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Petition to Dr. Eric Jones, Dale Thomas, Kevin Alexander, Morris Merriweather, Jim Campbell, Wayne Arnold, James W Johnson, Dorothy A Black, Janice Hampton, Ray Washington

For Free! Skip Donations! Sign and Email to Reunite Me with my Students! The Love is Real!

Please help reunite me with my students that I love and miss so much by emailing a Board Member, the school Principal, or the Superintendent directly to be heard (contact info below).  Signing and Sharing are always free and appreciated! Just skip the ads at the bottom! I appreciate you :) After 15 years of public service, I resigned on 11/01/18, the same day a former student of mine was murdered. He was family, and I had taught his older brother a decade earlier. They lived across the road from me. He was so intelligent and deserved to be here. It was a very sad realization and had an effect on myself and many of those I love. My health had been worsening for over 6 months, and I realized I needed time to focus on me. After 7 months off, I am back and ready to return in August! That takes a special person :) I have submitted my application and would appreciate all the recommendations possible! My former position was posted open on 4/15/19, and I have now officially applied! I’ve never asked for help- so apparently now is the time. If you know me, you already know how this goes. If you don’t know me, please ask someone I have taught about me. ❤️ I just want back to my students after a 9 month break allowing me to improve myself. It has been a long journey, and I deserve more than a chance. I am providing contact info at the very bottom for those of you that do not need to read further. For the rest of you, all details are continued below. I am and always will be a Student Advocate and Student-Centered- the children are why I am there!  They know I love them, and they love me.   I was employed with JMCSS from 12/2004-11/01/18 as an English and Theatre teacher. I earned "Highly Qualified" status on my Professional teacher license for English and Reading subjects. I was a top Level 4/5 teacher consistently for English I/II and was hired to teach English during Tutoring after school for NSHS. I have also taught 4/4 Blocks to cover 5 semesters when we have been short English teachers at NSHS (for extended contract pay). This was working 7-4 with a 27 minute lunch break. I was personally asked to develop the online Content Area Reading class for JMCSS and recommended to serve as the 2nd cohort of "Teacher Leaders" for the District.  I have taught English I, II, III Regular, Honors, and Inclusion. I have also taught Theatre, Psychology, Speech, Journalism, and ACT Prep.  I am a team player. This is not a job, it is my career and calling in life.  I have taught since I was 22 years old, and my son, Mom, pets, and students are my life. I am a single Mom of an 12 year old JMCSS gifted student, where he has proven his talent by being chosen to represent his K-8 school in 2 academic competitions.  He is 1 of 100 students that advanced to the TN State Geo Bee held the end of March. He is a model student and rule follower! My mother and brother both work for JMCSS, and we have all 3 worked together, so we are a family dedicated to the public education of Jackson. We rarely miss a NS Indian Football game (including my Dad and sister-in-law). We all love my school and students and support them all the way. I have been blessed to teach 2,000 students during my career, and they all know how much I love them. I honestly can think of possibly 3 students or parents that still don’t feel the my success rate is good.  I just want the opportunity to return to my students! If you have a witness statement you would like to share in my defense, please do so ❤️ Laranda :) Jason Bridgeman, Principal of North Side High School Ray Washington, Interim Superintendent Superintendent, Dr. Eric Jones  Attorney Dale Thomas  Board Chairman Kevin Alexander or  Board Member Jim Campbell  Board Member Morris Merriweather  Board Member Wayne Arnold  Board Member Dorothy Black  Board Member James Johnson

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Petition to Superintendent Russell, Ruben Colon, Carl Persi, Jamie M. Haynes, Ida Wright, Linda Cuthbert

Tell The Volusia School District To FIred Carbonell As Principal

Carolyn Carbonell was a former Deltona Commissioner and she has been using her connections to commit Graft from abuse of power to falsifying of waivers. She was investigated for delayed reporting of a threat to the family of one of her own staff.  This is the same accusation she has shown on other cases including sexual abuse and violations of the sunshine law. According to sources her administration at the Deltona High is out of Control. During the last year and a half, there have been three confirmed, possible four, employees alleged accusation of sexual misconduct at Deltona High. In all the cases her administration and the district tried to cover up all of them. Including lying to the media about it.  More recently on April 24, a threat to the school was reported and the Volusia School District and the Volusia Sheriff stayed silent about the threat to hide it. Never notifying any parent about it. According to some school board members they didn't know about it. Two days earlier a similar threat at New Smyrna High School was announced on a press release by the Sheriff. Whenever something happens at the school she keeps it quiet. Just like the board requested Russell to step down for lack of communication, the same applied to this failed Principal. Other School Principals from Volusia and other counties immediately contact the parents not her. Because she wants her school to appear as everything is nice and good but we know is not. This secrecy, the abuse, and covered ups need to stop. Other districts immediately notify parents and take steps to ensure the safety of the students. Volusia Superintendent Keeps it quiet. Contact your embattle Superintendent Russell and tell to remove Carbonell Principal including her puppet team.

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Petition to Dean of Students- Dr. Amy Finley, Chancellor Domenico Grasso, Ms. Eboni Turnbow- Office For Student Engagement, Board of Regents- The University of Michigan, Independent Elections Magistrate- Dean Ann Lampkin-Williams

Petition to U of M-Dearborn - Reverse "Disqualification" and Protect Students' Rights Now!

A Petition by Students of the University of Michigan-Dearborn and Supporters We Hereby Demand, that the University of Michigan-Dearborn uphold the choice made by the student body in voting for and electing the 2019-2020 Student Government Leaders, and prevent the enforcement of unwritten rules established upon the whims of the University Administration. Whereas, the published results of the election show that the WOW party had more than double the votes than the opposing party. Whereas, after these results were published, dozens of unsubstantiated allegations against the WOW party presidential elects were filed. Whereas, under the jurisdiction of the Dean of Students, secret, closed-door meetings of these allegations denied all due process opportunity to defend. Whereas, the student elected President was then “disqualified” without explanation or evidence over what amounted to a few flyers on a table. Therefore, we demand the University of Michigan administration and  Board of Regents protect the Constitutional Rights of students and all members of the community, and immediately reverse the arbitrary “disqualification” of the duly-elected student body president, and declare its commitment to transparency and fulfill its purpose to serve students.

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Petition to Arizona Governor, Arizona State House, Arizona State Senate, Doug Ducey, Kate Brophy McGee, Heather Carter, J.D. Mesnard, Paul Boyer, Sylvia Tenney Allen, Sonny Borrelli, Karen Fann, Eddie Farnsworth, David Gowan, Rick Gray, Sine Kerr, Venden "Vince" Leach, Lisa Otondo, Tyler Pace, Jamescita Peshlakai, Frank Pratt, Rebecca Rios, Victoria Steele, Michelle Ugenti-Rita, David Livingston, Nancy Barto, Leo Biasiucci, Walter "Walt" Blackman, Reginald Bolding, Russell "Rusty" Bowers, Frank Carroll, César Chávez, Regina Cobb, David Cook, Timothy Dunn, John Fillmore, Mark Finchem, Travis Grantham, Gail Griffin, Alma Hernandez, Daniel Hernandez, Jennifer Jermaine, Anthony Kern, Jay Lawrence, Becky Nutt, Joanne Osborne, Jennifer Pawlik, Kevin Payne, Warren Petersen, Tony Rivero, Bret Roberts, Athena Salman, Thomas "T.J." Shope, Lorenzo Sierra, David Stringer, Bob Thorpe, Ben Toma, Kelly Townsend, Michelle Udall, Jeff Weninger

End Discrimination against young people Oppose HB 2523 "Youth Employment"

HB 2523 “Youth Employment” was introduced into the Arizona House by Rep Grantham as the only Sponsor of the bill.The bill passed the Regulatory Affairs Committee February 11, 2019 with Party Lines, Republican lawmakers Rep. Blackman, Rep. Toma, Rep. Roberts, and Rep. Grantham all in support of the bill.  The bill then moved to the Rules committee where it also passed in strong support of 5-3 party lines.  This bill allows an employer to pay a wage equal to the federal minimum wage if the employee is under 22 year of age, enrolled as a full-time student, and a student who does not work more than 20 hours per week.   ASA is in strong opposition of this bill because it will directly impact University and Community College Students. Students are already drowning in student debt. This will cause students to take out more students loans and will also lead to many students having to drop out of college.  This bill is almost cutting student wages in half form $11/hour to $7.25/hour. Many part time and full time jobs for students are to pay for rent and be able to eat.  This bill will make it harder for student to even survive college and would force some students to have to drop out of school.

Arizona Students' Association
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