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Petition to Dr. Julio Frenk, Hilarie Bass, Jeffrey Duerk, Blake James, William Scott Green, David J Birnbach, M.D., John L Bixby, Norma Sue Kenyon, Ph.D., David L. Epstein, Tracey P. Berkowitz

The University of Miami should cut ALL ties with A-Rod

The University of Miami should cut ALL ties with A-Rod. As a University of Miami alumnus I attempt to uphold certain values, especially integrity, honesty, and hard work. I am proud that the University lists their core values as the following: "Our core values of diversity, integrity, responsibility, excellence, compassion, creativity, and teamwork provide the foundation for all of our behaviors." UM core values After watching a documentary by Billy Corben entitled "Screwball" I read more in depth about how the University of Miami is affiliated with a well documented cheater and liar: Alex E. Rodriguez (better known as A-Rod). A-Rod, a former Major League Baseball player, took Performing Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) he bought from a fake Miami doctor. He then proceeded to deny his cheating with various lies until it all caught up with him. You can read the full story here: There is no honor in cheating and it sends a horrible message to the honest and hard working athletes, alumni, employees, students, and faculty of the University of Miami. Cheating and dishonesty are completely contrary to the University of Miami's core values. The University of Miami should cut all ties with A-Rod. His name should be removed from the baseball stadium and business courtyard; he should be taken off the UM Board of Trustees; his honorary degree should be voided.  If the University of Miami is paying any salary to A-Rod for being on its Board of Trustees, it should immediately be rescinded, and credited to lowering students' tuition costs. The University of Miami should also issue a formal apology to the 'Canes community. What is the point of having an honor code for the students when you have a cheater on the Board of Trustees? What kind of message does it send to the baseball players who see his name written on their stadium? Cheat and lie to get ahead. The University of Miami is better than this and I know that they will do the right thing. Thank you for your support. #strikeoutarod

Evan Kissner
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Petition to City of Santa Maria

Don't Close the Paul Nelson Aquatic Center

The City of Santa Maria is considering closing the Paul Nelson Aquatic Center until next spring. The pool was just resurfaced with approximately $800,000 from a HUD Community Block Development Grant and now it is on the chopping block. Please support this petition and send letters to the members of the Santa Maria City Council in support of opening Paul Nelson Aquatic Center. Your best support will be signing and sharing this petition with friends and damily and contacting the City Council. Any donation made on this site stays with and does not go towards the AquaticCenter,  but you can share and write letters at no cost to you. PNAC offers many services that either can't be found elsewhere or are difficult or expensive for community members to replace (and often that expense won't be paid within the city- so the tax revenue would also go elsewhere, and not likely return). If they close the doors to the Aquatic Center until next spring our community will lose so much more than a pool for this summer. We lose the drowning prevention that occurs when kids take swimming lessons, we lose the ability for our community to exercise in lap swim and exercise classes that are affordable and cannot be replaced, we lose training for future lifeguards, and CPR certifications. Remember, the pool must be maintained whether swimmers are in it or not. Offers have been made to the city to help with their staffing costs (which is the biggest piece of the pool budget), and if they put the Santa Maria Swim Club and OneWay Water Polo out of business they will lose their largest consistent source of revenue, and yes, if they close the pool til next April that is a distinct possibility. If people must find new places to participate in these activities, the city will lose an entire revenue stream that will not be solved by this shutdown as the athletic teams may close permanently and community members may not return once they leave the programs. One of the City's goals is to support youth development by providing a youth center and a broad range of safe, affordable, and accessible activities for the youth of the Santa Maria Valley. Closing the pool robs our youth of these options and will bring about more insidious costs like that the increased costs created by juvenile delinquency and a decrease in the physical and mental health of the youth in the community.  Swimming at outdoor centers in chlorinated pools is one of the safest athletic activities that is available during this Covid-19 time. Other cities in our own county have opened their pools (Santa Barbara) and pools are opening in cities, states, and countries around the world. It would be awful to have this newly renovated pool closed to our community.  We should not close a budget by taking successful programs and services away from the youth of our community. There are other ways to help the budget, even within the pool budget itself, but closing Paul Nelson Aquatic Center is BAD for the Santa Maria community.   *any donation made to goes to promote the petition and not directly to the cause of saving the pool. All support efforts are appreciated,  especially when you share directly with your friends and family.

Geri Coats
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