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Petition to Okaloosa County School District, Mary Beth Jackson, Okaloosa County School Board

Change Okaloosa County High School Start Time to 8:30 a.m.

My name is Nikolas Howell, and I attend Choctawhatchee High School in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Many of my classmates and I have found that the start time for high schools in Okaloosa County is far too early and detrimental to students, and I believe that it should be replaced. The current 2018-2019 start time for Okaloosa County high schools is 7:00 a.m. During my time at Okaloosa County school's, especially Choctawhatchee High School, I have found that this start time for schools if far too early and is negatively affecting students. I see from personal experience the morning scene in the hallway with students yawning their way to class while consuming unhealthy amounts of Redbull and coffee. Additionally, the school district has chosen to ignore studies published by the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and many other government organizations that urge school districts to delay the start of classes to 8:30 a.m. or later for high schools. This being because as adolescents mature, they experience significant hormonal changes. This causes a major shift in our sleep cycles that don't release melatonin until approximately 11:00 p.m. This means that the majority of students who wake up around 5:30 a.m. are only getting 6.5 hours of sleep. The nationally recommended average is 9 hours. Nonetheless, I feel that Okaloosa County high schools should adopt the nationally recommended school start time of 8:30 a.m. or later.

Nikolas Howell
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Petition to Linda Adair, Veronica Adair, Marion Adair, Heather Adair

Let Garrett Adair (RobinOW) stay at his Grandma's place so he can continue to stream.

Hello, I'm Garrett Adair, known online as "RobinOW." I'm a moderator on a twitch stream run by "iDuskk" and I have been planning on doing live streams myself. Although as life would have it, due to many family issues and school-related issues (Most being out of my control) I am being forced to move to my dad's place. You see, I've been living at my Aunt/Grandma's place for some time now, they have good high-speed internet and I have used my own money to buy an expensive gaming PC. My dad, on the other hand, has satellite internet. Not only that, but he's had a history of drug abuse, and beating his kids with large paddles labeled "ass beater." Sometimes I and my aunt don't see eye to eye, and we get in fights, but I'm afraid this will be much, much worse for me. I will not have the resources to stream much less do my homework when I return from school.There IS a solution, however. I've been going to a virtual school, that didn't quite work out. There's still another school near the condo that I could go to, But my family refuses, saying it's "Too dangerous." That is a lie, my Dad only wants me to be with him so I can help work on his land and soon to be farm, With no care whatsoever when it comes to school.I'm a smart, intelligent individual, my intelligence would be wasted on a farm if this were to happen.So I'm asking you, reader, please, it would make me beyond grateful if even one single person signed this. I can't let my intelligence be wasted. I need help, but the internet is truly the only place I can get that help from.

Garrett Adair
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Petition to Oyster Bay East Norwich Central School District Board of Education

Change OBEN Policy of Elimination of Juniors Open Lunch Privileges Class of 2020

My name is Mia, and I am an Oyster Bay East Norwich High School Student, of class 2020. Our graduating class has always been coming up a year short it seems.  Previous classes ahead of us, had the privilege of earning the ability to leave campus in the fourth quarter of their junior year. This was one of the student privileges known as "Eleventh Grade Open Lunch".  We start this year finding that the district has decided this will no longer be an option. This is just another situation of a year too late for us. This privilege has always been something to work for. If we keep our grades up we would be rewarded with the ability to leave school campus for lunch, a little break from the grind of school. Freedom to stretch your legs, walk into our great little town and get a fresh bite to eat for lunch. Nope, not for our class of 2020. It has been decided we are not worthy of such accomplishment. We are made to feel like we are in jail. Since we have nothing to earn now, I feel as if this will promote cutting - leaving school grounds undocumented, which can create a dangerous situation.  I say NO! Us as a class and community cannot let this happen, we must stand up and get what we deserve. What we have been looking forward to for 11 years. This creates negativity within the class body because there is now no reward to earn. How dare the school unilaterally make this decision without the input of the students and parents, and no reason to why this decision was made. We are entitled to the same "Open Lunch Privilege" that has been afforded to many many generations within our school district.

Mia Giardina
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