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Petition to Mamata Banerjee, University of Kalyani, Exam Controller of university of kalyani


As we are facing a pandemic which is unstoppable and gaining more or less powers since 2020. In 2020 or 2021 When our Respected Universities and WB Govt has declared that final year or last even sem exam in OBE method many students are still not affected for that. We are grateful for that. Now in 2021 we are also want the same response from you to make our livelihood good.  As WB Govt has reopened the Colleges and Universities from 16th November & We agree and respect the decision of the Government. But kalyani University are planning to take offline exam which is not feasible now Because- 1. We have completed our 70-80% syllabus in online mode how we can give an offline exam in context of one Month offline Class. 2. We cannot complete our entire 6th months offline syllabus within these short period cause we have only 3 days offline classes in a week. We are students not a machine. 3. Many student and teacher are effected after college reopen, what about them? Because they are continuing the online classes. 4. Many students stayed in Containment zones and doing the online classes. Also WHO classifies new Covid strain, renamed Omicron, as "variant of concern". 5. In maximum campus the Hostel facilities are not available for students. 6. As UGC has not stated any exam guidelines so we expect from you as you are always with us as a Parents. We the Under Graduate and Post Graduate, Diploma Students of all West Bengal Universities, Colleges and Private and Autonomous Colleges want our Undergraduate and Post Graduate Odd Semester Examinations 2021 in Online Mode as our most of the syllabus have been completed in Online classes. Please Help Us!  We are in constant tension and anxiety. Hence, It is all of our sincere requests to kindly do the examination in obe method for students. The health of all students is more important than their academics. However, we can't ignore the importance of academics and hence request you to assess us on our previous marks and give us a wealth of time and health for future accomplishments. We know our voices are well taken care of, thank you for your time. Kindly consider this petition.

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Petition to Sri. B.S Yediyurappa, Education minister of India, AIDSO , Nsui , PES University, Prof. Jawahar Doreswamy, UGC

PES University, cancel offline exams. #PESUAgainstOfflineExams.

KIND REQUEST TO CIRCULATE THIS WITH YOUR CLASSMATES AND ENSURING PARTICIPATIONWe all come from different walks of life but today we all are facing an unexpected and unjust decision rested on our shoulders. This petition states the factors demanding a change from current practices featuring the keynote of communal safety and well-being and concludes with the demands considering the essence of these times.The university is clear on its stance to commence the examinations by the last week of July paying no heed to the cries of students who belong to distant parts of India like Kashmir and the Seven Sisters while some also live abroad.The management preys upon the fear and anxiety embedded in a student towards his career and is taking advantage of the academically inclined nature of the student body across streams and campuses because of which we lack a structured student body to raise our voices and bend the management to take a decision leaning towards the general referendum. They have also lowered to the extent of denying scholarships to students for their entire academic journeys if he/she fails to appear for this end semester evaluation.At this point of time, there are thousands of us who have given corporate and academic commitments to third party institutions for the summer term propagated from the undertone of expected mindful and reasonable thinking from the management considering logistics, the health of the commoner, and the forecasted uprise of the COVID-19 outbreak but despite all this, we are at this juncture where many of us shuffling internships and an inhuman expectation of self-studying a semester worth of syllabus within a couple of fortnights which is creating a lot of distress for everyone far and wide.This is all happening right here in our campus where many of us are getting shoved into a situation of uncertainty because of the third wave as we look upon the damage the virus has already done to each of our lives while ALL the other premier institutions in the country have made it clear that the conduction of any course is possible online given the efforts and adaptation. Also, the management seems to ignore the fact that even a city dweller risks the time and investment put into securing their families over the past 15 months. The kind of environment a kid living alone here faces in case of infection is beyond comprehension.The management has landed us in this position as they have failed us in considering our mental state of being and career propulsion for this whole period and also created backlogs for students over the past couple of semesters owing to their own inefficiency of conducting labs and theory subjects online which has made fair means of evaluation from their side nearly impossible. The response from their side to this semester’s course evaluation has been to delay it further and further now encompassing two months all while questioning the integrity of the students when placed with the obvious alternative of having online evaluations.Conclusion:It is rather obvious that all of these thoughts have passed our minds at some point in time and still some grim situations haven't contended within the previous paragraphs.So what is this petition about?PESU has a student body of well beyond 10 thousand students and various groups have over time tried to reach the management and failed to find a resolution. Our objective is to find well beyond 5000 signatures on this petition so that our voices cannot be left unheard and we could be representing the opinion of the majority. DEMANDS: Total cancellation of physical offline examinations scheduled this July. For people who haven't written ISA1 Compensation for 25% of ISA should be provided considering the fact that college announced ISAs were optional and >90% didn’t attend all the ISAs. Compensation can be through assignments or through online examinations. A switch to an online platform for the conduction of the exams. SGPA Calculation SGPA calculation of the previous sem should be done considering special ESA/backlogs considering the fact that College said that 3rd sem exams are optional and students can withdraw subjects and write them during 4th sem. Removal of clauses unjustly barring kids from availing scholarships. Consideration to the fact that people are pursuing rigorous internships and other endeavors currently. COMMITMENTS: A pledge from the student to not indulge in any malpractice during online conductions of exams. A boycott of the examinations if the petition represents the opinions of the majority student body.(5k+ signatures) We appreciate your feedback. (Feedback is Anonymous)

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