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Petition to Sam Schoenfeld

Northern Valley Regional High School Teachers Stop Going "Above and Beyond"

The teachers at Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest and Old Tappan, New Jersey are working without a contract; in their frustration, they've decided not to go "Above and Beyond." The Northern Valley Educators do more and more every year to help the students prosper: for example, emailing after or before school, meeting with students before and/or after school, at lunch, and almost any other time they are free. Just recently, the teacher union decided to not respond to student emails after hours. Due to this, you will automatically receive an email immediately after sending a teacher one. The email will state, "Due to the lack of a collective bargaining agreement, members of the NVEA will not be responding to emails outside of our contract hours. We are sorry for any inconvenience but our members cannot continue to go above and beyond while working on an expired contract." For example, a teacher would not have to respond to a student if he/she was curious about a test, quiz, project, homework, etc. This action does nothing to achieve the teacher’s main objective, more money. Instead it adversely affects the students alone. I also wonder how the union came to this course of action of only having the teachers be “teachers” during school hours. They are primarily salaried employees if I am not mistaken. I know my father, a salaried employee receives work related calls, emails, etc after normal business hours and recognizes his obligation of dealing with them as they come in. In addition, the teachers are picketing outside prior to school starting, making it challenging to get extra help before school begins.  The teacher's union should realize that all they're doing is making it difficult for the students to succeed. Sign this petition to object to the teachers and teacher's union action. Their "sanctions" are only hurting the students and their case. 

Sam Schoenfeld
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Petition to Robert Barchi, Kevin Pitt, Brian Ballentine

Overturn the Suspension of Student Labor Activists at Rutgers University

** Consider donating to our legal funds @ Rutgers University wants to suspend student activists for peacefully protesting on campus. This sends a shiver down the spine of our entire intercollegiate community. The Office of Student Conduct at Rutgers - New Brunswick has recommended suspension for three student workers and labor activists, Mary Danella-Mercanti, Christopher Rios, and Matthew Schmeider, for their participation in non-violent protests as part of their campaign to win a fifteen dollar minimum wage for all University employees. The suspensions come after student activists interrupted speeches by President Robert Barchi on two separate occasions. The recommendation of suspension goes against a statement made by Director of Academic Integrity, Kevin Pitt, who previously stated that no students will be suspended for activism on campus. We need to show the administration that this suppression of First Amendment rights cannot be allowed to stand. As members of Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops, a student labor rights organization, Mary, Chris, and Matt have been involved in the Fight for $15 campaign for almost two years. Mary is a fourth year History and Women and Gender Studies student who hopes to graduate in May 2019. She currently works for a non-profit out of the Rutgers University Labor Center and has held multiple positions in dining and recreation at Rutgers in the past. She got involved with labor rights movement at Rutgers four years ago when she attended a rally for Part-Time Lecturers. She fights for a fifteen dollar minimum wage because she believes people should be able to work one job and support themselves. Chris is a fifth year Cultural Anthropology student set to graduate in May 2019. Chris is currently working for Rutgers Dining Services at Douglas Cafe in the Douglas Student Center. They have been fighting for a 15 dollar minimum wage for 3 years. Chris became inspired to fight for worker power after seeing the conditions that their friends and fellow workers were undergoing and being made to put up with. They believe that every worker has the right to a decent comfortable life. Fighting for worker power has been so rewarding, having worked with faculty and raised the Rutgers minimum wage to 11 dollars an hour. Matthew is a fourth year Philosophy and Geography major who is not currently attending school due to financial and personal reasons. He currently works for Rutgers Dining Services at Henry’s Diner and has been involved in labor rights activism since joining Rutgers USAS in the fall of 2017. Since then, he has deepened his interest and commitment to labor rights and justice, and over the summer went on an exposure trip to the Philippines where he learned from and stood with different unions and workers on strike for better working conditions. The current Code of Conduct, re-codified in 2017 when activism at the University was on the rise, betrays students right to peacefully demonstrate for better conditions for people in the Rutgers and New Brunswick community. The conduct policy as it stands limits actions to those regulated by the University and urges students to use predetermined “Demonstration Locations”. This concept is offensive to the strategy and theory of Direct Action Organizing, which has been used to solidify rights for people in this country for the last 250 years, and the history and techniques of which are taught in classes across the University.(Direct action organizing previously won UndocuRutgers recognition and staff persons to advise undocumented students, and has won Rutgers Students with Children early registration for students with children, a website listing University resources, and the identification of student parents as a population at the Universit. Black Lives Matter and the Cultural Competence Coalition won a diversity requirement in our Core Curriculum)  By targeting leaders in the student movement the university is betraying its stated mission of “providing instructional needs for New Jersey citizens” by removing students from a learning context for their effort to change their university for the better. Further, they undermine their third mission statement of “public service” by eliminating students who advocate for the empowerment of the broader, working community through a quality of life assurance: a living fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage. The aforementioned students have advocated for nonviolent demonstration and been met with contempt, condescension, and hostility from administrators who allegedly represent the interests of the student body. In addition the financial security of these same students is compromised by University actions since suspension may result in loss of housing, federal and private student loans and job termination. For these reasons and a broader moral considerations, we urge you to stand in solidarity with the accused and formally condemn the actions of Rutgers University in this matter and ask that the university overturn the decision to suspend student activists. In signing this document, you formally condemn the punitive action taken by Rutgers University in it’s recommendation to suspend student activists Matthew Schmieder, Christopher Rios, and Mary Danella-Mercanti for peaceful activities relating to the campaign for a fifteen dollar minimum wage on Campus. We encourage those to sign to share the link with a statement on how direct action has impacted their life or the lives of people around them.   

Rutgers USAS
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Petition to Pleasanton Unified School District, California Department of Education, PTA of Pleasanton

Less homework In Our Schools.

School, the one place that will teach you everything you need to know... but our schools can't teach us anything if we have too much homework every night to not even be able to sleep. Homework is supposed to help us, students, give a review upon what we've learned in class, and prepare us for later tests and exams, but if there is too much homework it is going to do the opposite. My schoolmates, friends, and I have undergone the struggle of lots of homework counterless of many of times maybe even daily. Every night we go to bed at around 4 in the morning and working straight when I get home from school or school sports/extracurriculars, and this started for me when I entered 6th grade. Schools claim they are giving less homework; nothing has changed, in fact, if not worse. We the students, learn nothing in class because we are sleep deprived because of the amount of homework given. We the students, need help in certain classes because we don't have the time to study for a subject because we have homework. We the students, are crying for help because there is a limit to how much we can pour our heart and soul into on our homework assignments. I go to bed every night with a ball of anxiety wrapped up in my head. Creativity, aspiration, and power are all gone because we can't even find the time to wrap our finger around homework. Let us change this. Let us bring back what real students look like.

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