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Petition to WWE Board of Directors, World Wrestling Entertainment

PETITION: The Davey Boy Smith WWE Hall of Fame Petition.

Celebrities supporting this petition. Davey WWE accomplishments were amazing and thrilling. Davey was always ready to step in to the squared circle. Every night Davey sacrificed his own health to thrill fans all over the world and he did it because he loved the business. The Career of Davey boy Smith is without doubts the biggest factory in the amazing support the British fan’s give the WWE over the past four decades. He drew in children of my generation with his amazing power and patriotic character and once we started watching the World Wrestling Entertainment we were all hooked. The fact that Summer Slam 1992 was such a success and still holds up as a brilliant pay per view does shows how important The British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith) was to the WWE and the whole wrestling business in general . That what the WWE Hall of Fame is there for to recognize the greats such as Davey Boy Smith. Without Davey being in the WWE Hall of Fame there will always be a strong British and European contingent representing him and fighting for him the way he fought to represent us the British and the European fans. Please would you vote for the British Bulldog to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. We don't have a British Hall of Famer in the World Wrestling Entertainment. We also feel this petition might help other British wrestlers to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame after Davey is inducted. This petition is also to get a country to be recognize in the WWE Hall of Fame. Please sign for the United Kingdom and for the British Bulldog. This petition was created with permission from Davey Boy Smith family and supported by Wrestling Legends and Wrestling promoters. For more information please visit .  #TeamDBS

Team Davey Boy Smith
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Petition to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

Save Basingstoke Sports Centre

In order to meet the Council’s requirements, petitions may only be signed by people who live, work or study in the borough area, including those under 18 years of age. Please do not sign more than once (this includes if you have already signed a paper petition). We're aiming for 10,000 signatures.  Petition Summary The Council's proposal for a large leisure hotel at Basing View is the biggest threat in our 47-year history putting at risk the very existence of Basingstoke Sports Centre and the registered charity itself. Confidential Council papers (obtained through a Freedom of Information request) recognise this additional large scale leisure provision is unnecessary and will displace our own customers. This will have a devastating impact. The leisure hotel will only be viable because the Council is to spend £3,000,000 to enable the development and give Village Hotels a 250 year lease on a peppercorn rent. There will be a staggering loss of opportunity for regular physical activity for all ages, including the hundreds on our Cardiac and Cancer Rehabilitation programmes. Almost 1 million visits to the town centre would disappear every year, and more than 180 jobs could be lost. Whilst it may be two to three years before the hotel will open, we need your support now to ensure the community facilities of Basingstoke Sports Centre are available for generations to come. Please sign the petition or read on for more detailPlease note, your address will not be published on this petition, however we do require it to verify your identity. In October 2016 the Cabinet of Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council agreed a proposal to enable the development of a large leisure hotel at Basing View. The large leisure hotel, Village Hotels, would need to generate a third of its turnover from health and fitness. The Council already recognises that the town centre is well provided for in terms of health and fitness and this is referenced in two of their published documents – Leisure Recreation Needs Assessment (2015) and Built Sports Facility Strategy (2016). Through Freedom of Information requests, we have obtained a copy of a confidential Council report considered at Cabinet which states “the recent research carried out, strongly indicates that any new gym, or a significant expansion to an existing gym, would simply displace gym users from existing provision and undermine the viability of existing providers”. Furthermore, this same Council report also states “Certainly, significant displacement from Basingstoke Sports Centre could jeopardise not only the community health programmes, it may impact the viability of the Sports Trust Charity that operate the Basingstoke Sports Centre”. We understand that Village Hotels only regard Basingstoke as a marginally viable location and so the Council have agreed to spend £3million of Council money to help enable the development as well as giving Village Hotels a 250-year lease on a peppercorn rent, foregoing multiple millions of pounds of income to the Council in ground rent over the term of the lease. We have commissioned independent research which shows that up to 23% of our health and fitness membership could be displaced and that the impact on the charity’s income could be as high as £800,000 per year. This would lead to the winding up of the Charity; the closure of Basingstoke Sports Centre, and the loss of all that it adds to the town in terms of regular physical activity, health and wellbeing and children’s activities, and an economic impact on the town through loss of jobs and decrease in town centre visits. Basingstoke Sports Trust is a registered charity. Charity No. 301731. We, the undersigned, ask the Council to reverse their decision and stop this development from going ahead and to seek only those alternative proposals which do not include such a large leisure offering in order to protect the future of Basingstoke Sports Centre.

Basingstoke Sports Trust
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Petition to Darren Bailey, Jonathan Hall

Take some firm action to cut diving out of football. #stopdiving

Update: this petition has been sent to the FA, and you can read their reply in an update below.  Next step is to send to FIFA to support FA's request to include diving in the scope for 'retrospective action'.  I am aiming for 1,000 signatures, so your support is much appreciated. Diving is cheating pure and simple. It sets the worst possible example to the next generation, who are copying their professional heroes. It has been growing in recent years and has now reached the point where it is spoiling the 'beautiful game' and making the job of referee much more difficult than it should be.  The integrity of the game is at stake, and the FA is in a position to set an example to the rest of the world. However, their reply to the petition suggests they will not act without wider FIFA approval being reached first. I think the balance is wrong at present, as in the player's mind the 'prize' or reward for a dive outweighs the risk of being caught and the likely punishment.  If this balance is changed, the players will stop diving. There are several ways in which this balance could be changed: 1)  Post match use of video technology is one option, with clear cases of diving punished by 'retrospective action' as bringing the game into disrepute.  This works well for MLS in the US, where a disciplinary committee meets weekly.  This is my own favoured option. 2) Diving could become a red card offence when the referee spots it.  A 3 game ban would be severe punishment, and the threat of this would act as a deterrent.  3)  Use of immediate video replays during games, as in all other major sports, and sin-binning of players should be considered as another option.  A ten minute sin bin would not only be immediate punishment, but could add to the overall excitement of the game, and lead to more goals being scored.  Firm action along these lines will quickly have an effect.  I feel sure this petition will have the support of millions of genuine football lovers across the world.  Thanks again for your support, James Barker (@desmond58)

James Barker
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Petition to Southwark Council Cabinet

Southwark Council to change its current approach and develop a long-term tennis strategy

Tennis in our area is important because it encourages fitness; a sense of community and is beneficial for a wide range of age groups. Southwark Council has invested heavily in resurfacing public park courts in recent years and we would very much like to thank them for this.  The Council has a legitimate need to reduce its operating expenditure on tennis but it simply makes no sense to contract out public tennis in the way proposed.  The current tender process lacks a strategic context and does not provide a mechanism for tennis to achieve its full social impact which would require:  1. delivering the Burgess Park Masterplan of October 2015 with additional courts and a redesign of the pavilion building; 2. providing consistent year-round access for teaching children living near park courts the game at an affordable cost to improve their health and wellbeing; 3. providing a pathway for children to develop as players and as the next generation of coaches and volunteers thus generating a sustainable community of players; 4. incorporating insights such as the Southwark Women Can report to make parks more welcoming for women to exercise in - this is important given the lower uptake of exercise by women and the benefits to their health and outlook; 5. making the game welcoming for new adult players and encouraging a sense of community; 6. presenting an inspiring vision to the Lawn Tennis Association and outside funding bodies to rectify years of external underinvestment in tennis in the borough. 7. to inspire and encourage volunteering and community involvement in tennis. Given there is only one dedicated public tennis venue in the borough this has to be the hub for any meaningful long-term commitment to develop the game and the social benefits that follow.  A long-term strategy is needed before any contracting takes place.  We are hoping to present to the Cabinet meeting on 9 May with a petition of 500 signatures.

Be Active Social Enterprise CIC
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