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Petition to Ticketek Australia, eBay, Gumtree , Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Ticketmaster, Nick Xenophon, Senator Richard Di Natale

Ticketek/Master/ETC introduce anti-scalping legislation in Australia!

As an avid concert goer I was appalled to hear this morning that by one past ten the Seinfeld Live show had sold out. How, in a matter of minutes did the show sell out and then also have tickets available on Gumtree, eBay and other resale sites? I have had many times where I have missed out on a concert or show as the tickets have sold out so quick only to see them at ridiculous prices that same day on these sites. We need to stop scalpers and I am calling on Ticketek and Ticketmaster Australia to introduce laws in their ticket sales in order for this to not happen in the future, to give everyone a fair go and to not see people disappointed that they can't attend a show of someone they really want to see. Thousands of people waited hours to get tickets to Seinfeld today, sometimes using multiple computers and mobiles in their household to get a ticket and couldn't even get one! Let's all band together and get Ticketek and Ticketmaster to change their act for a fair go for all Australians! Ticketek Australia sell over 20 million tickets a year,  but fail to have a direct email to contact them. Please share this petition with you as much as possible so this can be seen! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, let us all be heard! Thanks. 

Michelle Kneipp
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