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Petition to Adam Medrano, Philip Kingston, Mark Clayton

Transform Columbia Ave & Abrams Rd into a Complete Street

Columbia/Abrams needs a Makeover! Columbia Avenue & Abrams Road is one of the most dangerous and under-utilized roads in Old East Dallas. Because of its 6 over-sized lanes and the large distances between pedestrian crossings, this road has been a source of division in the neighborhood ever since it was constructed. The people on either side of this road were once close neighbors but can no longer reach the friends, services, or parks on the other side without significant difficulty. The harmful effects of this dangerous and neighborhood unfriendly road are evident in the number of injuries and lackluster growth along this corridor. Further, hundreds of children must cross this street daily to reach Lipscomb Elementary, Woodrow Wilson High School, and JL Long Middle School, forcing them to risk their safety by walking or take a car to travel even a short distance. Dallas recently released its Complete Streets Design Manual that shows how to build our streets in a way that is safer, more sustainable, and better suited to our neighborhood's character. As a part of the 2017 Bond Program, Dallas has the rare opportunity to transform this dangerous road into a street that serves pedestrians, cyclists, transit, and motorists far better than it currently does. We are calling upon Dallas City Council Members Philip Kingston (D-14), Mark Clayton (D-9), and Adam Medrano (D-2) to make the Columbia/Abrams Complete Streets Project a top priority in the 2017 Bond Election and allocate funds to the design and implementation of this project. Frequently Asked Questions What are Complete Streets? Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are designed & operated to enable safe access for all users. Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, & public transportation users of all ages & abilities are able to safely move along & across a complete street. Complete Streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, & bicycle to work. They allow buses to run on time & make it safe for people to walk to & from train stations. What would this project involve? There are many variations of a Complete Street but it will likely involve: Reducing the road from 6 to 4 lanes (a "road diet") Adding protected bicycle lanes Enhancing existing sidewalks to include bulb-outs, better crossings, and street trees Adding on-street parking Some other things that could be considered: Dedicating a lane to transit/buses only Creating a center turn lane Placing a center median with trees to create a boulevard Why this Project and why on Columbia/Abrams? This Project improves Safety This road was expanded in the 1970s and destroyed homes along Abrams in a misguided attempt to create another traffic artery to downtown. This road is designed to handle around 40,000 cars per day. The most recent traffic estimates show only 14,000-19,000 cars use this road each day. This Project is Inexpensive Road diets are low-cost because they do not involve expensive right-of-way acquisitions or massive earthworks. It's mostly paint, plastic, and planters! In fact, this project could save money over time as it will involve fewer high-traffic lanes and maintenance while enhancing the value of nearby properties. This Project is High Impact There are thousands of homes and dozens of businesses along this corridor that will all benefit from this project. Imagine being able to bike all the way from the Lakewood Shopping Center to Deep Ellum, or the Dallas Farmer's Market on a safe dedicated bike lane. Imagine being able to walk across a pleasant, shaded street to your favorite restaurant on Columbia. Imagine feeling confident that your child can safely walk to school across this road. We can make this a reality. Join us!

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Petition to Erin Stewart, Jamie Giantonio, Daniel Salerno, Carlo Carlozzi, Wilfredo Pabon, Robert Smedley, Shirley Black, Tremell Collins, Daniel Davis, Jerrell Hargraves, , Chris Polkowski, Kristian Rosado, Louis Salvio, Emmanuel Sanchez, Jim Sanders, Jr.

Rename Paul Manafort Drive to George Springer Drive in New Britain, CT

Paul J. Manafort Drive is a street that runs along Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. In June 1994, the street was named after Paul J. Manafort, one of four brothers who inherited their father's New Britain demolition business. The street currently bears the same name as his son, Paul J. Manafort, a New Britain, CT native who was recently indicted on twelve federal criminal charges, including conspiracy against the United States. This street next to New Britain's featured university should honor a better name. Major League Baseball player and World Series champion George Springer is a New Britain, CT native. Springer attended and played baseball for New Britain High School and the University of Connecticut. He grew up watching the city's AA baseball team, the New Britain Rock Cats. George Springer's athletic achievements are considerable. At the University of Connecticut he was named Big East Rookie of the Year in 2009, Big East Player of the Year in 2011, and was named to several All-American teams. In 2013, in AAA minor league baseball, he was named the Texas League Player of the Year. In Major League Baseball, he was named to the 2017 American League All-Star Team and led the Houston Astros to their first-ever World Series championship. George Springer hit 5 home runs over the thrilling seven game series and was named the 2017 World Series' Most Valuable Player. George Springer also does charity work for children with speech development difficulties, having had a stutter his whole life. Springer participated in a baseball clinic in Newtown, CT for elementary school students in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Springer greeted Connecticut truckers who delivered relief supplies to Houston after the devastating Hurricane Harvey. Let's give this street a name that New Britain can be proud of: George Springer Drive.

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Petition to Mike Bonin

Return our Lanes! Recall Bonin

Why you should support this campaign In June, the City of Los Angeles and Councilmember Mike Bonin, drastically reduced regional connecting streets, including Vista del Mar, Venice and Culver, by cutting down on lanes. LA City Hall passed "Vision Zero" in 2015 as an emergency executive directive without the vote or input of the voters. Vision Zero is the city's plan to eliminate all traffic deaths by extending curbs and cutting down traffic lanes.  A RECALL is the only option we have left! To make matters worse, Councilman Mike Bonin, led a vote in the Transportation Committee to reallocate 2/3 of the funds for Measure M passed last November by the city voters for mass transportation to their Vision Zero plan. While there are plenty of options that can make our roads safer, no options were studied or discussed before these changes suddenly occurred. We are pro-safety, but also in favor of fact-based open government!  We’ve already begun the organizing to fight back and now we need your help! We need your donation to begin the Recall process. Your support will help in setting up the operations necessary for the recall effort. This will include: setting up databases, web pages, social media, signature capturing and GOTV. Will you DONATE TODAY The Recall Process July 1, 2017 Mike Bonin commences term Charter 431(b) of LA City Charter calls for official to hold term three (3) months October 1, 2017 Recall Notice of Intention to be delivered to Mike Bonin and to City Clerk.  Publish in newspapers within 14 days in multiple languages and provide proof to City Clerk October 5, 2017 Two (2) uncirculated draft petitions submitted to City Clerk October 29, 2017 Recall Petition can begin to be circulated Feb 26, 2018. 120 days, time all signatures must be gathered within All sections must be filed at same time with the City Clerk who issues a Conditional Acceptance of Filing receipt stating the number of signatures claimed. City Clerk conducts initial review and issues a Final Acceptance of Filing receipt March 28, 2018.  City Clerk has 30 days for Examination of Recall Petitions and to issue a certification of sufficiency to the City Council April 16, 2018. City Council has 20 days to take action and call for a special election Recall Election between July 17 and Sept 4.    

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