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Petition to MTA

Fix NYC Subway Train Systems

As a New Yorker, the subway stands as an integral part of our city. Tourists come globally and use our tracks, in awe of the city infrastructure. But when it costs over 125 million dollars per mile for reconstruction, it's undeniable that there is corruption in the New York government's management of the MTA. We as citizens should hold a priority to improve this aspect of the city we call home.  The NYC Subway is still functioning; politics in our nation is broken. NYC gets over 60 million visitors a year. It’s a national treasure. It’s time to improve the subway. A paragraph from the New York Times on our subway system: "New York City’s subway, meanwhile, is falling apart. If you are a regular rider, you know this firsthand. But even if you aren’t, it has probably become difficult to ignore all the stories about the system’s failure: the F train that was trapped between stations for close to an hour without power or air conditioning, the Q train that derailed in Brooklyn, the track fire on the A line in Harlem that sent nine passengers to the hospital. The cumulative impression of all these miserable underground experiences — and all these stories about miserable underground experiences — is that the situation is hopeless, that the subway cannot be fixed. The subway has been wrecked, and in this era of short-term thinking and government mistrust, public-works projects with benefits larger than any single mind can realize are no longer possible. But it is possible to fix the subway. And we must. Our failure to do so would be a collective and historic act of self-destruction."

Lexi Shakhnazarov
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Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Joseph Lhota, Andrew M. Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, Robert C. Carroll, Brad Lander

MTA- Bring Contactless Payment to Ft. Hamilton Station First

The "Summer of hell" may be over but for the hard working people and MTA customers of Brooklyn, the woes of subway travel seem to be never-ending. While steps appear to be underway to make improvements, such as countdown clocks and other behind the scenes upgrades, there is still a big problem that needs to be addressed immediately. This problem, while not unique to one station, is having a big negative impact on the Ft. Hamilton F/G Station in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. That problem is with both the MetroCard vending machines as well as the readers on the entry turnstiles. There are many reports on neighborhood boards and listservs of MetroCard vending machines taking payment from credit and debit cards but not actually adding that value to the MetroCard. In addition, many times customers will swipe their card at the turnstile reader which will indicate payment but not unlock the turnstile. A subsequent swipe will indicate the card was just used or will take an additional amount off the card. There are other times where the reader simply does not read the card at all or is even not functioning completely. We fully understand the MTA recognizes these issues and is working on implementing a new contactless payment and entry process throughout the entire Subway system by 2022. However, the Kensington/Windsor Terrace community can wait no longer and can not afford to lose additional hard-earned money to the very system we rely on to get us to and from those precious jobs. Therefore we would like to propose and and request that the Ft. Hamilton station, as well as possibly the Church Ave. station, be put at the top of the list to have this new system implemented. At the Ft. Hamilton station, specifically at the Ft. Hamilton Pky. entrance as there is no booth or agent at this end. Even if the system is still in the trial and testing phase, having one of the three turnstiles at this entrance would allow the MTA to get tremendous constructive feedback and data. The Church Ave. station is obviously much larger and would be able to provide invaluable and different data to be reviewed as well. There is little doubt that this is one of the fastest growing areas not only in Brooklyn but all of NY City. One only has to look at the amount of apartment buildings recently and still being constructed as well as the addition and growth of the local Public Schools. Not only has ridership increased tremendously in these two stations over the last 10 years but continues. In fact, the MTA even reconfigured the Ft. Hamilton entryway less than two years ago in recognition of that. The amazing Kensington/Windsor Terrace community is once again asking and offering to help the MTA in helping all NY City commuters. Thank you.

Steve LeVine
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Petition to Subway

Subway restaurants should be allowed to sell standalone bread. #FreeTheBread

This is a simple problem with a very simple fix. Subway currently does not allow you to buy their bread without buying a whole sub. This is ludicrous and should be corrected.  1. Why should customers be punished for liking Subway's product? I thought their delicious Italian Herb and Cheese bread would make my lowly homemade sandwich 20x more delightful... but I was rejected. I wanted to compliment the flavors of my self-acquired deli meats w/ Subway's signature bread but instead was offered only sadness. The employees seemed sad that they couldn't help me. 2. Isn't making money a good thing? Jimmy John's and other chains will sell you bread (day-old bread for just 50 cents!) if you request it, but your franchisees are forced to say "we can charge you for a veggie sub w/ no veggies." Does that make any sense? Take our money! Charge whatever a 6" or 12" bread costs you and enjoy the increased foot traffic to your businesses. If we walk out carrying a Subway branded bag isn't that a win for your corporation? 3. I remember 20 years ago our local rural Subway would sell us 6" breads for $.50 and 12" breads for $1. Apparently something has happened since then in Subway's detached corporate universe because now their franchisees are being told to not accept money from customers that are seeking their products.  Subway, please just fix this, it would require almost no effort and who knows what sorts of interesting social media concoctions people could create with your signature breads that would ultimately increase your profits. Be reasonable please!

Jason Wilson
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