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Petition to Ministry of Education, Arvind Kejriwal, Prof Ramgopal Rao, Dean (Academics) IIT Delhi, Dean (Student Affairs), Dean (Student Welfare) IIT Delhi

We demand examination policies that are fair and uniform for all

We are students of IIT Delhi who have recently received the notification that we all need to report on campus to appear for major examinations since we agree to onboard at one stage or another. We stand by institute's push for offline examinations that are geared towards the transition back to normal; however, we have several concerns that we think have not been addressed by the administration in the current setup. We believe the current policy is logistically harsh, non-uniform and even unfair in some cases. We should not have to suffer simply because we chose to onboard.  1. Not everyone has onboarded, which means there is a substantial number of people who would still be taking exams from the comfort of their homes. We cannot have this for the same reason we don't have 50% students taking JEE at home and the rest being called to exam centres. Further, examination environment is important and this disparity in and of itself creates a non-uniformity that is unfair.  2. We have received the notification of offline majors on a very short notice, by the time most people had either offboarded or booked tickets home. We don't see why the institute did not plan this earlier and why and how it is fair to ask offboarded students to book expensive tickets on a short notice to travel from all over India and onboard again when they should really be preparing for exams. This, especially when people who didn't onboard aren't expected to do the same.  While this sums up our major concerns, there are further queries we demand answers to. According to mails, everyone needs to report by 10th November. Would these kids be quarantined again? If they won't be, doesn't that expose the campus to risks? Further, if they would be, then is it really fair to the kids to have to be quarantined in their rooms right before exams instead of being allowed to say, use the library?  Secondly, we have received mails where Dean (Academics) has asserted that students in the list who do not travel back cannot take the majors right now, and may have to take remajors/may not pass courses this semester on refusal to come back. Why does this not apply to students who did not onboard? If it is fair to expect offboarded students to travel all the way and come back, why isn't it fair to expect everyone else to do the same?  If 50% of us can be allowed to take it online in the comfort of our rooms, is it fair to force the remaining 50% of us to take it in stressful exam halls?  If minors could be conducted with everyone taking it online in their rooms, why can't majors be conducted the same way? Secondly, if taking exams offline is that crucial, why not wait for everyone to onboard and then take exams?  We demand a uniform and fair policy that addresses the concerns of all. We believe that if the institute is willing to go to this extent to push for offline examinations, they postpone the majors and let everyone onboard. This would provide everyone the time and space to prepare accordingly and come to campus, and address all of our aforementioned concerns. We also realise that postponement of majors may not be possible in some cases, in which case we believe it is imperative we stick with a uniform policy i.e. proctored online exams for everyone, no matter where they are, as it happened during minors.  If the aforementioned concerns are not addressed, we see a certain section of students facing institutional neglect and having strenuous academic policies being shoved down their throat on a short notice. This is not conducive for their mental health, not to mention the lack of regard for their health (COVID concerns) and finances (expensive tickets). We reiterate that we stand by offline examinations and the push to return to normal, but only if it is fair and uniform for all, taking everyone's situation and circumstances into account.               

Students of IIT Delhi
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Petition to Higher Management of College, Dean of the college, Eductaion Minister of West Bengal

Reduction in Semester fees!

Respected sir/mam We are Students of Semester 4 in The Bhawanipur Education Society College. There are certain things we would like to mention regarding the recent Circular about Fees payment. Due to the pandemic Coronavirus, many colleges have transitioned to online learning from face-to-face education as a proactive measure. This is an extremely considerate and respected action takes by every institution. The Bhawanipur Education Society has asked for a lumpsum of Rs.22,395 as our Semester Fees.  In almost every college in this country, the Annual or semester fees have been reduced to a certain level where it is feasible for a Pandemic stricken Family to bear it. Since our college is temporarily closed from March 2020, the expense of electricity, extracurricular programs, and sports accessories are on complete hold. The Tuition fees which are for the teachers should remain intact as they need to be paid even for the non-teaching staff. But even after taking all into the account, there is a considerable fraction of amount which are taken unnecessarily from the student in term of Semester fees. In this pandemic, the families of students are also suffering, parents aren't getting paid, or if they are then it is not as much as they were getting paid before the Pandemic. We are facing difficulties in sustaining a normal life and on this, the duty of paying fees is transitioning into a burden due to the non-essential fee taken from the students. In this pandemic, students are using their own resources like laptops, wifi and not using college resources such as classrooms, ACs, libraries, sports entertainments, etc. So college must not charge these miscellaneous fees, college authorities must charge only tuition fees till the situation is under control. College authorities are requested to charge tuition fees and scrap the miscellaneous fees for this semester. This is A Petition which will not only be signed by The Students of The Bhawanipur Education Society College but also by all The Parents who are dealing with this situation and we expect a Positive Response from The Management.

The Students Of The Bhawanipur Education Society College
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Petition to Chandigarh University management, SATNAM SINGH SANDHU (CHANCELLOR), PROF. R.S BAWA, PROF. DR BS SOHI

Increase the last date of fees till June or July

Right now the current semester is going on and it has not been ended yet and before that you are asking to pay for the next semester fee. Only the students and their family knows that how they are able to arrange the amount for the semester fee after this short notice and you all asking to pay for the next semester in the current on going semester.After that the shifting of practical/lab classes from Blackboard to other open online platforms where half of the time are going in check the audio video and setting up the meetings ,students are unable to understand the concept like this and beside that irrelevant behaviour happening by some students which is absolutely inappropriate and leads to disturbance in the class.Its our request to you that kindly let the even semester end first then let students to pay up the fees .  Therefore we need solutions for the following points:  1. We are not in a condition to pay fees as of now. CU took 45K (BCA FEES) in Feb from us, so far more than 1 lakh rupees considering previous fees as well, we are, in no way, in a condition to pay additional 45K rupees right now. Increase the time till June or July, either of them will do. 2. Parents aren't happy, we aren't from any Ambani Adani household, kindly understand. We as students, understand our faculty needs their salary but where is the understanding from the university as a University. What's NAAC A++ for? 3. We demand BB back, are you telling us we are paying 45K for literally a free software? A free software where we don't even get enough time to communicate with the teacher?  4. The course content on BB is plagiarized from other available websites. I can simply read the material from other websites if I want to. What's the use of having us study on free software, free study material in exchange of 80K? If the university expects us to give assignments that aren't plagiarized, then please do the same for content too. Everything so far that has happened has been in favour of the university, what about the students? 5. Give teachers a physical blackboard/whiteboard to teach us. Not all teachers can write effortlessly on digital boards. We require a physical blackboard/whiteboard especially for maths. 6. We need answer keys and our answer sheets to verify the numbers we are given are actually the numbers we deserved.

Amanjot Singh
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