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Petition to Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION (UGC), PMO India, Sikkim HRDD, High Court Of Sikkim, SMU DE Controller, Sikkim Manipal University- Helpdesk, SMU Director DE, Ms. Neethu Thulaseedharan, Sh. Parveen Kumar, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Smt. Annpurna Devi, Sh. Amit Khare

Online Exam should be Conducted For SMU-DE Already Enrolled Distance Education Students

Sikkim Manipal University- Directorate of Distance Education is refusing to conduct examinations online for distance education students. The university is asking us students (around 200-250) to travel to Sikkim from our respective places to give the exams. The risk of Covid-19 pandemic is not fully over yet and travelling in bulk from different places is very risky for us students. Many of us are having jobs and work which we cannot leave. Many of us are not financially feasible to bear travelling and accommodation expenses. What is the point of a distance education program if we have to travel to Sikkim to give exams like regular students. We have enrolled in the DE program before the UGC’s decision and at least we should not suffer from this decision. We enrolled in a distance education program so that we can get our respective degrees while working and continuing with our jobs. This decision by SMU-DE and UGC is against our student rights. Why did the university take our admission in a distance education program when the exams cannot be conducted in distance education mode in our respective places. Many of the other universities are comfortably conducting online exams for distance education students. We are waiting for a long time for our degrees and what is the point when we don’t get our degrees on time. Many of us can’t bear the expense of travelling to Sikkim right now and also the Sikkim Manipal University is not providing any support. Instead, they are promoting tourism to Sikkim by asking us students to stay 2-3 days extra so that we can explore Sikkim. This is totally unfair for all of us and we request the authorities to conduct the examinations through online mode so that we can get our degrees as soon as possible. It is a matter of our career.

Anant Bhatnagar
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Petition to K L E TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, KLE SOCIETY, VISHVESHWARAYYA TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY, Chief Minister of Karnataka, Education Minister of Karnataka, Governor Of Karanataka, Vice Chancellor of KLETECH


Convocation A ceremony held at a university or college when students receive their degrees etc., on successful completion of a course. I remember the day I enrolled for Mechanical Engineering in KLE TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY NO.1 college in North Karnataka. It was my first day of the college I felt exactly how Amir Khan was feeling in 3idiots sitting on one of the machine shop lab smiling like an idiot, realizing I am finally pursuing my engineering wow! and the very first day I dreamt of my Convocation, caps flying in the sky students holding their degrees the arrangements the awesomeness. The engineering continues with the talented professors teaching with the utmost sincerity, motivating, counselling, guiding and those exciting innovative projects, research papers, assignments etc., one has to put a lot of hard work to gain a degree in Engineering. The most crucial time and challenging ever 2019-2020 final year of the graduation and the COVID-19 outbreak globally imposing an unexpected pause(lockdown) and disruption on the whole world. But we are so proud of our university Vice Chancellor and Team that they managed it so smoothly and efficiently the foresight of the VC predicted the anomaly of the situation the courageous decisions took by him were unimaginable and appreciating, Within a month of a time the college regularizing classes, minor exams, project reviews, study materials, placements and even conducting the SEE's(Semester End Examination). It was our college the KLETECH University in the whole Karnataka state(if I say in the whole country I may be correct) which did so! with this small time frame that was an overwhelming achievement. Final Convocation would be the last brick to be fit in the gap of the reputed wall constructed convocation must be carried out with the strict protocol and as per the guidelines by the Union government and Govt of Karnataka. Convocation could come up as a unique and self-perpetuating Reunion ever! for all the classmates and staff. I expect our Vice Chancellor of KLETECH to 'Consider and Commit to this PETITION' on behalf of all the students and staff throwing a grand convocation with the chief guest as our senior and our Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka Er Basavaraj Bommai.                                                                    THANK YOU YOURS FAITHFUL

Javed Hussain Bijalikhan
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Petition to University authority, Senate, Syndicate , TNDALU , Government Law Colleges

TNDALU, Law Colleges reopening, Students' Right to be Heard

Respected Senate, Syndicate, Minister for Law, Faculty, and Student, The TNDALU is considering to reopen on the 1st of September, which is appreciated for its motive. But it is indeed a concerning sight that this is happening with such short notice, and with no consideration for those who will have to stay in Hostels. Are these students expected to pack their luggage and travel to Chennai, without having their concerns heard? This very well seems to be undemocratic, and that too because it is happening during a pandemic. It would have been prudent if the authorities had instructed and delegated work to the Faculty to collect data regarding the number of students who have received vaccination ( either just one or both dosages ), before deciding to reopen. It is more unwise that such data is not collected even while considering the terms and conditions for reopening on September the 1st. How else, without such data, is the University expected to know the situation at the ground level? Why is the University not meeting the students at a midpoint, and instead expecting students to bend their backs just so that we could reopen on a date fixed with such hurry? Why are we to reopen, given how there are talks and studies of the eminent Third wave of Covid-19, only a few weeks from this speculated date of reopening? How are we going to accommodate the Hostellers, given how if even one person falls sick, it will lead to a huge sense of panic, causing distress to not just the students, but also their families back home? And how are the families going to trust that in the case of one student falling sick, the rest are tested properly? And in that case, are these students going to quarantine themselves for a few days until it is time for them to go for the rT-PCR test? These are just unnecessary and unwarranted, and we might as well wait to get over the third wave, and reopen in peace. In times like these, the Administration is expected to have a human to human connect with its students, to learn their views and concerns. It is particularly shocking to see how we have set a deadline without hearing out the views of those who are at risk, the students. The general brushing away of such questions saying students would not want to attend college and so they wouldnt have a rational thought before giving their views, is judgmental and uncalled for, especially from those who are Law-learned, and understand that each of us have to be granted a chance to express our thoughts. We are to consider the worst-case scenario since now is not the time to be optimistic and overly positive. And the worst-case scenario is obvious enough. Even the concept of having classes in rotation basis is a suicide. We need to look at what has happened to several schools and colleges around India, who had also reopened in similar fashion . Most of the students are willing to attend offline classes, we are just concerned about this collection of data and hostel accommadation. We hope your decision is one that is well thought out, and in favor of those concerned.    

mr. gddy
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