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Petition to Chris Elmore, John McCarthy, Maverick Skateparks

To have a skatepark built in Pencoed

This petition is to show support and prove that there is a genuine local need for a concrete skatepark in Pencoed. Pencoed has very few facilities for young people to use. Since BMX, Skateboards and scooters are very popular in and around the area, a skatepark would be an excellent place for young people to improve their skills but to also create a closer community within Pencoed and nearby areas. If a skatepark were to be built, many people would travel by public transport, allowing the government and other companies to also benefit. Furthermore, the riders using the skatepark would also visit different shops to buy refreshments etc, allowing those companies to also gain from the skatepark. Having a skatepark within Pencoed would give the young people somewhere to hang out, reducing disruptions and annoyance in other areas of the town. This would allow young people to create and build friendships with others. The new skatepark will be a free-to-use, safe, inclusive and family orientated sports facility for users of all ages. Professionally designed and constructed by a company selected by the Petitioner and a varied group of riders with design input from local skatepark users. Skateparks are proven to increase health, well-being, community cohesion whilst reducing social exclusion and anti-social behaviour. The skatepark will not only benefit skatepark users, it will enhance the town and will be an asset to the whole community.

Iwan Sheridan
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Petition to Haringey Council

Stop redevelopment threats to the Broadwater Farm Area of Tottenham - Protect our estates!

We say NO to any demolitions of local homes. PROTECT all the facilities and improvements made in the area! In their Draft Haringey Local Plan undergoing consultation, Haringey Council planners are proposing a shocking and totally unnecessary, potential demolition and redevelopment 'zone' [Site SA62] covering Broadwater Farm (including the BWF Community Centre), Somerset Close, Lido Square, Moira Close, and some houses along Lordship Lane. Some or all of this great, community-spirited area of Tottenham could be under threat from property developers in the future, blighting the area for years. The Council have confirmed that they are considering ‘all options’ for the Broadwater Farm council housing estate. Council planners also propose that the pleasant adjacent low-level Housing Association housing estates be designated as an area 'suitable for tall buildings' of 6-11 storeys. This is despite the fantastic, award-winning improvements to the area local people have successfully fought for and achieved together over the last 30 years - a wide range of community facilities, the UK's first ever integrated primary school campus, a health centre, landscaping and play areas, refurbished estate blocks with concierges, a sports field managed by the legendary Broadwater United youth football academy, the nationally-famous Harmony Gardens, and last but not least Tottenham's largest public park which has just undergone a wonderful community-led renaissance! These successful regeneration efforts have been led by Broadwater Farm Residents’ Association, Broadwater United Sports And Football Academy, and the Friends of Lordship Rec - in partnership with Haringey Council's housing and parks' services - and are now admired and celebrated throughout the UK and beyond. We will not allow this area to become blighted and a prey to property developers. We support the campaign to defend the area, and to protect all the improvements made. The draft proposal must be withdrawn immediately.

Friends of Lordship / BWF Res Assoc / BW United
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