand the impacts of cuts, what improvements can be made in order to have an efficient transit system, and to better serve riders. There are potential budget offsets available to fund the bus system without reductions until an analysis is complete. Bus advocates, non-profits, unions, and riders have been and will continue to give valuable input towards measures that can be taken to fix the broken system.   

Long Island Bus Riders' Union
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