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Petition to ITF - International Tennis Federation, WTA - Women's Tennis Association, ATP - Association of Tennis Professionals

Help save the future of professional tennis

The future of professional tennis is expected to go under a drastic change by 2019. Many players believe this could be the end of their dream. Here are the main reasons why: 1. The professional rankings will be limited to no more than 750 players for men and women. Currently, there are almost 2000 men and 1250 women. 2. $15,000 professional tournaments will no longer be professional tournaments; they will not award professional points. 3. Many players continue to compete in $15,000's (even top 200 players!) because there are many that are held for consecutive weeks in the same place. This is not the case for $25,000's. This will mean that all players, whether they are inside the top 750 or not, will have to significantly increase their budget to travel to a different place on a weekly basis for $25,000's and other tournaments.  Yes, this means all players ranked outside the top 750 will not be considered professional. Their professional status will be taken away from them. Their chances of winning professional points in $15,000's will not exist anymore. All the best professional tennis players seen on TV today and all the tennis legends won some of their first professional points by competing in entry-level tournaments, the equivalent of $15,000's today. This 'first step' is so important for all professional  players, and it's about to be taken away from them. All tennis players who work hard every day to win their first professional point in a $15,000 tournament will be denied. The very essence of beginning a professional career, as well as continuing one, will be extinguished for many tennis players around the world. Many players have already said that if these changes happen, they will probably quit. This is happening because the ITF (International Tennis Federation) is ordering a major restructuring of entry-level professional tennis. They want to implement their own ranking system that will award players "transition points" in $15,000's to redeem for a spot to play in 'real professional events', such as $25,000's. In fact, they have already said that by 2020, they plan to entirely remove $25,000's from the men's professional tournament category. This is due to a study (found here) that shows there are currently ~14,000 players competing in professional tournaments, of which almost half do not earn any prize money.  Tennis players may be alone on the court, but this is a calling for all of them to come together and say "no" to these changes. For all their team members, family, tennis fans, and all people around the world to stand up against this injustice. Our goal is to reach 2,000 unique signatures before sending our petition to the ITF.           

Maria Patrascu
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Petition to City of Detroit, Michigan, State of Michigan

Citizens Against the Grand Prix on Belle Isle

We believe that it's time to pull the plug on the Detroit Grand Prix event on Belle Isle.  Before bankruptcy, the City could not afford to properly maintain the Island, so offers by the Grand Prix to run the race there in exchange for making "improvements" might have made some sense.  Now that the State of Michigan has taken over and has made Belle Isle a State Park, the time has come to allow the Island to be used as it was intended - as a nature and recreational park to be used by all people, year round.  This current year, the Grand Prix began setting up 8 weeks before the race.  That means concrete barriers inhibiting access to the riverfront, blocking bike lanes, etc.  When you include the weeks afterward to dismantile it and clean up, this means the island is essentially monopolized by the race people for the better part of three months.  This is prime park season, with public access impeded to the river, and most public gathering places in the half of the Island where the race course exists.  The fact that an immense portion of the island near the Fountain and Casino has been encased in concrete - creating a gigantic parking lot - to serve the purposes of the race organizers, is a permanent blot and eyesore on the face of the island.  It's time to say no to the rich and powerful who have taken over the island, and return it back to the people.  Move the Grand Prix somewhere else - get it off Belle Isle.

David Martin
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Petition to Warren Slocum (San Mateo County Supervisor) (San Mateo County Supervisor) (San Mateo County Supervis, Papia Gambelin, Eric Holm, Stan Watkins, Sean Williams, Ron Munekawa, Sheila Canzian, David Hogan, Maureen Freschet, Dianne Whitaker, Charlie Drechsler, Carole Groom, Dave Pine, Don Horsley, Adrienne J. Tissier, Jerry Hill, Joe Goethals, David Lim, J. Christopher Massey, John Ebneter, Rick Bonilla, Pamel O'Leary, Eric Rodriguez, Diane Papan

Mayor David Lim and the City of San Mateo, Please Don't Take Away Our Ice Rink

The San Mateo Ice Center is the best, if not only, opportunity for San Mateo area parents and children to have access to an ice rink. Without the rink, we and our kids will no longer be able to play hockey, figure skate, attend public skate sessions, hold birthday parties, participate in laser skate nights, play broomball, and attend summer camp on the ice. Recently, the San Mateo Daily Journal wrote an article about how demand for ice time is skyrocketing at San Mateo and other rinks in the area.  Ice is hard to come by and demolishing the San Mateo rink will mean fewer kids learn to skate or experience the thrill of ice hockey and figure skating.  San Mateo families will face longer commutes, higher costs, and less convenient hours for kids who play hockey or compete in figure skating. The San Mateo rink is currently busy from early morning to late at night - 18 hours a day.  The closest rink, Belmont Iceland, is also at capacity and packed well into the night.  Unlike San Mateo, the Belmont rink isn't full size so some competition levels cannot play there.  All the rinks in the Bay Area are currently at capacity.  Closing San Mateo will increase demand on other rinks, increasing costs for San Mateo families that will now need to travel elsewhere.   Interest in ice hockey in San Mateo continues to grow significantly.  The California Cougars youth hockey program, serving kids as young as 5, was headquartered at the San Mateo rink.  Many Cougar alumni are playing at college, junior, and professional levels; current skaters dream of one day following in their footsteps.   Figure skating demands on ice time also continue to grow; recent San Mateo competitions have hosted well over three hundred skaters and their families.  San Mateo Ice Center has a legacy of amazing and accomplished U.S. figure skaters.  Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi got her start in San Mateo.  Gold Medalist Brian Boitano and Bronze Medalist Debi Thomas also skated in San Mateo during their competitive careers. While we appreciate SPI Holdings LLC's offer to build a park restroom and provide plastic turf on an existing soccer field, we feel this will be of less benefit and use to the community than the rink.  The artificial turf will only increase playtime a few days a year.  Closing the rink will eliminate ice time year-round for thousands in our community.   Losing the rink will greatly change the lives of San Mateo and other area families, many of whom moved here due to the rink.  The San Mateo City Council made a commitment to this community in their previous 5-0 votes to keep the rink.  An entire ice skating culture has grown and devloped from that commitment.  We ask that the City Council not reverse its previous decisions and not change the current master plan to demolish th ice rink and build more chain stores. Thank you.

Mike Swire
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