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Petition to Saint Mary's College of California

Remove Nazi Art from Saint Mary's College of California

We, as SMC students, are deeply disturbed by the discovery and continued display of a piece of nazi art on the Saint Mary’s College campus. The statue “Falcon Boy” in the Museum of Art (MOA) quad was done by Nazi artist Fritz von Graevenitz. He was commissioned to create many pieces for Hitler and the Nazi regime and had access to the inner circle of the party. He was described as a “favorite of Hitler,” even being called a “God-gifted National Socialist” by the fruher.  Upon further investigation, we found he is responsible for a work titled “A Nazi photo book on the work of Fritz von Graevenitz.“ Three busts of Hitler were produced by this artist, as well as a 20 ft wide bronze statue of an eagle holding a swastika. It is clear that you cannot separate the art from the artist, especially when its history comes into direct contradiction with the college’s core values.  We demand that this statue be taken down, effective immediately. We call on the school to make a public apology specifically to those that were and still are impacted by the ideals of the Nazi regime that Fritz von Graevenitz promoted. Alongside an apology, we demand an explanation of how this statue was attained and why it was chosen to be displayed. We ask that the statue is replaced by a piece that celebrates Jewish culture and prosperity.  Fritz von Graevenitz represents ideals that the Saint Mary’s community won’t stand by.  Sincerely,  Sara Mameesh, Melanie Moyer, Venessa Ramirez  Sources:

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Petition to City of San Jose Department is Parks Recreation and Neighborhood Services, San Jose Parks and Recreation Comission, Melrose Hurley, Maya Esperanza, Sam Liccardo, Lisa M. Gillmor, Parks & Recreation Comission of Santa Clara, Andrew Knaack, Susan M. Landry, Brian Loventhal, Steven Scharf, Jan Pepper, Michelle Wu, Marcia Jensen, Richard Tran, Liz Lawler, Adrian Fine, Lisa Matichak, Dan Rich, Howard Miller, David Sykes, Mayor and City Council of Santa Clara, Laurel Prevetti, Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

Build a statue of Estanislao in the San Jose area

In the wake of the George Floyd protests, and the toppling of statues of Junipero Serra, I believe that a statue of one of the Native Americans who lead revolts against him should be built in an area where Estanislao was active, the South Bay.  Present day Silicon Valley is home to where he terrorized the mission system.  While he does have a statue in Modesto, he attacked South Bay missions.  It would show an opposition to the systems themselves to erect a statue of someone who attacked those systems in the local area, especially when he travelled all the way from Modesto in a time before cars. By building new statues we are also sticking it to those who claim hateful statues should remain in the interest of the preservation of history, and also remembering a history not taught in schools because, quite frankly, it’s very local, and in 4th grade, you don’t really celebrate a guerilla fighter against the bad system. But more fundimentally, if we are going to change this country, and remove some people from the catalogue of heroes, we need to add a new pantheon of heroes to glorify.  Estanislao just so happens to be the one who was in the South Bay for quite some time, and our corner of the Bay Area can get a head start on the rest of the country, by out-pasting the confederate supporters, and building one of the first new statues.  We are at a reckoning, in terms of what we stand for.  In a time when statues are torn down, we can see the power they have.  And what better a way to represent our ideals in a time when statues of Junipero Serra are torn down left and right than to build a statue of a man who fought against the system he created.Picture is of statue in the Modesto area

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