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Petition to Jeremy Corbyn MP


An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn: Labour Party. Dear Mr Corbyn, As graduates of 2017, we would like to be included, and not excluded, when you pledge your manifesto is 'for the many not the few' and relinquish our current student debt if you are elected this year on June 8th. After all, it was the Labour Party who introduced tuition fees back in 1998 and in 2004 further increases were implemented to £3,000 a year despite student protests. Then in 2012 many students voted in good faith when Liberal Democrats pledged that tuition fees would not increase, but this promise was ultimately broken when they were trebled to £9,000 a year. Even you, the Labour Party agreed that it wasn't good enough to break this pledge. So, we are pleading with you, Mr Corbyn to undo this debt that we now face before we have even officially graduated, and which puts us at a huge disadvantage to others. Please amend your manifesto to give the UK and EU students just leaving university the same chance in life as everyone else that follows in our footsteps, and those that are currently partway through their course to help save the graduates of 2017. Many of us have had to work part-time or full-time hours just to afford rent and food whilst also trying to fit in our education. The loans that we were given simply wasn't enough to survive on. Therefore, not only was our degree not value for money, but skipping classes to work hindered our grades, future job prospects and potential earnings.  Some of us are mature students who had given up careers, sold our cars, or moved back in with our parents in order to better ourselves at university and escape a lifetime of minimum wage. But holding down a job and taking care of a family had left us too exhausted to focus entirely on our studies as we worried about how to pave our way. So, we are only asking for what is right and fair, because with tens and thousands of students facing a lifetime of debt we are the many and not the few, and we feel deeply let down and punished by the government's policies to include everyone but us.  Yours sincerely, Graduates of 2017        

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Petition to Shirley-Anne Somerville, College Management, Board of Directors, EIS Union, Scottish Government

West College Scotland - Stop putting students futures in Jeopardy!

To College Management,   We the Student Body at all levels of study here in West College Scotland Paisley are dissatisfied and disillusioned with the level of care and study provided due to the ongoing strikes. Due to the ongoing lecturer strikes, students have lost vital contact time with lecturers and vital access to software and equipment to allow us to attempt to progress on with our studies. Students were banned from accessing classes when they turned up to college to try and salvage some level of study due to Senior Management. This has put student’s futures on the line through no fault of their own, to achieve a political and bureaucratic aim. Students hoping to progress on to University or on to the next year of study or even in to a work environment now face having those hopes dashed due to the very real possibility of failing core units. We fully understand the dispute over harmonisation of pay and harmonisation of terms and conditions, to which these strikes are about. College Management should stick to the original agreement that should have been put in place by April this year and think of productivity rather than pinching the pennies. College lecturers work incredibly hard, and adding unreasonable demands on to an already hectic schedule diminishes the quality of learning the student ultimately pays for. Instead of protecting your pay packets, protect your students.   WE EXPECT AT THE VERY MINIMUM ·         Extensions to deadlines in all affected classes ·         Access to class rooms whilst strikes are ongoing ·         Extra class time being available to achieve a high pass in all units, especially in the Graded Unit`s ·         Or a blanket pass for all units ·         A notice placed on the college website indicating that Senior Management understands students concerns and will take them seriously   IF THESE TERMS ARE NOT MET AND STUDENTS ARE LEFT SCRAMBLING FOR A PASS OR FAIL THE CORE UNITS WE EXPECT THESE TERMS TO BE MET IN FULL.   ·         All Student loans for students affected to be immediately payable to SAAS or in to the student`s bank account for the full amount of the loan so the student is not saddled with debt due to not achieving the result desired/required due to no fault of their own ·         Tuition fees paid by Students who do not receive tuition fee funding from SAAS immediately repayable in to the student`s bank account in full ·         Free tuition for the following year to make up for the unit`s students did not pass or did not pass well due to no fault of their own, to save the student from having to use their back up year from SAAS which will in turn lead to further debt ·         Travel expenses to and back from the college for the duration of the above-mentioned units   IF THESE TERMS ARE ALSO NOT MET, LEGAL ASSISTANCE WILL BE CONSIDERED.     We are the future; our futures should be taken seriously.     Yours Sincerely,     The Student Body at West College Scotland Paisley and the Greater Public.

ross mcgougan
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Petition to School of Science & Engineering, Teesside University, Mark Butler, Garry Weeks, Gary Currie, Tim Thompson

Keep the Crime Scene Vehicle Lab.

Recently we were informed that the Crime Scene Science course may be losing its vehicle lab, which will be replaced with a Mechanical Engineering lab. This would drastically affect the Crime Scene Science course (as well as others) as the vehicle lab is one of the main teaching areas for all students who must do the crime scene examination and crime scene photography modules, amongst other modules on different courses. Not having the vehicle lab will change how modules are delivered, as a large proportion of practical classes are held there due to the equipment and the space available (it even has enough space to run 2 separate classes at once if needed). A lot of the practical work done in there cannot be done elsewhere in the university (including dissertation work/science research projects). Because of this, some of the current modules and dissertation projects on offer will have to be cut from the course (and other courses). The university website brags of the wide variety of spaces available for the Crime Scene Science course when really there is only the crime scene houses and the vehicle lab. The vehicle lab is what sets Teesside University apart from other universities that offer similar courses, as many universities do not have anything like it. The university has highlighted the lab within their brochure for international students, calling it a ‘substantial multi-vehicle examination lab.’ For many, the vehicle lab was the main selling point when choosing Teesside as their first/firm choice above other universities because of what the course can offer us due to having that lab. Losing the vehicle lab would mean that the Crime Scene Science course would be one of the only courses within the university whose students will not have somewhere to practice techniques and use the equipment necessary for the course outside of lesson hours. This will heavily impact us because the course itself is more practical than theoretical. We already have limited space and time available to us in the crime scene houses due to the high number of students that need to use those facilities and all the classes that take place there, as well as the limited amount of equipment that can be stored there which makes the vehicle lab an invaluable asset for our course. The vehicle lab provides an adequate amount of both space and equipment for us to use, and a lot of this equipment would be lost completely as there will be no other storage facilities for it and for students to use it in (which would also mean it was a waste of money buying it all). Not only this, but many staff members (lecturers and lab technicians) take their holidays/leave during the summer when there are no classes on – time for themselves that they have more than earned and will subsequently lose. They would have to give this time up to stay at the university over the summer plan all their classes again, re-organising timetables that have already been submitted, possibly re-arranging the entire course, as well as finding appropriate places for us to do our practical work. The proposed new lab space for the Crime Scene Science course is a class 2 lab, which means that unlike with the vehicle lab, students will not be allowed to go in there and practice in their own time which will directly affect our grades, and the overall grade rates of the course and student satisfaction. Currently the satisfaction of the students on the Crime Scene Science course is 100% according to the National Student Survey 2016 and past students have also appreciated the value of our course having the vehicle lab which can be seen on the Teesside University website here; One previous student mentioned the value of the vehicle lab, as well as talking about how the experiences and knowledge he gained at Teesside University helped him get his current job (volume crime scene investigator) out of 200 applicants. Another reason to keep the vehicle lab is the fact that is not just used for the Crime Scene Science course. It also is used by computer and digital forensics students, forensic science/biology students, crime and investigation students, anthropology students to name a few. So, it will not just be one course that is affected by it, it will be quite a few. All in all, the vehicle lab is a fundamental part of the crime scene and forensics courses, and a huge part of the School of Science & Engineering. It is valued by all who use and work in it, and previous students who have used it and future employers will value the knowledge and training achieved within the lab. Having it has helped the University gain an edge over others. We are paying £9,000 a year and this course is an investment in our future. The vehicle lab is a major part of this investment for the reasons stated above and to take that away from us could put our course, and therefore our future, in jeopardy. Please let us keep it. Thank you.

Joshua Gladwin
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Petition to Cllr Barry Thomas, Leader, Powys County Council

Overturn decision to close Gwernyfed High School

Students at Gwernyfed High School have been producing improving exam results with some going on to Oxbridge and the top Russell Group of Universities. No pupil has left without a qualification in the last 5 years and every student has been supported to achieve their full potential. The school has a site and facilities which are the envy of many others and has consistently managed its finances by running a balanced or surplus budget. As a rural school it has close links with its communities, with many local groups using the building and being involved in the daily life and education at the school. This will all go if Powys County has its way with a “knock on” damaging effect on our communities. The local authority's plan is to amalgamate the school with the high school in Brecon on their site. Currently that school is in special measures and burdened with a massive deficit budget and buildings which are in very poor condition. The overall plan is for a new £20 million plus building to be erected under a new name on the same site which would mean the special measures provision could be wiped out. Deficits can only legally be written off when a school closes, which it will do for 24 hours, so the deficit budget will disappear at a time when the council is savagely cutting its budget. There is no provision for achieving improved governance to ensure this situation does not happen again in the future.We do not want to see Brecon High School close. We want to see it reach a stage when its educational standards and financial management reflect those at Gwernyfed and where it’s students and staff have a decent building in which to work together. This must not be achieved by sacrificing the quality of education received by students at Gwernyfed High School. It has taken many years to achieve those high standards and any new school will take time and hard work to provide the education, in its broadest sense, to which all our young people are entitled. Oh! Yes! The picture above is of Gwernyfed.

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