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Petition to US Government (Governors, Senators & President Trump), President Donald J. Trump


I’m birthing this petition for the greater good of Human health (both physical and mental), Human well-being and all that the aforementioned encompasses.  With the most recent and current epidemic and calamity of the COVID-19 virus, all Gyms across the nation were ordered to close, as it was stated that Gym environments were an, “inessential business.”  This, by all measures is factually untrue.  It was also stated that Gym environments were unsafe, due to the potential spread of this virus.  These issued statements are not factual and are based off uneducated misconceptions. Numerous environments / platforms which are wildly more toxic, still remain open and functioning thru this time.  Gym environments are much, much cleaner than many frequently visited locations such as: subways, transportation hubs, crowded restaurants, Busses, Supermarkets, construction sites with Hundreds of workers, “Home improvement,” stores, crowded Coffee shops, etc.  Gym environments are thoroughly cleaned, sterilized and sanitized much more frequently than many, “other,” and the aforementioned businesses that remain open today, and/or that function on a daily basis. I GUARANTEE the majority of gyms are cleaner than most people’s homes in this country. “Misconceptions,” stem from uneducated individuals; The very individuals spewing these comments have little to no intellect on the subject.  Have any of these individuals ever tested gyms? The Air quality, surface cleanliness, materials used and the anti-bacterial nature of them, the chemicals used to clean?  I myself have, for Decades.  Gyms are NOT the worst place to be, not even close. Again, they’re cleaned, sterilized, disinfected and sanitized to extreme degrees and MUCH more than restaurants, transportation hubs, malls, stores, etc., etc., etc.  As well, Gyms already partake in, “distancing.”  Everyone working out separates themselves accordingly because you don’t want someone on top of you while you’re training and if anyone feels that worried about it, you can ALWAYS and at any time, wear a mask to self-protect yourself and not just during this calamity.  Moreover, Gyms and Fitness facilities provide unequivocal and incontrovertible health (Physical & Mental) benefits to all those who utilize them.  They provide relief from many health complications, mental deficiencies, addiction, stress, PTSD, Opioid use, anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, daily stresses of life, etc. They profoundly aide in the rehabilitation and/or continued health progression of people of all ages, people with disabilities, athletes and persons who are recovering from injury, accident and/or surgery. As well, many individuals and athletes, both amateur and professional, will suffer greatly in career and future performance, should this order remain. The ability and right to exercise within said facilities has and continues to benefit Humankind in more positive ways than one could possibly list.  It is a proven fact that when you physically exercise, your physiology changes, which changes your Brain in positive ways and always for the better.  Gyms and Health Clubs improve lives, improve health and greatly improves our body’s ability to fight off sickness.  It has been proven time and time again and is recommended by every Doctor and health professional on this planet.  There are Millioms of citizens suffering right now. Denying ones ability to enter arenas of physical fitness can and will create further sickness and instability. We faithfully submit this petition to reopen Gyms nationwide. ****AMENDMENT**** **This is an amendment to my petition written above, requesting that all Gyms nationwide, be labeled, “essential businesses.” *March 13, 2020 Approximately Two Months ago, I wrote a petition both in appeal of the Government’s decision to label Gyms, “non-essential,” and in request to be heard as a community.  Stating facts encompassing: Science, well-being, health, fitness, rehabilitations, etc., I have not yet been responded to, “officially,” and even tho I have followed the appropriate channels. Today, our community and industry stands sickened. Not only in opinion and belief, but physically and mentally as well. This nation has become ill without the proper channels of adequate exercise. Persons who didn’t suffer any prior anxiety or panic attacks, now do. Individuals who utilized fitness as their, “medication,” for PTSD, suicidal thoughts, bipolar disorder, addiction recovery, Autism, neurocognitive disorders, physical rehabilitation, anxiety and panic disorder, etc., have been literally cut off from their healing remedies.  Athletes of all ages have had their progress halted and futures severely hindered.  And please do not, shrug off,” our great industry and community by saying, “workout at home.”  That’s like telling a Union Construction Laborer he can work from home because he owns a Hammer and a Drill; It’s a Night and Day difference.  The closure and continued lockout of our nation’s Gyms and Fitness facilities is worsening and weakening Human health, Immune systems, well-being and cognitive function. Moreover, these prolonged closures are disabling the very entrepreneurial backbone of communities nationwide and have caused countless job losses. They have also forced business owners to continue paying rent and Mtg.’s on properties they cannot operate, creating financial calamity. Allowance of this continue will only decimate health, well-being, community and small businesses, further into ruins. We as a community and nation, implore you to re-open Gym and Fitness facilities nationwide. Faithfully submitted, Kevin J. Speicher

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Petition to Chris Sununu, New Hampshire State Parks

Open New Hampshire Beaches for Transitory Activity

While we support the continued closure of state beach parking lots as a means to deter out of state visitors and groups from congregating, we do not not support the continued blanket closure of the beaches themselves. As seacoast residents, we are concerned about the continued closure of our beaches and the possibility of an indefinite extension. To date, no metrics or tangible considerations for opening have been communicated. As a solution, we propose the following. - Continued closure of the state parking lots  - A continued ban on group gatherings - Reopening of resident parking areas at the discretion of local municipalities - Allow access to the beaches for transitory exercise with appropriate social distancing (surfing, walking, running, swimming, fishing, etc.) - Temporarily limit or eliminate most street side parking within 1/2 mile of the seacoast - Increase fines for those parked illegally within 1/2 mile of the beaches - Use of highway signage to promote the parking closures at all seacoast area state borders and on route 101 (similar to the 14 day quarantine signage currently in use)  This system will allow seacoast residents access to the areas best natural resource without creating excessive crowding from out of state visitors, and without placing an additional burden on local law enforcement. It also allows for increased social distancing when comparing the size of the beaches themselves to the sidewalks along the coast, which are currently open. As of today, we are the only state with blanket beach closures. All others, including our neighbors to the south, have exceptions allowing for athletic access on a state level. We share the same health and safety concerns as all responsible members of the New Hampshire community, and do not doubt that longer term social distancing measures will need to remain in place. However, we believe strongly that residents need and deserve access to the outdoor spaces in their communities.

Erik Cannon
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Petition to Community Management at The Howard Hughes Corporation Summerlin Council

Summerlin Community Bike Park

We, the undersigned residents of Summerlin would like to formally request a community bike park within the Summerlin boundaries. Back when many of us adults grew up we spent our summers and free time adventuring/recreating by digging holes in vacant lots, riding our BMX bikes down to the 7-11 to buy tootsie pops, and building rope swings across the local pond. Nowadays, our recreation is much more structured. Communities invest in ball fields, soccer facilities and recreation centers with pools, tennis and basketball courts. These are all outstanding resources and Summerlin has done a fantastic job so far by providing these for it’s residents. In addition to these more main stream recreational resources we believe that a master planned community of Summerlin’s size and recognition would greatly benefit from more diversification within its parks and recreation offerings.When we have more places and ways to play, we are healthier and happier on so many levels.Do you know what’s the coolest new recreation facility to hit our hometowns? Bike parks.Bike parks which range from a pump track on a neighborhood lot to multi-acre treasure troves of jumping, pumping and flowing are riding a wave of popularity as bike riders, cities and regular old citizens realize they offer lots of fun to a wide range of riders.Small towns and big cities alike see the benefits of giving kids and their parents a place to learn and sharpen skills and ride their bikes in a safe and fun location. Many communities in surrounding states have built and are benefiting from these type of parks. Two examples of such parks are Snake Hollow bike park in St George, UT & Desert Trails bike park in Mesa, AZ. These are outstanding community facilities where nearly everybody can participate at some level. What’s not to like? Once you sign the petition, do not contribute any money to get the petition on the agenda.  Instead, please select the "I'll share instead" option.

Michael McDonald
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Petition to Governor Gavin Newsom

Please Open California State Parks to Boating

Hello everyone, The purpose of this petition is to garner support to open California State Parks to boating. During this time of crisis, I realize this request may sound short-sighted or even selfish, but I would ask you to please consider the following when deciding to sign this petition: ·       Recreational boaters usually live in the same house (families) drive to the lake in the same car and spend time in a single boat. ·       Recreational boating is truly a social distancing activity; families are in their own boats and never come within 10 feet of another boat. In fact, you more likely to pass within 6 feet of a hiker on a trail than you are to come within 10 feet of another boat. ·       As you know first-hand, this is a high stress time for all Californians. Recreational boating is a safe way to spend time out of the house and release some stress. Additionally, for those Californians that are unable to hike, recreational boating is a great alternative allowing all of us to get outside, soak up some sun and breathe in fresh air – all while practicing social distancing. ·       There is also a significant economic impact of lake closures on hundreds of small businesses. For example, local marina’s depend on recreational boating to survive. Local marina’s sell gas and goods from small stores. By following the established standard set by banks, local marinas can easily institute “one customer-at-a-time” protocols that will ensure social distancing while allowing local marinas to operate. While there are stay-safe and economy-helping aspects to recreational boating, I will stop here. Thank you very much for your consideration, Chris

Chris Flatmoe
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