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Make an IBJJF New York Open for KIDS!

Today is February 1, 2018 and I started this petition 2 years ago!! So much has changed in a matter of two years and the kids competition scene here in the NorthEast has expanded greatly. Below is my original post calling for a KIDS IBJJF NY OPEN; two years later, this call still has not been answered. We can change that and we must. Please read my original post and pass this along to as many people as you possibly can. Let's get to 500 signatures! We aren't far off from achieving that simple goal because of all of the beautiful and supportive people that have already spoken by signing this petition. Us kids are still and will always be the future of Jiu jitsu. Treat us right, IBJJF. Please. ORIGINAL POST:  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is my passion and I know the BJJ kids community here on the NorthEast Coast feel the same. Unfortunately, we don't have all of the same opportunities that many of our brothers and sisters on the West Coast of the United States have where IBJJF tournaments are concerned. We don't share any of the NY OPENS with the adult competitors that we all look up to and whom train us to be warriors on the mat. I have traveled across the country to attend the KIDS PANS in Long Beach, California and the KIDS American Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada and those experiences were amazing.. but it took a lot for my parents to get me there and unfortunately, I know so many talented Jiujitsu players that won't get to have those experiences. The Dedicated and hard working kids in my community who aren't able to travel across the country need an outlet to show the federation that the future here on the NorthEast is bright. This move would benefit so many including the IBJJF with swarms of new memberships. Please consider signing this petition, even if you don't have a child or student who competes. Sign it because you love Jiu-Jitsu or simply because it you want to see kids excel in what they love and honor. Sign it because your kid or student works hard and loves to train and compete. Sign it because you have an academy full of dedicated athletes that you work hard to teach. Sign it because you know that kids are the future of Jiu-Jitsu. Please & Thank you, Oss

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, Dianne Feinstein

Protect Young Athletes from Sexual Abuse!

Our country listened in shock, anger and sadness as 156 young women shared their stories of abuse by Larry Nassar, former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor. How did he get away with abusing so many innocent children for so long? Because adults who knew made the conscious decision to ignore it.Sign our petition to demand that Congress require adults working in youth sports to report sexual abuse.The Protecting Young Athletes from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of – known as The Safe Sport Act – would make members of the Olympic movement and youth sports mandatory reporters, and require they implement standard protections to protect athletes and other children from abuse. USA Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics failed to forward countless sexual abuse reports to police and allowed coaches found guilty of criminal child molestation to continue working. Under this bill, they will no longer be allowed to prioritize their profits and success over the safety of their athletes.If the Safe Sport Act had been in place, we could have stopped Larry Nassar much sooner. Help us protect future athletes by signing our petition. This is a common sense piece of legislation, endorsed by athletes, coaches, national sport governing bodies, and experts in child protection. It has bipartisan support and has already passed the House and Senate. Now we need your help to get it signed into law. If Nassar’s victims had the courage to stand up to their abuser, it’s our responsibility to raise our voices for them. Join the movement to protect our Olympians.

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