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Petition to NCAA Power 5, Robert A. Bowlsby, James E. Delany, Gregory Sankey, Larry G. Scott, John D. Swofford

NCAA Conference Commissioners: Ban Violent Athletes

My name is Cody McDavis. I am a former Division I student-athlete and the prevalence of sexual violence in college athletics makes me sick. That’s why I’m calling on the Power Five Conference Commissioners — the most influential conferences in the NCAA — to immediately ban student-athletes with a history of violence. Violent students have no place in collegiate athletics. Sport is meant to be a place of respect, accountability, and honor. None of these virtues can exist in a place where we allow perpetrators of sexual violence to exist. Several individuals in my own family have been sexually assaulted and so have many of my close friends. As a result, I’ve been speaking out against sexual violence for years. In 2015, I worked with then-Vice President Biden, the White House, and the NCAA to start the It’s On Us campaign that called on student-athletes around the country to speak out against sexual violence. Then, in 2016, Darius Adams petitioned the NCAA to ban violent athletes, and 190,000 of you signed your name. Darius started this petition because his mother, Brenda Tracy, was drugged and gang-raped in 1998 by four college football players. Their punishment: a one-game suspension for breaking team conduct rules. Darius and Brenda inspired me to take a stand. I met with the leadership of the NCAA to create the Committee to Combat Campus Sexual Violence, which Brenda and I sat on together. Brenda and I spent two long years working with the NCAA to finish what Darius originally set out to do: ban violent student-athletes. But the NCAA disbanded the committee without changing the rules. The NCAA has failed to act, so it’s time to turn directly to the athletic conferences. NCAA Power Five Conference Commissioners: Please adopt rules prohibiting student-athletes with a history of violence from participating in college athletics. This policy change is both critical and possible. The Big Sky Athletic Conference has already adopted a comprehensive policy banning violent athletes, thanks to students who worked with Brenda Tracy. The Big Sky didn’t wait for the NCAA to make their conference safer for all students at their member schools. Now it’s time for the Power Five conferences to step up and do the same. Brenda Tracy was gang-raped 20 years ago. For the past several years, Brenda has been meeting with college teams across the country to tell her story and advocate for change. Brenda is doing everything she can to make our college campuses a safer place for everyone, and I’m proud to stand with her. We cannot allow the NCAA or its conferences to be complacent. They owe it to their athletes. They owe it to their students. They owe it to Brenda and all survivors. The Power Five conferences have an opportunity to make a statement and start a cultural shift within college athletics and beyond. Sexual violence is at its worst on our college campuses. 1-in-10 students will experience sexual violence while in college. 1-in-5 will not report out of fear of reprisal. Our athletic conferences, with all their influence, have an opportunity to tell the country that they stand with the survivors of sexual violence. Join me in calling on the Power Five Conferences of the NCAA to enact rules prohibiting the participation of student-athletes with a history of violence.

Cody McDavis
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Petition to NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA

End Racist Mascots in the NFL, MLB, NHL, & NCAA

Problem: We are aware that racism came into sports when the mascots of the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), Washington DC Redskins (NFL), Atlanta Braves (MLB), Cleveland Indians (MLB), Chicago Blackhawks (NHL), and the Florida State Seminoles (NCAA) are the use of imageries "hostile or abusive" towards Native Americans. These mascots are not honorable because they are instead an offensive rip-off that disrespects our indigenous people in the United States as insults. Solution: Our goal is to have the leagues of the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA to require these organizations to change the racist mascots to more of an appropriate imagery kind as well as banning the traditions of the "chop" and "war chants" to ensure that racism in sports will make no excuses anymore. Reason: I believe that we should consider racism in at least sports as a crime because every time we look at the crowd using the racist traditions, it's not only annoying but it also disrespects the people who in case celebrates the indigenous people's day. For my example, I was upset when the racist Florida State ended up winning the NCAA softball championship because they should not have got away without punishment or a consequence for using a tradition of hostile abuse towards the indigenous people of the United States. Benefit To Who? The goal to end racists mascots will benefit our Native Americans who will finally get the respect that they deserve by leaving them peacefully alone. Please sign and share the petition to end racist mascots altogether.

Seattle Entertainer
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