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Petition to Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION (UGC), PMO India, Sikkim HRDD, High Court Of Sikkim, SMU DE Controller, Sikkim Manipal University- Helpdesk, SMU Director DE, Ms. Neethu Thulaseedharan, Sh. Parveen Kumar, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Smt. Annpurna Devi, Sh. Amit Khare

Online Exam should be Conducted For SMU-DE Already Enrolled Distance Education Students

Sikkim Manipal University- Directorate of Distance Education is refusing to conduct examinations online for distance education students. The university is asking us students (around 200-250) to travel to Sikkim from our respective places to give the exams. The risk of Covid-19 pandemic is not fully over yet and travelling in bulk from different places is very risky for us students. Many of us are having jobs and work which we cannot leave. Many of us are not financially feasible to bear travelling and accommodation expenses. What is the point of a distance education program if we have to travel to Sikkim to give exams like regular students. We have enrolled in the DE program before the UGC’s decision and at least we should not suffer from this decision. We enrolled in a distance education program so that we can get our respective degrees while working and continuing with our jobs. This decision by SMU-DE and UGC is against our student rights. Why did the university take our admission in a distance education program when the exams cannot be conducted in distance education mode in our respective places. Many of the other universities are comfortably conducting online exams for distance education students. We are waiting for a long time for our degrees and what is the point when we don’t get our degrees on time. Many of us can’t bear the expense of travelling to Sikkim right now and also the Sikkim Manipal University is not providing any support. Instead, they are promoting tourism to Sikkim by asking us students to stay 2-3 days extra so that we can explore Sikkim. This is totally unfair for all of us and we request the authorities to conduct the examinations through online mode so that we can get our degrees as soon as possible. It is a matter of our career.

Anant Bhatnagar
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Petition to Honourable Prime Minister,Government Of India


Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Greetings to you. May grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of the Omnipotent.   I am writing this on behalf of all Indian students studying medicine at Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku, Azerbaijan. We have been stuck in India due to covid related travel restrictions imposed by the Azerbaijan government, thus we have not been able to obtain visas for the past year. Currently, Azerbaijan accepts only citizens or permanent residence permit holders from 42 countries, unfortunately, India is not among them. A few months ago the Indian embassy in Baku, as well as the university, took up the issue and the university submitted a list of all their international students regardless of nationality to the government of Azerbaijan. However, recently students from Pakistan, Iran and Iraq( these countries are also not on the list of 42 countries) started receiving their visas. We enquired with our university regarding the delay in issuing visas for Indians and they asked us to follow up with our embassy in Baku, as other nationalities received visas due to the efforts put forth by their respective embassies. We, as instructed by the university, contacted our embassy and they informed us that they are trying their best, however, we did not still receive any confirmation about our visas. More than 100 students from India study at our University, though nearly 70 students are only facing this difficulty as the rest of the students have UAE residence permits and they can travel back. Our classes already began on 29th September 2021 and the university has given only a grace period of 10 days to reach back, after which we may have to freeze our course. They also informed us that there will be no online classes as it is a government decision. At this moment we are extremely worried and bewildered about our studies and future. I kindly request you to intervene in the matter and help us during this desperate situation of ours and make arrangements for us to reach back as soon as possible. It would be a great support for us if you talk with the Indian Embassy to get more details, to prevent an unfortunate course of events.  Sir,Please do the needful as this is our future.  

Doctor Lane
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Petition to Government of India

Demand letter by the candidates of Army and government recruitments.

Demand letter of candidates for army and other government recruitment The Covid 19 pandemic has affected every sector of employment in the last two years, one of them is army recruitment. Not a single recruitment came out in the last two years, but the candidates continued their efforts. Recently, an army recruitment notification has come in which there is mention of open recruitment at Varanasi center but the age limit has been kept only 21 years and 23 years. The last date for submission of application is 21 August 2021, due to which those students preparing for the last two years are being debarred from becoming competitive who were coming within the age limit during the Covid period but due to non-recruitment are included in the recruitment. It is not possible that now the recruitment has come out, but these candidates are being denied to participate in it, ignoring such candidates is an unjust policy of the government.If we do not raise our voice now, then in other government recruitments whether it is central government or state governments, the same policy will be adopted by the governments with the candidates who are outside the age limit due to Covid 19. Maybe you are coming within the age limit despite the Covid period or your age limit is over but if you are young then we need your support Your support can save the future of millions of youth.We want more and more youth to fill this form and speak in the comment column given below, we will work to make your voice reach the ears of the government.Let us all raise our voice together, Save the future of youth. - Yuvashakti Chandrashekhar

Yuvashakti Chandrashekhar
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