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Petition to Tottenham Hotspur FC, Daniel Levy, Donna-Maria Cullen

Stop THFC from pricing fans out of the game with excessive season ticket price hikes.

LATEST TOTTENHAM SUPPORTERS' TRUST UPDATE: THE PROBLEMS: THFC have decided to 'reward' their own fans' continued loyalty by significantly increasing their season ticket prices for the new stadium. Many THFC fans will be facing increases of 25, 40 or 50% (and higher in some instances) in their usual seating areas. Loyal, dedicated supporters will be priced out of our game. A younger generation of fans, who the club should be making an effort to attract, will not be able to afford football. THFC will be charging the highest season ticket prices in the country for only 19 league games with no cup games included like in previous seasons. THFC have told supporters that, once purchased, the seat position is fixed permanently. You will not be allowed to change your location in later phase windows or in future seasons. THFC have failed to respond on 3 separate occasions to Tottenham Supporters' Trust's request for a full list of how many seats are available at each price point.  THFC quote "Season tickets starting from £795". HOWEVER, there are fewer than 1,200 tickets available at this price, and you must be connected to another applicant eligible for the family area to get one. THFC have the vast majority of tickets priced between £975 and £1,995. HUGE increases for many supporters from Wembley. THFC - FINANCIAL FIGURES (DELOITTE): 16/17 SEASON: THFC Broadcasting Revenue = £219.0 million. HIGHER than ever. 11TH RICHEST CLUB IN THE WORLD. 16/17 SEASON: 14.8% of THFC Total Revenue = Matchday (£52.7 million). A TINY PROPORTION considering the bigger picture. "Fans' money from ticket sales is so desperately needed to pay for this stadium".  With NUMEROUS other potential COMMERCIAL opportunities now available for the club: NFL, Concerts, Sponsorship, Naming rights, Record TV Rights Money etc, this is a MYTH. TICKET SALES account for 14.8% of revenue. What about using the other 85%? "Fans must accept price rises, if we want to pay top wages for players" From THST: "The Club has not given any indication that increased ticket income will fund player wages. It has said gate income is needed to service the debt taken on to build the stadium. But it has given no commitment that prices could go down when that debt is paid off." TV RIGHTS FACTS: Football is flooded in vast sums of money and TV revenue is higher than ever: £5.14 billion for the Premier League (2015-19). TV revenue has increased substantially in the last decade (BILLIONS). Theoretically, Ticket prices should be falling and not rising.  ISSUE WITH SOUTH 'KOP/SINGLE TIER' STAND PRICING: The club's proposed season ticket prices in the South stand are completely at odds with the club's stated aims. In this stand (the supposed hub of 'atmosphere' and area for future safe standing), ticket prices will be of £1000 and upwards. There will also be sections of premium/corporate seats priced at £2,200. To place such seats within the 'hardcore' section of the stadium is completely and utterly ridiculous considering what the club has been saying throughout the whole stadium construction process. It shows that THFC are more interested in the corporates than the normal fan. The scale of the price increases facing many fans are completely UNJUSTIFIABLE. CONTACT DETAILS: PHONE THE CLUB @ 0330 333 2018. EMAIL THE CLUB @ LET THE SUPPORTERS' TRUST KNOW:   The club have said that they have received no complaints from fans. We know that this is not true. Let them know again what you think.  Our message: We urge THFC to cooperate and rethink these season ticket prices immediately. Or do they want a soulless, empty, corporate bowl? 'FOOTBALL IS NOTHING WITHOUT FANS'.

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