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A Voice In Education: Implement Student Trustees Across BC

We, the students, deserve to have a voice in our own education system. Only 3 out of the 60 districts in British Columbia have student trustees on their school boards. Why are students not represented? Why are students not offering their perspectives on their education? Early education is a central factor for personal growth. Building a solid foundation of learning, trust, and awareness for each and every student is critical to the security of our society. Unfortunately, the budget cuts in BC are hindering students from pursuing both their passions and their careers. Music programs are threatened with the removal of elementary bands and string orchestras; enriched learning programs are facing cuts in both staff and learning resources; special education assistants, from Braille teachers to career support workers, are suffering job cuts. Not only are adults deciding which resources students need, but they are the sole contributors to the new curriculum. How come students, who are expert observers of school, do not have an active voice in the education they receive? Students’ needs and wants are overlooked, but their voice is powerful. The voices of Britannia Secondary rallied behind the initial unconsulted closing of their school. Hundreds of passionate youth, their community rally, coupled with ongoing letters and petitions, led to the final decision to keep Britannia open. Continued student input may prevent such decisions. Continued student voices can ensure students feel responsible for their education. Such successes ensure that our goals are realistic and doable. We need to be consulted on decisions that affect our education. We don’t need budget cuts. We don’t want overcrowded classrooms. We need a fair and just education that allows us to grow, learn, and prosper. We deserve a voice. And you can help.  ___________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What is a student trustee?A: Student trustees are representatives of the student body in their school district. They act as a liaison between students and the school board, giving input on what matters to students. These representatives give a youth perspective on board decisions and ensure that students are heard. Q: Why do we need a student trustee?A: Currently, school boards make decisions that involve students but do not consult them. They do not have an effective method for garnering student opinion; as a result, they often make decisions that do not reflect the best interests of those being educated. Q: Where do student trustees exist?A: In Canada, every single district in Ontario and several districts in communities across the prairies have implemented student trustees. Additionally, many districts in the US, every district in Denmark, and several other countries in Europe have student representatives on their boards. Q: Why do we not have student trustees in BC?A: The government and Ministry of Education rejected the proposal because of the lack of support from students themselves behind the initiative. The proposal 6 years ago was initiated mainly by adults, not students. If students and their parents show their support, if our communities show their support, then the Ministry will realize the weight of this proposal, ensuring that student trustees in BC become a reality. Q: Who can become student trustees?A: Since student trustees are democratically elected by students in their corresponding districts, anyone can run to be a student trustee - including you.

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