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Petition to Spelthorne council

A new skatepark in staines

The local skatepark in staines is in need of a huge upgrade!! It is a very poorly made skatepark with metal ramps that fill up with water easily and would almost never dry up. The metal is damaged dented and disgustingly dirty.i believe lammas skatepark has seen its days as the metal ramps are rusted, damaged, and bent. So a fresh new concrete skatepark would be a huge change and would be really beneficial. Before lymington skatepark was a big concrete skatepark it was a metal skatepark with tarmac ground, dented metal ramps, rust holes and bent up ramps, so a change like lymington has had would be good for lammas to. If we get the council to donate money along with other services, communitys and places in staines this would really help this project come true. This skatepark is small and doesn’t have good big ramps such a boxes and funboxes. The spine is always filled with water and the banks are always wet as the trees are covering it. I feel as if a new concrete skatepark is built in staines it will get more kids of the streets and attract more people to action sports and everyone will have a great time. The skatepark should have good ramps be made of concrete have good drainage systems and should be very large as the lands in staines are very big.Kids and adults alike will learn new skills on their rollerblades scooter and skateboard. It is a shame that some people travel far and spend money in other places for a good skatepark. Please make this great new change happen for staines and build an amazing new big concrete skatepark. If we could have big good concrete skatepark like lymington it will be amazing and help the community and local skaters bmxers and scooter riders. It would be amazing if gravity skateparks could build a good concrete skatepark in staines with funbox,box,spine,bank etc it will be the best thing. I hope you sign this petition and help improve recreational sports and activities become popular and reach everyone of all age groups in staines. I am very thankful for every signiture for this petition.

Mohamed Buhdeima
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Petition to UFC , UFC Press, WME IMG

McGregor Vs Ferguson/Strip McGregor Or We Boycott McGregor's Cards !

Conor McGregor yet again seeks to try and use "negotiations" and "leverage" to try and get the most rewarding fight for himself as possible while Tony Ferguson is most definitely the deserving recipient of a UFC Lightweight title shot.  Tony Ferguson is a fighter who has earned his position in the division, fighting through all comers and eventually securing the Interim Lightweight Championship. This is while Conor McGregor is healthy and able to fight  Let it be known that prior to winning this belt, McGregor had never defended his Featherweight World Title either, eventually leading to the UFC stripping him of the title. This takes away legitimacy from the reign of the next champion as that next champion would have not have deservedly beaten McGregor himself for the belt and this would not be because of Conor McGregor being unavailable due to injury or personal crisis but because he simply did not want to. We are the hardcore MMA fans who are the fans of MMA first before we are the fans of the UFC. While the two are closely linked, they are in no ways synonymous. We are fed up of this mockery which has plagued our sport which we hold dear and refuse to sit down and have this continue. We demand as fans that Tony Ferguson gets the title fight against Conor McGregor or we demand that he be stripped immediately. If this does not happen, then we pledge to boycott purchasing any pay-per-view featuring McGregor until this happens. We are not against the success of a person who is larger than life like Conor McGregor and would love to see him succeed and believe that this can all be accomplished without the Lightweight belt being held ransom. This is for those MMA fans who enjoyed watching a fighter earn their way to the top. For those MMA fans who enjoyed watching Royce Gracie earn his way to win tournaments in the early UFC days. This is for those fans who enjoyed watching title-contenders fight the king of their division. Those who enjoy watching fighters make a legacy which they leave to the new-comers and those fans who enjoyed watching a contender lose or win against the respective champion having given all of their effort, blood, sweat and tears. Regardless of the result of this petition, it is time WE, who are the power and driving factor of this sport allow our own voices to be heard.

Stephen Johnson
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Petition to Shri Vijay Goel, Hon'ble Minister of State for Youth Affairs & Sports, Shri. A. C. Moideen, Hon'ble Minister for Industries, Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of Kerala, Shri.V.Hariharan, Hon. Secretary, All India Chess federation, Shri.T.P.Dasan, President, Kerala State Sports Council

Free Kerala Chess from Corruption and Nepotism

Shri.Rajesh, Secretary of Chess Association Kerala, with a view to control the elections to the state body which are due in May/June 2017 has disaffiliated 6 district Associations and appointed ad-hoc committees with persons hand-picked by him.  The four year period that Sri.Rajesh has been at the helm of affairs of Chess Association Kerala has seen his business interests prospering and the game of chess facing a decline. The community of chess players in the state has suffered immensely due to his actions.  Players including former state champions have received a raw deal from him.  He has not even spared young children and have issued show cause notices to even a 11 year old child who has performed exceedingly well in competitions within and outside the state. The Secretary himself participated in National Rapid Chess Tournament overlooking selected players. He also overlooked selected players to send a lower ranked player from his academy to a National competition. The allotment of tournaments shows a clear case of conflict of interest with the Secretary misusing his official position to allot convenient dates and lion's share of tournaments to academies controlled by him and his wife. Even the grants(TA/DA) for players selected to represent the state in national tournaments are denied to them. I joined this movement by accident. My son being a player, I got exposed to the attitude of the Secretary who expects players including State Champions to bow before him and his diktats. It was indeed disgusting to see an official treating masters of the game like his slaves. Being part of a noble profession whose members were an integral part of the freedom movement of the country, it was only natural for me to lend my voice to a struggle against oppression and corruption by an official. The Secretary has now threatened the players including 5-time and 6-time state champions with disciplinary actions for speaking against him. We need your support to save Kerala Chess from corruption and nepotism. We request the Hon'ble Minister of State for Youth Affairs & Sports, the Hon'ble Minister for Industries, Sports and Youth Affairs, Govt. of Kerala,  Hon. Secretary, All India Chess federation and President, Kerala State Sports Council to take action against Sri.Rajesh, Secretary, Chess Association Kerala for corruption and malpractices during his 4 year period and to ensure a Chess Administration free of corruption and nepotism.

Prasanth Sugathan
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