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Statehood for Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans, much like many of those reading this petition, are citizens of the United States. They are given many of the rights granted to all citizens under the Constitution. Likewise they are, with little exception, held to United States federal law. They are not, however, given many privileges that full statehood would offer, most notably a seat in the houses of Congress and the ability to vote in the presidential election. The island is home to over 3 million residents, each of whom is without many of the voting rights enjoyed by most American citizens. In light of the recent destruction wrought by Hurricaine Maria, it is plain to see the need for the full statehood of Puerto Rico and the benefits that would be brought about by this change. Many of our fellow Americans are without food, water, and power. The aid given to Puerto Rico has been generous, but it is time to take one more step. The United States is, at its core, a nation of acceptance, of giving, and of diversity. It was founded on the belief that every citizen should have say in the laws that govern them. It is now our part to carry out this belief, and freely give that right to each and every citizen. Puerto Rico should be granted full statehood in the United States of America.

Benjamin Tatum
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Petition to President of the United States

To President Trump: Recognize Palestine statehood

Dear President Trump: I believe that accepting Palestine as a state will help in bringing peace to the Middle East and to the world at large. Excerpted from President Carter's op ed in The New York Times "America must recognize Palestine": I am convinced that the United States can still shape the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before a change in presidents, but time is very short. The simple but vital step this administration must take before its term expires on Jan. 20 is to grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine, as 137 countries have already done, and help it achieve full United Nations membership. Julian Cole writes: What is wrong with the present arrangement is that the Palestinians do not have citizenship in a real state. A state controls the water, air and land of a territory. The Palestine Authority controls none of those things. A state has a judicial system that can protect the basic property and human rights of a citizen. Palestine has none of those things. Important cases are kicked to the Israeli judiciary, which with a few exceptions tends to rule in favor of Israelis. And, a lot of decisions are made for Palestinians by the Israeli army or by colonial administrators.People who are stateless, in the phrase of Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, do not have the right to have rights. It is unacceptable that millions of Palestinians should be kept stateless at the insistence of Israel. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has even vowed that he will not allow a Palestinian state as long as he is in power (a violation of the Oslo Peace Accords). Please add your voice to request President Obama to recognize Palestinian statehood.  

salman Aziz
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