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Petition to Northport East-Northport Board of Education, Robert Banzer

Put a Student Liaison on the Northport-East Northport Board of Education

My name is James Connor and I'm a student in Northport High School. When it comes to school governance, the Board of Education exists to serve the students of the school district before all else. However all too often students' actual needs and interests are not really recognized in the Board's decisions. This isn't because they don't want to do so, but because they lack the input from students.  That's why we're requesting that the Board institute a non-voting Student Liaison position on the Board of Education that would bring students' interests and concerns directly to the Board. While this idea already has support from some Board members and is being put onto a meeting's agenda, we need as many Board members as possible to vote yes on it. That's why we need to get as many signatures as we can on this petition. This position has been proven to work in several school districts across the country, including Sag Harbor and Valley Stream here on Long Island, as well as Los Angeles and Philadelphia. I know that we can work together to make it a possibility here. Step 1 Sign your name on this petition. For every name that we receive, we get one step closer to having this position enacted. Step 2 Spread the petition on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and follow these accounts to stay up to date with the campaign for a Student Liaison position: Instagram: @NENUFSDstudent Twitter: Facebook: Northport-East Northport Student Liaison   Step 3 If you're feeling extra passionate about this issue, please write an email or letter to the Board. While a petition is helpful, a letter is really how we'll get the support from the Board that we need to advance this issue and get the position. If you write a letter, make sure to include: your name, who you are in relation to the school (i.e. a teacher, a sophomore, a parent, a community member), why you think this is an important position to have, and that you think it should be instituted. Finally, make sure to email it to (the Board of Education) and (Mr. Banzer).

James Connor
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Petition to Students for Community at Hunter College, Hunter College Administration


A place to assemble and present ideas is the beating heart of a community. The space currently occupied by The Canvas by Querencia Studio can be such a space for Hunter College students, and so much more. It is the face of Hunter, adjacent to the entrance at Lexington Avenue and 68th Street. Recent successful exhibits in the space include The Alternative Photography show in January and the Pop-Up Art Show in February. The former attracted over 500 attendants, including neighboring art gallery owners who were interested to see the Hunter students' work. Before these exhibitions, there has been little to no opportunity for students to showcase their art work. Organizers of these shows have received interest not only from Hunter College's varying visual artists, but our musicians, dance and theater students, as well as the chess club. There are bountiful communities in Hunter who would love to be able to use a space to showcase their amazing accomplishments. Sponsoring student programming can benefit not only the 68th street campus, but also our neighborhood, our community and the public at large. The Canvas by Querencia Studio have been our great benefactors of the arts and we must act to ensure the space continues to provide the same value to students. Hunter needs to encourage more partnership like the one formed with The Canvas by Querencia Studio.  If we can enter a dialogue with Hunter about how other spaces are allocated we can do more to ensure the vital energy of our school's creatives has a proper outlet for communities to grow. The undersigned are petitioning the Hunter College Administration consider the future of the space with Hunter's robust creative and educational communities in mind. We also ask a dialogue begins regarding the engagement of the student body in building new student resource strategies for the future.  Signed, Michael Rowan, Tara Ohanian, Isabelle Fernandez, Sabrina Persaud, Matthew Tibo and Theresa Vu  

Hunter Students
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