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Petition to Damian Hinds, Robert Goodwill MP

Time to stop pushing KS1 into our reception classes and extend "Early Years" to 7!

What are the essential skills for life in the 21st century? What do our children really need to know?  What do they need to understand?  Does the current English system give them this? does not. Our children need communication skills, personal, social and emotional development, physical skills, embedded literacy and maths skills, an understanding of their world and the people in it. They need characteristics such as resilience, perseverance, creative thinking, the ability to solve problems, think outside the box, independence, risk taking, make connections. They need confidence and the ability to learn from mistakes as they grow in a world which is a challenging place to be...and becoming more so by the day. The irony of all of the above is that we currently have a curriculum in England that delivers much of the above and more. It is the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The only problem is it ends when children leave Reception classes. For many children, it is ending in the Reception classes due to pressures to be so called "National Curriculum" ready!  This notion of moving children towards KS1 during their Reception year was highlighted in OFSTED's recent report into the Reception year: (  It was seen as positive that Reception teachers were starting KS1 learning in their Early Years classes in a bid to make children ready for Yr1 expectations, expectations that are developmentally inappropriate! How can this be right? Many of these children are still 4 years old.  Every child in reception is entitled to an early years education, not a watered down pale imitation. Surely its time to stop pushing the flawed and inappropriate KS1 curriculum into our Reception classes and time to push up a curriculum that is tried, tested and proven. A curriculum with relationships, environments and child development at its core.  The early years of life do not end at age 4 or 5.  They end at 7 or 8..and that is the age when learning should become more formal. This is when most children are developmentally ready for such approaches.  Look abroad at nations like Finland where this is just what happens.  Their children are thriving and out performing ours.  Our children (and their families and teacher's) are tired, stressed, pressured and fed up. Children as young as 4 are switched off and see learning as boring....    Time to stop the testing our over tested children. Time to stop making children do things they are not ready for. Time to make a change for our children, their families and our educational workforce. Let's stand together to make a change for the future. WB Yeats stated that: "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire". It's time to find the matches...

Keeping Early Years Unique
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Petition to Mark Graydon

NUI Galway Literary and Debating Society: Stop Censoring Free Speech

“We, the undersigned, condemn the recent decision taken by the Literary and Debating Society of NUI Galway to restrict free speech in the debating chamber. We call on the committee of the Literary and Debating Society to rescind this restriction and uphold the democratic right of all students to freedom of speech without censorship.” This semester (September 2017) at NUI Galway, the Literary and Debating Society, the university's oldest and most prestigious student organisation, introduced restrictions on free speech for the first time. It is now official policy that, during a debate, if you say anything that might be seen as offensive to anyone inside the room or outside, you will be shut down, and possibly asked to leave. Exact statement from Auditor Mark Graydon at the Literary and Debating Society's first debate of the academic year, Sept 14th 2017: "If you proceed to attack others or say anything that might be construed as offensive to someone within the chamber or without, then I will give you one warning, before asking you that, if you continue that behaviour, that you will be asked to leave the chamber" This is an assault on free speech, coming from an institution which supposedly exists to defend free speech. It sets a dangerous precedent of intolerance, and it must be opposed. My name is Josiah Burke. I am a final year commerce student at NUI Galway specialising in economics. I have set up this petition to put pressure on the Society to rescind this policy, respect the democratic freedoms of all students, and stop censoring Free Speech. Tyranny never appears overnight – instead it gradually chips away at our freedoms, and too often we don’t notice until it’s too late. If you place any value on the freedoms of democracy that you enjoy, I’m asking you to sign this petition. - Josiah Burke

Josiah Burke
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Petition to UK Universities

Approve industry-changing app for getting paid flexible work experience while studying

What is your university doing to get students work experience in their field of study? They do have a jobs board and, if the student is lucky, they will find a job that is related to the industry that they want to gain experience in. Though, the majority of students end up working in bars and not gaining the experience needed in their industry. Here's a comment from a current London Metropolitan student: "You're right! The hardest thing to do is find a role which is industry related which also fits around my timetable, hence a lot of students end up working in bars and not gaining the experience needed to gain a graduate position once they’ve left university..." - Tisam Job boards offer full/part-time positions that require a huge chunk of a students time, that makes it hard for them to keep up with the increasing amount of exams they have to sit and coursework they have to hand in. Many leave their current jobs because of this and that causes conflict as they got the job to survive and pay the bills. How are they going to do it now? Employers demand that students have work experience to be considered for any job, usually 3-5 years, and with student's spending 3-5yrs studying being told they need another 3-5yrs to be considered for their career job puts them at a disadvantage. Students need work experience but want it to be flexible and have it fit around their busy schedule and not the other way around. Students need work experience that is related to their industry so that they can complete their studies and increase their chances of getting employed at the same time. Currently, it is difficult for a student to achieve 3-5yrs of experience while studying, that’s why we've built an app that does exactly that for all students. It’s called, TiTo - Talent in, Talent out. A platform for students to find projects to work on to gain industry experience and earn money while working to their busy uni schedule. Sign our petition today to get your University to give all of their students, including you, access to TiTo today!

TiTo - Talent in Talent out.
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