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Petition to Councilman Daniel Valenzuela, Vice Mayor Kate Gallego, Councilwoman Laura Pastor, Councilwoman Thelda Williams, Councilman Sal DiCiccio, Councilman Jim Waring, Councilman Michael Nowakowski, Councilman Bill Gates, Mayor Greg Stanton, Deputy City Manager Paul Blue, City Manager Ed Zuercher, Phoenix Community Economic Director Christine Mackay

City of Phoenix - New Ordinance for Demolition Permits Needed Now

We've lost many iconic buildings in downtown Phoenix, the latest being perhaps the biggest slap in the face to the community yet -- the 1947 Stewart Motor Company building, also known as the Circles building for its' most recent use. Though the community and city were in discussions with the Empire Group over the fate of the building and its possible preservation, this developer chose to end these discussions by razing a large part of the building last week. This developer may wish to still seek a GPLET (General Property Lease Excise Tax) incentive, but we the community are adamantly opposed to rewarding such unscrupulous behavior. Not now, or ever.  It is time for solutions, and we believe the following solution is the best course of action for Phoenix to take immediately. We are seeking an ordinance (or amendment to an ordinance) surrounding the demolition permit process. This will add a layer of transparency to this process, will prevent similar outcomes from happening in the future, and will hopefully help this City understand the important role that buildings can play in our neighborhoods and sense of place. We ask the City of Phoenix to adopt a similar ordinance to that of Los Angeles which was passed in December, 2014: "Notification of Demolition. The Department shall not issue a building permit for demolition of a building or structure for which the original building permit was issued more than 45 years prior to the date of submittal of the application for demolition preinspection, or where information submitted with the application indicates that the building or structure is more than 45 years old based on the date the application is submitted, without having first done the following at least 30 days prior to issuance of the demolition of building or structure permit:"  You may read the full text of the ordinance HERE. This ordinance was enacted because of similar tear down shenanigans in Los Angeles.  We believe this solution is fair for everyone,  should be accomplished swiftly and will be publicly supported by good community developers, as well as the general public.  Please help us protect what remaining history we have left in this city, do not reward terrible behavior with any incentives, and add this layer of transparency to support the character of Phoenix.

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Petition to Dave Turley, David Buttery, Sally Riley, Lisa Parnell, Bob Carlson, Carrol Harvey, Gary Brovetto, Terry Harrison, John Schafer

Stop the destruction of 100 trees in order to build storage units which would destroy the beautiful view at the entrance of Woodland Park.

Storage units would be an eyesore at the entrance to Woodland Park. It's the cart before the horse for the landowner to receive a grading permit to remove about 100 full grown pine trees before he submits building plans and goes through formal public meetings to rezone the land, receives a conditional use permit and vacation of right of way. It's also premature to clear the land without the approval of the architectural design committee as required by the Sunny Glen covenants. The landowner's goal appears to be against ordinances designed to address the destruction of trees and natural landscaping. See for maps, photos, municipal code, covenants and more information. We respectfully request that signatures come from residents of Woodland Park, Colorado. If you live elsewhere and own property in Woodland Park or have a vested interest in Woodland Park, please specify it in your comments. Mayor Turley and Lisa Parnell have responded saying they're receiving your emails.  They're not able to respond to each one, but Lisa said she's printing them all and will have their administrative assistant put them into an excel file to pass on to City Council if and when the development case actions become a reality.

Preserve Our Neighborhood
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