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Please Build a New Ice Rink in Old Town/Lincoln Park/Near North

IF YOU BUILD IT, WE WILL COME. AND SKATE.AND SHOP. AND PLAY. AND EAT. AND SPEND. AND BUILD COMMUNITY.Ice rinks build community. Families come together to skate. Teams are formed. And they compete. Friends meet up. Teenagers gather safely. And after all is said and done, they leave to enjoy meals together, shop nearby, hold team parties at local bars and restaurants, and more. TWENTY THREE MILES. Chicago has only two public indoor ice rinks. TWENTY THREE miles separate Morgan Park Sports Center and McFetridge Sports Center.  NEED FOR SPORTS FACILITIES GROWS. We are in need of new, public facilities for figure skating (including theater on ice) and hockey and other sports. McFetridge has incredible indoor tennis and yoga. Morgan Park houses a gymnastics facility (and yoga) along with their rink. The near north (Lincoln Park, Old Town) is short on facilities for the amount of people who live here ... and the amount of new housing being built. There are also a great number of skaters and hockey players who turn to private and suburban facilities for ice time. (Hint: Lincoln Yards could be an amazing place for a PUBLIC ice rink. Think big. Make it an indoor AND outdoor rink. No small plans.) REVITALIZE BUSINESSES. Perhaps just as important, a indoor ice rink (and sports facility) would revitalize our Lincoln Park and Old Town neighborhoods whose storefronts and restaurants are closing every day. People aren't shopping. But they still go out to play. And after they play, they need to eat. And drink. (Hint: Offer a private entity concession rights so they can serve alcohol and watch even more people come to play.)  BRING PATRONS. For example, New City has LARGE, often empty restaurants that could be filled post-figure skating practice or hockey competition. Figure skating and hockey teams could fill them up with team dinners and parties.  BRING JOBS. Sports facilities mean jobs for coaches, tech, maintenance, concessions, administration, marketing, and more! Plus, figure skating and hockey coaches often need more places to earn a living as ice time in the city is so scarce that they often bring their students (and the money they bring) outside of the city to suburban rinks.FOR OUR HIGH SCHOOLS. Lincoln Park High School is the pride of the near north yet often student athletes head further north to go to school to play hockey or be near a practice rink for figure skating. LPHS hockey could be a tremendous source of community pride as well as keeping our smart, dedicated and motivated student athletes here at our incredible NEIGHBORHOOD school. Other area high schools would also benefit and share in the opportunities! PERFORMANCES BRING CROWDS AND KEEP THEM IN CHICAGO. Figure skating performances and competitions and ice shows and hockey games bring families in droves. McFetridge is an absolutely BELOVED facility for good reason. However, it can only schedule one ice show a year. On those days, crowds of families (parents, friends, grandparents, neighbors, too) come to be entertained, buy food, sit back, and enjoy seeing how talented our children and adults are. It is a beautiful thing. There is also no theater on ice program and Chicagoans travel to the northern suburb for that. (And speed skating. And curling.) We can keep them and their dollars and the crowds that attend their ice shows right here! There are so many reasons that an ice rink in Lincoln Park, Old Town and the NEAR north side would benefit both Chicagoans and Chicago. But it is a lot to ask. And we know that. That is why we make a promise to the powers that be who are in the best positions to make it happen: We, the undersigned, pledge that if you build it, we will come. And we will skate. And we will bring our friends and family. And we will be forever thankful, too. We will patronize nearby restaurants, bars and shops. We will build community. We will cheer each other on in friendly and respectful competition. We know this is a lot to ask. So, we plan to give a lot in return.  IF YOU BUILD IT, WE WILL COME.

Figure skaters and hockey players of Chicago
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