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Petition to Barry Synnott

Save The Larchmont Playhouse!

The Larchmont Playhouse is for sale. There is an offer on the building right now with plans that we believe DO NOT include preserving the building or using the space as the cultural hub it should be - - and the seller will decide In July [Please note: we won an extension thanks to your support! Keep up the great work!] . Please help us send a message to the sellers to KEEP THE MOVIES IN LARCHMONT! The Larchmont Playhouse has been a entertainment mainstay and a commercial anchor of downtown Larchmont since 1931. It is an essential part of Larchmont life: an historic, human-scale theater that is friendly, safe, and walkable from just about anywhere in town. It has pride of place in the hearts and memories of most Larchmont residents, who saw first movies there as young children, went without chaperones as tweens and on dates as teens, and later return with their own families, or enjoy matinees as seniors. Now that rich history is in grave peril, and we need your help. A group of Larchmont residents are banding together to try and raise the funds necessary to make a competitive bid to keep the Playhouse as a cultural center (to pledge, email Please pledge whatever you can and please sign this petition to let the Playhouse owner know that Larchmont residents and friends want a vibrant arts destination in our town, not another office building, bank or drugstore. Don't let the 85th year of the Playhouse be the last. We hope our collective voices, plus the pledges needed for a competitive bid, will KEEP THE MOVIES IN LARCHMONT for our families and enliven our village for generations to come - - but we need to hear from you right away, before the sale deadline. Please pledge if you can, please SIGN NOW, and thank you for supporting The Larchmont Playhouse!

Elizabeth Bradley
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Petition to United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations, World Fellowship of Buddhists, United Nations freedom of religion, United Nations Urgent Actions, Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion, Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights, Special Rapporteur on Right to Education, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing


Stand With Larung Gar NOW! The Larung Gar Institute, the largest Tibetan Buddhist center in the world, is currently facing wide-scale demolition by the Chinese government. On July 20, 2016, China initiated its plan to decimate Larung Gar and evict and displace at least half of its 10,000+ residents by September 2017. This dramatic demolition of Larung Gar is a severe and serious abuse of religious freedom, as the monks and nuns, who have renounced the world and made Larung Gar their home are unable to practice their religion in peace. As a result, three nuns have reportedly committed suicide in protest.  Larung Gar, founded by Khenpo Jigme Phuntstok, is a highly respected and iconic center of Tibetan Buddhism, renowned worldwide for its teachings. It is of immeasurable importance in terms of Tibetan language, culture and religion and must be treasured and protected. China cannot be allowed to dictate how Tibetans in Tibet pursue their religious education, and must accept and allow Tibetans the right to practice religious freedom.  Here is the news link: SIGN this petition now. Urge the United Nations Human Rights Council to press China to cease with the demolitions at Larung Gar and allow local Tibetan leaders and religious teachers to be fully engaged in decision-making on its long-term future.  STAND WITH LARUNG GAR NOW!

Safeguarding Buddhism
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Petition to Councilman Daniel Valenzuela, Vice Mayor Kate Gallego, Councilwoman Laura Pastor, Councilwoman Thelda Williams, Councilman Sal DiCiccio, Councilman Jim Waring, Councilman Michael Nowakowski, Councilman Bill Gates, Mayor Greg Stanton, Deputy City Manager Paul Blue, City Manager Ed Zuercher, Phoenix Community Economic Director Christine Mackay

City of Phoenix - New Ordinance for Demolition Permits Needed Now

We've lost many iconic buildings in downtown Phoenix, the latest being perhaps the biggest slap in the face to the community yet -- the 1947 Stewart Motor Company building, also known as the Circles building for its' most recent use. Though the community and city were in discussions with the Empire Group over the fate of the building and its possible preservation, this developer chose to end these discussions by razing a large part of the building last week. This developer may wish to still seek a GPLET (General Property Lease Excise Tax) incentive, but we the community are adamantly opposed to rewarding such unscrupulous behavior. Not now, or ever.  It is time for solutions, and we believe the following solution is the best course of action for Phoenix to take immediately. We are seeking an ordinance (or amendment to an ordinance) surrounding the demolition permit process. This will add a layer of transparency to this process, will prevent similar outcomes from happening in the future, and will hopefully help this City understand the important role that buildings can play in our neighborhoods and sense of place. We ask the City of Phoenix to adopt a similar ordinance to that of Los Angeles which was passed in December, 2014: "Notification of Demolition. The Department shall not issue a building permit for demolition of a building or structure for which the original building permit was issued more than 45 years prior to the date of submittal of the application for demolition preinspection, or where information submitted with the application indicates that the building or structure is more than 45 years old based on the date the application is submitted, without having first done the following at least 30 days prior to issuance of the demolition of building or structure permit:"  You may read the full text of the ordinance HERE. This ordinance was enacted because of similar tear down shenanigans in Los Angeles.  We believe this solution is fair for everyone,  should be accomplished swiftly and will be publicly supported by good community developers, as well as the general public.  Please help us protect what remaining history we have left in this city, do not reward terrible behavior with any incentives, and add this layer of transparency to support the character of Phoenix.

Stacey Champion
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Petition to Commissioner Ken Russell, Mayor Tomas P. Regalado

Save historic Park Ave home from demolition!

The 100 year old historic property at 3701 Park Ave has had a demolition permit issued by the city allowing the home to be destroyed. Legally when a house is going to be demolished, or a lot is going to be split in two (which is also being sought after by the developer owners) - neighbors within 500 feet of the property have to be notified via certified mail, but in this case that never happened. There are only 15 days to appeal and since no one knew- no one had the chance to question whether this home should be torn down. Our plea is for this illegal demo permit to be revoked, or at the very least Commissioner, PLEASE put a stay on it so the home isn't torn down while this egregious mistake is being investigated. There are a number of lies being told about this situation, and a lot of people believe them without fact checking. Here is the truth: 1. The current residents are not the "owners". Ray is a partner in this endeavor, but did not himself pay the 1.8 million for the home. He is a builder who partnered up with an investor, and their intention is to split the lots, demo both the house and the garage/ guest house, and build two new homes. It is the only way they will make a significant profit. The problem with this particular lie, is that it seems like Ray is making the decisions about what to do or not do about the home- but he is not.  2. The demo permit WAS NOT APPROVED when the house was sold.  The house was sold Sept 2015 and the permit was approved last month. The permit had only been applied for by the previous owners because they were advised it would help the sale of the house, but they did not pursue it any further because not only did they not want to see the home torn down, they were told it would probably never happen because the community wouldn't allow it. The new owners are the ones who pushed the demo permit through (without notifying the neighbors- which is illegal and should make the permit void).  This is a landmark home here in the Grove. Many of the trees planted on the property originated directly from Fairchild Gardens. There is a gorgeous porch added to the home in 1930 featuring 16 columns salvaged from the Royal Palm Hotel built by Henry Flagler in 1897 (to put that in perspective- those are 119 year old columns from one of Miami's first hotels). The home is built out of rock solid Dade County pine, petrified by time. It is in fantastic condition. Only 4 families have lived in it over the past 100 years, and it has been meticulously cared for during that time with renovations made in 2004.  The adjacent guest house and 4 car garage are original as well and lend a peek into early life back when Coconut Grove was originating.  The home is protected by the NCD-3 Coconut Grove Neighborhood Conservation District. Miami 21 states, "The intent of the Coconut Grove Neighborhood Conservation District NCD-3 is to establish a protective series of legislative elements to preserve the historic, heavily landscaped character of Coconut Grove's residential areas; enhance and protect Coconut Grove's natural features such as the tree canopy and green space; and protect the architectural variety within the unique single family neighborhood that comprises Coconut Grove. The community of Coconut Grove predates the City of Miami, and is known for its character, derived from lush landscaping, and naturally occurring vegetation and trees, and its unique property sizes and shapes; bay views; geologic features; proximity to Biscayne Bay; public open space; recreational opportunities; commercial services; and a special character imparted by its tropical vegetation and historic structures. Properties shall not be platted, re-platted or configured in any way that destroys a median, green space, landscape easement or road configuration that contributes to the character of the subdivision within the NCD-3 area." The home also qualifies as historic (although it has not been deemed so) according to the 8 requirements listed here. What will be lost if this home is destroyed is irreplaceable. It is living history meant to be preserved and honored. Developers have taken over the Grove, splitting lots into nothing, cutting down trees, and knocking down homes to put up concrete mansions- and for what? Greed. If we don't stand up to protect our historic treasures, they will go away- and with them, our character, respect, and unique community. Neither the neighbors nor the community were allowed to weigh in on this; but I encourage you to do so now. Sign our petition to show our city we will not stand for developers continuing to destroy our community.   Read more on this in another article Here.  

Save Park Ave
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