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Petition to Matthew Hancock MP, Zoe Michaels

Have all Swimming Pools and Gyms to stay open extended hours for better access.

I petition The Secretary for Health and The Secretary for Sport and Civil Society, to have all public swimming pools and gyms/fitness centres stay open for extended hours.  This would allow more people to access facilities, empowering people to take care of their health and well being. At present I am unable to attend my local leisure centre due to the opening times clashing with the standard working day.  When I do, It is very busy and at peak times you are forced to wait to use equipment. As a disabled person, struggling to remain in full time work, regular exercise could assist me in retaining/improving my physical and mental health,  In turn this will mean I am more likely to retain my employment and not become a financial burden through the need for welfare assistance and could reduce the pressure alone, that my health puts on the NHS.  I am sure this is relevant to those who consider themselves able bodied and well. Unfortunately, at the weekend, in the early hours, or late in the evening, when I, like many others, do not work, there are no  swimming sessions and the centres close early at just 4pm.  With the increase in zero hours contracts this too has impacted the free time which people have to attend classes and/or facilities. By making centres stay open later, the weekend in particular could be full of more healthy activities for people of all ages,  across the nation.  We don't all want to frequent pubs and clubs, and if we do, not all of the time.  In stead of takeaway, we could be building our strength, releasing stress and improving our lives.  We could go to the sauna, use the jacuzzi or gently swim and do aqua aerobics with friends.  Dancing in the pool to music, the laughter and joy could change so many lives. I believe this small change in opening hours will create employment, improve the health and well being of the nation and reduce the impact of poorly managed heath on our beloved NHS.  Please sign if you also feel this would benefit you, your friends and the people you love.  

Zoe Michaels
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Petition to Bedfordshire Residents

Support to create an indoor skatepark / roller sports facility within Bedfordshire

BACKGROUND: There is no indoor skatepark or roller sports facility within Sandy, Biggleswade, Luton, Bedford or the surroundings areas. Bedfordshire as a whole has make shift roller rinks and outdoor skate parks - some are decent, while others are very poor. With the outdoor parks, whatever their condition they always become redundant for most of the year due to bad weather and poor natural light making these sports very dangerous in wet, windy and icy conditions! The lack of a dedicated facility is a major barrier for participation in roller sports, and sadly as a result we will see more young people (who are not so fortunate to be able to afford a trip to Indoor facilities outside the area) ride these unsafe parks, meaning more risks of injury as none of these parks are managed or have someone for safeguarding or first aiders. There will be more riders using the streets or worse still, using derelict spaces to refine their skills, potentially causing Anti-social Behaviour issues and hazards. With our family roller skating sessions and in particular the growth of roller hockey and roller derby seeing a renaissance, we are constantly pressed for training and usage availability as most venues lack the correct type of flooring - again forcing skaters to use unsafe surfaces or simply not skate at all. Having run weekly sessions since 2007, we are well aware of the additional benefits skating provides the family unit and the community as a whole. PROPOSAL:  Our proposal is to develop an indoor venue into an indoor skate park / roller sports facility and youth enterprise hub for training. The site is to eventually include a space for live music & rehearsals, a cafe, training rooms and office space for social enterprises and charities. Our aim is to build a unique, fun and safe environment that young people in particular can enjoy and which gives an alternative to sitting about doing nothing or possibly causing a nuisance during times when skateparks are not accessible and especially during the winter months. OUTCOME:  Bedfordshire has already produced riders that have gone on to ride at a professional level all over the world, representing Great Britain in Scooter Competitions at a Worldwide Level, as well as BMXers, Roller skaters and Skateboarders. The training and potential employment opportunities for young people and the community partnership networking between different organisations. REQUEST:  We require a site of at least 30,000 sqft for the proposed activities. We have the motivation, drive and some of the necessary tools but really need support from everyone to make this happen. Please sign this petition, share with your friends, family and networks. If you want to get involved with this or would like more information please contact Campaign Info: Http:// Campaign Updates: Http:// #indoor4beds

Nu FOCUS Education CIC
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Petition to WWE Board of Directors, World Wrestling Entertainment

PETITION: The Davey Boy Smith WWE Hall of Fame Petition.

Celebrities supporting this petition. Davey WWE accomplishments were amazing and thrilling. Davey was always ready to step in to the squared circle. Every night Davey sacrificed his own health to thrill fans all over the world and he did it because he loved the business. The Career of Davey boy Smith is without doubts the biggest factory in the amazing support the British fan’s give the WWE over the past four decades. He drew in children of my generation with his amazing power and patriotic character and once we started watching the World Wrestling Entertainment we were all hooked. The fact that Summer Slam 1992 was such a success and still holds up as a brilliant pay per view does shows how important The British Bulldog (Davey Boy Smith) was to the WWE and the whole wrestling business in general . That what the WWE Hall of Fame is there for to recognize the greats such as Davey Boy Smith. Without Davey being in the WWE Hall of Fame there will always be a strong British and European contingent representing him and fighting for him the way he fought to represent us the British and the European fans. Please would you vote for the British Bulldog to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. We don't have a British Hall of Famer in the World Wrestling Entertainment. We also feel this petition might help other British wrestlers to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame after Davey is inducted. This petition is also to get a country to be recognize in the WWE Hall of Fame. Please sign for the United Kingdom and for the British Bulldog. This petition was created with permission from Davey Boy Smith family and supported by Wrestling Legends and Wrestling promoters. For more information please visit .  #TeamDBS

Team Davey Boy Smith
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Petition to Our MPs, Press Editors like George Osborn of the Evening Standard, The Met, The ASA

Stop Selling Sexism

10% of pre-teen kids addicted to Porn (NSPCC)90% of mainstream Porn shows Violence against Women90% Women in Prostitution want to Get Out   We call on: Newspaper Editors to stop making money by advertising porn and prostitution The ASA to stop allowing ads for porn, sex chat and prostitution in our newspapers or on non-restricted sites on line. Our MPs to take measures to ensure The Sport is sold on the top shelf only and take action on the relentless objectification of women and girls by the British media and popular culture which flies in the face of all policies on reducing violence against women and girls and presents a serious issue of child protection. #HarveyWeinstein Retail Regulators like the NFRN (National Federation of Newsagents) to issue new guidelines to retailers to sell The Sport on the top shelf only.   The Metropolitan Police to re-launch their initiative calling on all newspapers to stop publishing sex/porn ads because of the harm of these industries and their inextricable links with coercion and trafficking. In addition to view this as a matter of child protection.   The London Mayor and Transport for London to tell ES and METRO to stop advertising sex chat and prostitution or lose their huge distribution network on London's Transport system.   George Osborn of The ES to stop promoting Sex Chat and 'Chat or Date' (aka prostitution).   David Sullivan, owner of both The Sport and West Ham Football Club – to promote family sport (football) not women as sport (The Sport).

Not Buying It
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