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Petition to Vinod Tawde, Narendra Modi

Direct schools to plan and set aside 4 hours of outdoor activities for students per week.

Today, all schools are focused on getting 100% academic results from their students. Their emphasis is completely on stressing children to squeeze out perfect results. While this is right in its own place, it shouldn't come at the cost of a child's overall development.  It is not only the mental development of our children that matters, but also the physical, emotional and social development that counts. The objective of parents sending their kids to school is to take care of their holistic development which involves academics and physical growth. But is that what is happening? NO. A big no. If you ask any school going student how much time he/she spends in the school playground as part of the school's physical training program, you will realize that it is not even remotely near the adequate level. The result of this tremendous mental exertion on students can be seen all over. More and more children are stepping into depression and mental illnesses due to the rat race and pressure of succeeding in every academic venture. Now is the time we put our foot down and take action. I request you to sign this petition which will be delivered to the education minister. The objective of this petition is to urge the minister to take this issue seriously and decide on a minimum timeframe for which students should be taken for physical activities.

Ritwik Tyagi
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Petition to Prakash Javadekar, Narendra Modi, Raghubar Das, CMO Jharkhand, PMO India

Save NUSRL : Tyranny, Corruption and Maladministration

THE PRESENT DAY: After being given assurances, promises and word of mouth for bringing substantial developments within 3 months,  the protest was called off. But of no avail, the sorry state of affairs continue to linger. The temporary VC has been in office since the last 5 months. On being confronted with the follow up on our demands and the assurances that were  given to us in the month of April, the administration as usual laughed off all our demands and even termed them as being no issues at all!! The very things they promised us, they do not have any respect even for the statements made by them! How can we even allow such a mockery, aren't they laughing at our inability to ask for the things that are rightfully ours, what we have paid for! When the Registrar in charge himself says, when approached to address the students who had gathered in the administrative block, ' I have no responsibility towards you all and I refuse to come down to address the students'. Such statement from the registrar!! It was on the VCs call that he came forward. We refuse to have such administrators who lack such courage. Let's take a look at the points of Consideration on which the whole protest that started during the month of April has resumed now:- 1. The Hon’ble Chancellor visits the campus of NUSRL and address the grievances of the students. 2. Complete Administrative overhaul, including the appointment of Permanent Vice-Chancellor and Registrar, by an unbiased and competent screening committee. 3. The financial records of the University should be audited by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India or by any other unbiased external authority. The Annual Audit reports of the Accounts of the University, should be immediately published. 4.Release of funds by the State Government for completion of the proposed master plan and furnishing status-report of funding for the university with respect to the State Government. 5. Ensuring the appointment of qualified and competent permanent faculty through a fair and transparent procedure with special emphasis on the qualifications of the application reviewing/selection committee. 6. The report of the fact-finding committee appointed by the Bar Council of India, which visited the university and took cognizance of the persisting issues, be made available. 7. There shall be no Student Victimization under the garb of authority. There shall be no action on the protesting students and the participating students shall not be victimized. The protest against the maladministration and corruption began in April, 2017. The students were promised by the higher authorities that their demands would be fulfilled within the period of 3 months. The same did not take place. Thus, the students sat on the road of the institution in a peaceful protest in September, 2017. In the past few days, the students have been victimized, the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor in charge has openly threatened the students that if the protest goes on, he will ruin their careers. Physical force was deployed within the premises of the campus in order to intimidate innocent students. Also, the right to peacefully protest was infringed when a few students who were recording the presence of these armed personnel and water cannon on the campus were roughed up and then, detained without any cause by the police. The students have been sitting in the scorching heat, have stood in the heavy rains, slept on the road in the cold frosty nights of the past few days. Even then, they are bravely standing up for their rights. Support from different Universities and the Media has helped them in being fearless while taking this protest forward. From being victimized and threatened by the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Incharge to being roughed up and intimidated by the armed personnel, the students are still determined to fight for their rights. NUSRL thus stands in SOLIDARITY.NUSRL stands UNITED.NUSRL is FEARLESS. #unitednusrl #buildnusrl #fearlessnusrl #i_am_nusrl #keep_it_trending

Dibya Prakash
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