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Declare EG-05 Jedi Hunter Droid canon

On April 25, 2014, the Lucasfilm Story Group announced that the Star Wars Expanded Universe (now known as Star Wars Legends) was officially non-canon to the rest of the Star Wars universe. This upset a multitude of fans--myself included--who had grown attached to this material. The most we can hope for currently is the slow reintegration of beloved characters into the current canon, and even then, many of them would lose the extensive backstories their fans loved. It would feel like a tremendous victory if the fans could bring at least one old, neglected character into the canon. This would be even more significant if the character in question were one that had been non-canon since its debut. Without further ado: The EG-05 Jedi Hunter Droid from Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels, a video game released for the Nintendo Wii console in 2008. EG-05's story is as follows:Built in a secret Separatist droid factory, the EG-05 Jedi Hunter Droid was engineered to slaughter Jedi using dexterity, two lightsabers, and a powerful blaster built into its hand. Anakin Skywalker broke into the factory and discovered, dueled, and destroyed the droid. The EG-05 Jedi Hunter Droid would be a beneficial addition to the universe, as well as a harmless one, for the following reasons: As presented above, the droid has very little backstory or involvement with any central plot; it would be simple to implement. It existed during the Clone Wars, an era that is currently having very little content added to it. As such, it would not stifle the creativity of the writers who create new Star Wars lore. Fans of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series (2008-2014) would be ecstatic that a villain was added to this part of the story. The declaration of this droid's canonicity would raise awareness of it, which could dramatically increase its popularity. EG-05's vibrant color scheme and dual lightsabers lend themselves to merchandising. The Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels video game and Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series both reach their 10th anniversaries later this year. This would be a marvelous way to celebrate! Pablo Hidalgo from the Lucasfilm Story Group called EG-05 "a necessary inclusion" in his review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels. I couldn't agree more. It would be incredible for this hunter to officially become a participant in the mainstream Star Wars legacy--even if it was dismantled by its first target within minutes of its birth. Video reference of the EG-05 Jedi Hunter Droid in action: Sources:

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