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Petition to Simon Birmingham, Arthur Sinodinos

Let's Halt the Crisis of Youth, and Low-Skilled, Unemployment

Youth and low-skilled unemployment is at crisis point. In most Western civilizations three options exist for school leavers: Commence Academic tertiary studies (University/College), Commence Practical tertiary studies (Vocational Education), or Get a job. With the advent of automation, or lower-paid jobs transferring to developing nations overseas, the third option is becoming less possible. This means that our young people, who fit the third category, are likely to become welfare recipients for life.   We propose a new third option. Jobs for young people are becoming less available. So, in order to provide employment for our next generation, and generations to come, investment in entrepreneurs needs to happen. We need young people to produce innovations, businesses, start-ups and other entrepreneurial mechanisms to provide for themselves and the gainful employment of others. We educate students for a job. Who educates the job creators? At present, to be an entrepreneur a young person has to learn on their own. This isn’t how we deal with academics or apprentices, so why do we do it with entrepreneurs? Successful entrepreneurs are usually the ones providing jobs for graduates and trained qualifiers. Therefore, it makes common sense that we start educating young people that entrepreneurialism is a legitimate alternative. We propose that schools offer Entrepreneurialism, starting with 15 year olds. A recent study of 15-24 year olds highlighted that 90.5% believed schools should probably provide an entrepreneurial pathway and 84.5% believe schools don’t do this as well as they could. Australia needs its young people to be part of the solution for growing our society and economy. Let’s not wait until they leave school before we assist them to develop their ideas. They weren’t going on to tertiary studies anyway, so let’s harness their gifts and potential while they’re still at school. Our future prosperity is society’s responsibility. We can only blame ourselves if we ignore this crisis. We need you to sign this petition to our Minister for Education, Hon. Simon Birmingham, and the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Hon. Arthur Sinodinos so that Entrepreneur studies can provide a legitimate third option for school leavers.  

Stuart Robinson
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