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EA Play - Always waiting.

Many people were excited when they got an e-mail from EA offering free tickets to their version of E3. Promises of a chance to play games such as Battlefield and the much anticipated Battlefront 2 were fed to the crowds and crowds of people that came from all over with the hope of getting a 10 minute glimpse into the games. So why was this so poorly planned? In the e-mail sent out, EA never promised entry or a guaranteed shot at trying out the games. We get that. We knew the risks, and we still stood out for hours in Hollywood because hope is an incredible thing. But between the limited food vendors (four food trucks total for hundreds of people), no visible medical tents in case of anything and the priority fast-pass holders got over everyone else to try the games first, playing didn't seem like a possibility. Okay. So a lot of people didn't get to play the games they wanted to on the day they wanted to. But staff members walked around telling gamers to come back on another day because "for sure they will get a chance to play if they come back another day". Again, we were lured back. Instead of being transparent with the loyal gamers that came back on subsequent days about how the line works, EA staff failed to inform those who already got their wristbands on another day that if they came back on a day that they weren't registered on they would be let in after everyone else registered for that day was let in first. To put this in perspective, fifty people who signed up for saturday but didn't get to play were told to come back Monday. And when we did we were told, only after hassling staff for information because nothing was being passed, that they would get in after the registration line that didn't have wristbands were let in first. That line, my friends, consisted of hundreds and hundreds of people. Most of whom would not get in despite waiting for hours. Most of whom would not get to play the games they wanted because one of their most popular games - Battlefront - only had a maximum of twenty stations. Twenty. For hundreds, and hundreds of people. Do the math. So EA, why did you overbook if you knew you could not accommodate the people who signed up? Why let people wait in line if you knew they wouldn't get in or get to play the games they want? We understand a ticket doesn't mean a promised spot, but the degree to which this was misaligned was hurtful. Especially to those who waited hours and hours, just to come back another day and wait again. Additionally, in EA's email, gifts that ranged from posters to software and hardware were promised to be given out at random every hour. On Saturday, to which I personally went and waited for 6+ hours, not once were prizes announced or given out. And all I got for my time was a Star Wars poster as compensation after I was told by a staff member that I wouldn't get to play Battlefront that day. Try again. EA, we want you to acknowledge the poor planning on your part and the frustration and anger you've instilled in your loyal fans through this experience. We want you to know we are upset, and that even though wasting our time waiting was a risk, we didn't expect to be treated more like filler for your camera rather than actual fans and potential customers. Please take all this and improve on it for future years if you plan on continuing EA Play.

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Petition to Walt Disney Co., Kathleen Kennedy

Make teacher Rachel D'Avino a Jedi Knight

Heroes deserve to be remembered. Rachel D'Avino was one of the six teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. So, why do I want to make her a Jedi Knight? I found out that she liked Star Wars and this struck a chord with me. I did not know her,but as a result of this petition I have come to know some of her family and friends. I am merely a Star Wars fan myself wishing to see another Star Wars fan who died heroically immortalized. Would it be awesome if this happens? Yes. Can it happen? Perhaps. One story that has stuck with me is how she stayed with one of the children that was killed. This may sound very nerdy,but that is very much in the spirit of the Jedi Order. Her family and friends came across this petition and I now have their full backing and support. This is no longer just a "fan boy" idea but a campaign that is very much being supported by those who knew her. It is just my opinion, but those who do heroic things such as Rachel D'Avino do deserve to be remembered, even it is through something such as Star Wars.   There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony There is no death, there is the Force.The Jedi Code   The photo was supplied to me by John Jasiulevicius, Rachel's cousin   Two articles about Rachel D'Avino and her actions at Sandy Hook Elementary School " rel="nofollow">

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