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Petition to Department of Technical Education Karnataka, Govt. of Karnataka Education Ministry, Principals of Karnataka Polytechniques, Karnataka Legislative Assembly, Deputy CM of Karnataka, Education Minister of Karnataka, Education minister of India, Government of India, Government Of Karnataka

Odd Semester K'taka Degree/Diploma Exams 2021 Cancellation & Advancement of Even Sem Exams

Students studying under Education Boards and Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Govt. of Karnataka(GoK) are in danger of losing a semester and thus lagging behind their contemporary students from other Universities' Graduation and Diploma courses. Recently DTE and Education Board under GoK have announced that they will conduct the odd semester exams by August 2021 and the Even Semester Exams by November - December 2021. This decision of unnecessary delayed conduct of exams by departments associated with the Education Ministry - GoK and relevant board has landed the students in a very difficult predicament where they may potentially lose out on an Academic Year.   Final Year Diploma Students finishing their Even Semester (6th Semester) exams in December 2021 means many of them who have qualified and taken admission in All India Universities/Institutes viz. NIFT/IP University, New Delhi/Engineering Institutes in States other than Karnataka through Lateral Entry, will not be able to join the course and start the classes, which will be starting mostly by October-2021. This is a highly irresponsible, nonsensical and insensitive decision taken by the DTE, Govt of Karnataka to conduct both the Even and Odd semester exams and effectively delaying the final results of 3rd year Diploma students till January 2022, thus putting them in danger of losing an academic year due to none of their fault. This is a startling decision by the DTE, Govt. Of Karnataka, especially considering that CBSE and all the Boards from all other states including Dept. of Pre-University Education-Karnataka cancelling the 10+2/PU-II/Class 12/Higher Secondary Board Exams due to the pandemic outbreak and conducting the competitive Entrance Exams for Entry to various professional courses. The qualifying examination's (10+2/PU-II/Class 12/Higher Secondary) results are planned on the basis of Class 10/11 results and Class 12 Internal Assessments.   Keeping this in mind, we the students, faculties and parents of various institutes under Education Boards under GoK and DTE-K, request the Education Ministry, Govt. of Karnataka to look into the issue immediately and save the students from losing an academic year. All the Students would thus like to request to the ministry to consider cancelling the Odd Semester Exams, declare the results of Odd Semester Exams based on Internal Assessments and Practical Tests and conduct and finish the Even Semester Exams by September-October 2021, so that the Diploma students can join the Engineering courses (lateral entry) or Other Courses in time from the starting of the courses in October-November 2021.

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Petition to Dr Satish Chandra Dwivedi, Mr. Baba Madhok, Mr. Dipendra Verma

Call for The Subject, Psychology in Our Curriculum

What is Psychology? The scientific study of how humans behave, think and feel. Dealing about everything from basic workings of the brain to much complex topics such as consciousness, intelligence, personality, and mental health. Why Bother Teaching Psychology to Students? The era in which the mankind is prospering needs/begs for people having the skill set and knowledge of understanding the problems of fellow human beings. As the graphs of depression/clinical depression, anxiety disorder, paranoia as well as suicides are all time high. It clearly indicates we are lacking somewhere, as huge chaos is slithering under our feet. Psychology makes a person understand his/her own mental world as well as others, promoting sympathy and empathy in the society, which leads to a much peaceful world of humans. Students gain not just social and emotional learning skills but academic ones too, like how to conduct and analyze research. Studying psychology could help promote many of the social and emotional learning (SEL) skills that are crucial to students' academic achievements and mental health. Benifits of Basic Knowledge of Psychology in Future Whether a student chooses to pursue medicine, law or business having basic knowledge of psychological understanding would help a person in any field. A person would have a better way of understanding and interacting with his/her clients or patients, colleagues, friends, family and people around them.And basically people studying psychology always have a better control and understanding of their own mental health and emotions.Also, psychology makes a person socially aware and enhances his/her communicational and behavioural skills. Career Options in Psychology • Psychiatrist • Industrial Organizational Psychologist • Neuropsychologist • Clinical Psychologist• Engineering Psychologist • Forensic Psychologist and many more exciting and purposeful jobs! The Final Appeal We want the subject (Psychology) added to our curriculum as an optional subject starting from class 11th, as many students are passionate about devoting their life to this discipline but are let down by the absence of such a crucial subject in their schools. 

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Petition to rguhs , karnataka, Mangalore , kerala, Students, Medical Students, Highcourt Karnataka, Rajiv gandhi University of health science, Vice chancellor RGUHS

Mental stress faced by RGUHS 1st year AHS students..... postpone RGUHS AHS Exams

This is to inform about the problems on behalf of RGUHS 1st year Allied students are facing . It seems RGUHS wants to conduct examination on 28th of December,2020.We're not prepared. To prepare for the exam certain basic requirements are needed, that includes proper class , notes etc. We didn't get proper theory classes and proper notes and all of a sudden we're getting a proper timetable . There were no proper class and hence no proper notes but we'd got tons of assignments.Also , teachers gave us so many ppt and told us to understand it by ourselves. We're medical students ,we need proper knowledge about the subject .If it's to understand it by ourselves we could have done everything by ourselves and not pay such a huge amount of fees .And the duration to prepare is less than a month. Also, few of our books are in hostel because we all rushed to our home town due to the pandemic..Apart from all this , we've got to prepare for 100 marks paper within less than a month . On top of that some teachers are giving tons of assignments in between...There is a great depth of pressure built within us. The amount of stress we're taking is enormous.Since our mental health is worsening we're not able to study.Please take our problems into consideration and grant us with what we deserve

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