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Petition to Commissioner MaryEllen Elia

Yeshiva Parents tell the state: DON'T ELIMINATE OUR TORAH STUDIES!!

TELL NEW YORK STATE EDUCATION COMMISSIONER MARYELLEN ELIA NO!! TELL HER THAT AS A YESHIVA PARENT YOU REJECT HER ATTEMPT TO IMPOSE HER CURRICULUM ON OUR YESHIVAS! New York State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia has issued new guidelines that require all private schools – including our yeshivas – to adopt a curriculum that the State has prepared. She has directed that all private schools – including our yeshivas – must be inspected to enforce the new curriculum. She even requires all yeshiva teachers to be evaluated by the State. This new curriculum comes with a comprehensive course list. There are seven required classes for grades 1-5, and 11 required classes for grades 5-8. The State is imposing a total of seven hours a day of secular studies in grades 5-8. In fact, public schools are only required to provide 5 hours a day of instruction. Leading Rabbonim such as Rav Elya Brudny and Rav Yisroel Reisman have spoken out publicly about these intrusive guidelines. The Agudah, Torah Umesorah and PEARLS have written to the Commissioner to let her know that these guidelines are unacceptable to all of our private schools in New York State. Even the Catholic school community has spoken up and told Commissioner Elia that they reject her guidelines and have directed that all Catholic schools not to cooperate with them. Now the Yeshiva community needs to make its voice heard. We need to let Commissioner Elia know that we choose yeshiva education for a reason. We trust our Rabbis, our principals, and our leaders to create the school schedule and curriculum that works best for our children.  We do not need these new State Education Department rules! We do not want these new State Education Department rules! We will not accept these new State Education Department rules! Commissioner Elia has threatened yeshiva parents with sanctions if we do not bend to her will. On the day she released these guidelines she said that if yeshivas don’t change and adopt her curriculum parents “would be notified they need to transfer students within . . . six weeks to two months,” and if they didn’t “they’d be considered truant and that’s another whole process that gets triggered.” Tell Commissioner Elia that yeshiva parents will not be manipulated. Tell Commissioner Elia that yeshiva parents will not back down. SIGN THE PETITION TODAY * Please note, all donations made through Change.Org's platform goes directly to to promote this petition.

Rabbi Yosef Churba
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