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End dresscodes in Leadership public schools

Dress codes are seen in our schools today, including LPS at the moment.  Dress codes as maybe not expected, are completely a problem, and as a student at a school with a dress code, I can confirm this myself. Dress codes limit one's self expression and uniqueness.  Furthermore, dress codes make it so students are unable to be unique and they make people look the same. It makes us all the same typical, boring student. Of course I can understand the teacher's point of view and the reward system on Fridays, but at the same time, kids need to know that they can have the choice to be themselves and be unique. Dress codes usually have sexist connotations or, making men seem like perverts and that women should be covered. I think that this mindset is a problem for not only this school, but at any other. Students shouldn’t be concerning over what to wear and if it’s dress code approved, because  that can make students late or even when they get to school be dress coded and arrive even more late because having to change clothing.I understand that school is a professional setting and that we should wear collared shirts, but is what wearing what we like keeping us from learning?  The answer is no, of course not, but it can be best for students to wear something they are comfortable with during school hours so they can feel more confident. If this school is really supposed to prepare us for college, a place where there are no dress codes what so ever why are we wearing them now? Not all jobs require one to wear a dress code that is extremely strict. The teachers have a less strict dress code than students, that I have noticed. School is a place where students should be treated equally in my perspective. Creativity and uniqueness is what  we came here to the school with that can be taken away from us by not having the liberty to dress how we desire. What we wear is a form of uniqueness. We all wear unique clothing on Fridays, as a cosplayer myself I feel that being creative is what makes things so fun. Wearing what we desire can make students happier and eager to learn more. Our adults from the school should listen to us students much  more. They should pay more attention to what we desire as students and what we feel is more comfortable to us.  We want certain things that can make us each ourselves. Making friends can be easier. For instance, people may say “I know that cartoon, I love your shirt.”  This can start a conversation and possibly a new friendship. People say that maybe seeing more expensive clothing can lead to bullying, in my opinion bullying can happen in any scenario so clothing should not be of matter. Many families don’t have a lot of money and can’t afford buying school uniforms and collared shirts. That is also a huge issue it would benefit families more. Uniforms can be very expensive for some families, especially to just go shopping for specific things. Do I personally believe LPS should change their policy about dress codes and uniforms? Absolutely. In conclusion, uniforms and dress codes are a problem, either it can limit a student's creativity, increase money problems,it’s time consuming, and in general has no purpose. Dress codes can make children think more about their clothing rather than the test they may have that day. The major excuse is that dress codes help you prepare for the future, while anyone can dress professionally, they don’t teach high schoolers how to wear a tie or a suit to add to that as well in ocllege there is no such thing as dresscodes and a limit of what you can or can’t wear. Of course I believe teachers should pay more attention to what will make students high school experience more pleasant, that is reasonable.This matters to us students and we wont stop till we make a small change.  

Joey Nunez
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