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Petition to Southwark Council Cabinet

Southwark Council to change its current approach and develop a long-term tennis strategy

Tennis in our area is important because it encourages fitness; a sense of community and is beneficial for a wide range of age groups. Southwark Council has invested heavily in resurfacing public park courts in recent years and we would very much like to thank them for this.  The Council has a legitimate need to reduce its operating expenditure on tennis but it simply makes no sense to contract out public tennis in the way proposed.  The current tender process lacks a strategic context and does not provide a mechanism for tennis to achieve its full social impact which would require:  1. delivering the Burgess Park Masterplan of October 2015 with additional courts and a redesign of the pavilion building; 2. providing consistent year-round access for teaching children living near park courts the game at an affordable cost to improve their health and wellbeing; 3. providing a pathway for children to develop as players and as the next generation of coaches and volunteers thus generating a sustainable community of players; 4. incorporating insights such as the Southwark Women Can report to make parks more welcoming for women to exercise in - this is important given the lower uptake of exercise by women and the benefits to their health and outlook; 5. making the game welcoming for new adult players and encouraging a sense of community; 6. presenting an inspiring vision to the Lawn Tennis Association and outside funding bodies to rectify years of external underinvestment in tennis in the borough. 7. to inspire and encourage volunteering and community involvement in tennis. Given there is only one dedicated public tennis venue in the borough this has to be the hub for any meaningful long-term commitment to develop the game and the social benefits that follow.  A long-term strategy is needed before any contracting takes place.  We are hoping to present to the Cabinet meeting on 9 May with a petition of 500 signatures.

Be Active Social Enterprise CIC
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Petition to Louise Martin CBE

Include Archery as a Core Sport in the Commonwealth Games

This petition is to convince the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation and it's members to change archery from it's status in the Games from an optional sport to a core sport. I strongly believe that archery is worthy of being a core sport in the Commonwealth Games programme. In the Olympic Games and from many other competitions across the world it shows strong physical and mental test of abilities for those who use a bow and arrow. As an archer myself I have seen just how valuable it is. It shows all the qualities of an athlete in performance, style, technique and ability. I volunteered as a Clyde-Sider at the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014 and have come to realise that the spectators have missed out on a great thrill seeking game that could have made an interesting piece of sporting history. Of all the minority sports in the games archery is one of them that stands out from the others. Ever since the London 2012 Olympics I have committed myself to the motto of the Olympics 'to inspire a generation' and so it has inspired me to take up a sport so active and fulfilling that I have seen a whole new world to this fabulous sport involving bows and arrows. Archery is all about focus, consistency, strength, determination, ambition, accuracy, perseverance and power. Archers are a species of sports people who are born to win with their graceful art of practice and skill in propelling arrows. There are some archers out there who are so good at their game they are the best of talented sharpshooters who aim for a bar so high they are the prime example of an inspiring sportsperson. There's a saying amongst us: Aim high, aim for gold! And so from inspiration to volunteer to champion I believe that we have a sport that can help to popularise and diversify the Commonwealth Games once more. Some people seem to think of the Commonwealth Games as a ‘budget Olympic games’ or ‘the British Queen’s games’ where the only sports are athletics, lawn bowls and para-sports. That is not true, the Commonwealth Games trump the Olympics in ways only the people who understand it can imagine. It’s diverse and all-inclusive where the para and able bodied athletes share the same arena in the same games. We have sports with deep historical links to all the nations and cultures of the Commonwealth like archery, lawn bowls, swimming, athletics, boxing, judo and cycling. Above all we have a shared set of core values in these games which all the nations believe in the common good: Humanity, Equality, Destiny.

Charlie Keeble
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Petition to WWE Board of Directors, World Wrestling Entertainment

PETITION: The Davey Boy Smith WWE Hall of Fame Petition.

Celebrities supporting this petition. Davey WWE accomplishments were amazing and thrilling. Davey was always ready to step in to the squared circle. Every night Davey sacrificed his own health to thrill fans all over the world and he did it because he loved the business. The Career of Davey boy Smith is without doubts the biggest factory in the amazing support the British fan’s give the WWE over the past four decades. He drew in children of my generation with his amazing power and patriotic character and once we started watching the World Wrestling Entertainment we were all hooked. The fact that Summer Slam 1992 was such a success and still holds up as a brilliant pay per view does shows how important The British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith) was to the WWE and the whole wrestling business in general . That what the WWE Hall of Fame is there for to recognize the greats such as Davey Boy Smith. Without Davey being in the WWE Hall of Fame there will always be a strong British and European contingent representing him and fighting for him the way he fought to represent us the British and the European fans. Please would you vote for the British Bulldog to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. We don't have a British Hall of Famer in the World Wrestling Entertainment. We also feel this petition might help other British wrestlers to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame after Davey is inducted. This petition is also to get a country to be recognize in the WWE Hall of Fame. Please sign for the United Kingdom and for the British Bulldog. This petition was created with permission from Davey Boy Smith family and supported by Wrestling Legends and Wrestling promoters. For more information please visit .  #TeamDBS

Team Davey Boy Smith
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