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Demand letter by the candidates of Army and government recruitments.

Demand letter of candidates for army and other government recruitment The Covid 19 pandemic has affected every sector of employment in the last two years, one of them is army recruitment. Not a single recruitment came out in the last two years, but the candidates continued their efforts. Recently, an army recruitment notification has come in which there is mention of open recruitment at Varanasi center but the age limit has been kept only 21 years and 23 years. The last date for submission of application is 21 August 2021, due to which those students preparing for the last two years are being debarred from becoming competitive who were coming within the age limit during the Covid period but due to non-recruitment are included in the recruitment. It is not possible that now the recruitment has come out, but these candidates are being denied to participate in it, ignoring such candidates is an unjust policy of the government.If we do not raise our voice now, then in other government recruitments whether it is central government or state governments, the same policy will be adopted by the governments with the candidates who are outside the age limit due to Covid 19. Maybe you are coming within the age limit despite the Covid period or your age limit is over but if you are young then we need your support Your support can save the future of millions of youth.We want more and more youth to fill this form and speak in the comment column given below, we will work to make your voice reach the ears of the government.Let us all raise our voice together, Save the future of youth. - Yuvashakti Chandrashekhar

Yuvashakti Chandrashekhar
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Petition to To provide study material, To help poor, Just ₹10

Raise ₹10 to help and get help.

I am a student of Engineering and i see many students in India cannot buy Laptops, Tablets and other expensive things they want. These Gadgets play very important role in our life.  Like me i want to buy an ipad from 2 years  but due to financial problems i am not able to buy.  As a mechanical engineer i love designing, CAD, modeling, Simulation etc. But i don't have ₹50,000 to buy. But i can donate ₹10 easily without any burden on me.  So i am proposing an idea that if someone wants to buy any product or book anything related to their study or profession just file a petition at and we will donate ₹10 to their UPI or other payment method. Just like me i want to buy an ipad but not able to buy. Iff atleast 5000 people donate ₹10 to me I'll be able to buy. And these 5000 people can get help again from us by filing a petition(what they want to buy) so it'll be very beneficial for all student community without any burden on their parents. We can make a process of verification of students by their email address provided by university (or school) or by their IDs provided. Everyone should have write up a long brief why they want that product and their objectives.  If you feel it can be happen please let me know and help me i just want a basic ipad so i can work on passion i can make new designs in our automotive and other sectors.  Just donate ₹10 to me and it can make a big change for all.  My UPI ID is lakshtyagi@sbi , lakshtyagi@uboi , 9027941456@paytm

Lakshay Tyagi
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