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Cancel the year back system for 2010 scheme and CBCS scheme

Cancel year back system for all scheme and all batch of students for the academic year 2017.As we all know, the central government tax ride on VTU resulted in an enormous financial burden for VTU and also it was speculated by national newspapers and Media’s that the VTU is at the edge of shutting down due to bankruptcy and economic breakdown. The outcome affected around two and a half lakh engineering students whose results supposed to be announced in the month of February was delayed by almost six months, and even after the delay, some VTU results were withheld and partial results for all semester results were announced only in July beginning. But the chaos didn’t stop here, and VTU suddenly issued the timetable and expected students to write exams without announcing revaluation results. Only after students protests and media’s pressure VTU postponed examination for the duration of one week and final year students revaluation results have been fully announced just before the day of final year exams.How can students study for exams without getting revaluation results? The irony is, this continued for rest of the semesters and VTU Announced the other revaluation results just before the night of exams. That also results were uploaded in pdf files instead of updating in the database which created a huge mess in students and here also most of the student's revaluation results were missing or withheld, and yes they wrote exams without even knowing their revaluation results. Due to all these mess and chaos, we, students are indeed affected mentally, and we are not in a situation to bear all these irregularities anymore from University.Even with an ample amount of time, it is not possible to score good marks in Engineering due to the vast syllabus and strict evaluation by VTU.How can they expect us to study it announcing revaluation results just before the night of examination?There are also reports and proofs which show that VTU didn't evaluate answer scripts in revaluation and issued zero for some students who were expecting more than 80 marks. Still, many students aren't able to check their results and most the photocopies applied by students are not sent to their emails. All these issues are literally torturing students, and we are on the verge of giving up hope.The crash course which was introduced to final year, third year as well as second-year students to save them from year back scheme six months back actually caused more trouble than any good. All crash course students are now writing more than 16 subjects plus previous backlogs in a duration of just two months.Most of the colleges didn’t follow the VTU guidelines, and no classes were taken. And they are supposed to write odd semester examination in study holidays for regular students and even semester examinations with regular students. So that will be eight subjects from odd semester plus eight subjects from the even semester as well as previous backlogs.How is it possible to clear more than 16 subjects in a single attempt? Even after the announcement of results still, there are hundreds of students whose results are still withheld. Nobody knows why their results are withheld even after seven months of examination.Three are no guidelines regarding this anywhere on what to follow if results are withheld and missing. Some students results are shown as absent even though they have attended all the examinations. And when it comes to the yearback system of VTU, which is one of the most cruel punishment for students to sit in home for one year. This leads to depression and mental torture from society. No students and lecturers are in favour of this system.Since we are the only batch studying in old 2010 scheme and we are hopefully wishing to finish engineering in the same scheme without shifting to CBCS system, and since all these issues bothered students a lot, now we are expecting VTU to take following actions. Considering all these irregularities as well as chaos, we students of VTU hoping VTU to 1. Cancel year back system for both crash course students as well as regular students of 2010 scheme for the academic year 2017.2. Permit students to attend the classes for those who failed in critical subjects as we are the last batch to study to 2010 scheme. 3. Provide the supplementary exams for CBCS students of 2017 batch. Thank you. In association with AIDSO, NSUI, ABVP,

Shravan kumar
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