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Petition to Highways England, Herefordshire Highways Authority

Safety Petition to prevent more serious accidents on A49

Safety petition A49 south of Hereford city (SO 50060 35852) 20.03.16. This petition aims to achieve changes to the signage and road layout on the A49, a road that has been the site of many accidents, injuries and fatalities throughout its whole length. Specifically this is a response to a serious accident that occurred on a stretch of road between the Grafton Garages and the relief road roundabout on Wednesday 16th March when a Landrover and sheep trailer hit the back of a car in which a mother and her child were trying to turn right into Norton Brook Lane. The trailer overturned onto the top of the car; another car was also involved in which the pregnant mother and child were thankfully unhurt, but the father suffered a serious leg fracture. He had to be cut out of his car. Norton Brook Lane is in constant use as it is the turn to a day nursery. Traffic needing to turn right into the lane are highly vulnerable as the turning is hidden, narrow and poorly signed, and cars that have gathered speed down the Callow Hill are often driving too fast to stop behind cars turning right. This problem has been present for many years and the recent accident has highlighted the danger of this stretch of road, and the fact that it is young children and babies who are regularly at risk. The petition will go to Highways England, local councillors and MPs, and the members of the Highways and Transport cabinet of Herefordshire Council. Your signature on this petition will help to improve the safety of everyone using this road and highlight the dangers of black spots on the A49. Following a major accident at this site on Wednesday 16th March 2016, we the undersigned request the following:  1. A 40 mph speed limit on the A49 from SO 50451 36583 to SO 49802 35447   2. The creation of a wide splay at the bottom of Norton Brook Lane to alert drivers on the A49 to the presence of this turning and make it clear why there are Reduce Speed signs. A wide splay would also improve visibility and leave more space for two cars or tractors to pass easily when one is entering and the other leaving.  3 Installation of school warning signs in both directions on the A49.  4. Improvement of the visibility of the Reduce Speed warning signs.

Caroline Slough
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Petition to Stewart Macdonald of East Dunbartonshire Council

Newdyke Road Traffic Calming Measures

Every resident living within the Newdyke Road / Hillhead area and surroundings will obviously have come across speeding drivers every night driving well over the speed limit up and down this road. We all know what we call them when you hear and see them speeding.  It was only a matter of time before something happened and of course the night of 10th August 2017 - it happened. Poor 10 year old Matthew knocked down by a speeding driver on Newdyke Road.We hope he is ok and wish him a speedy recovery. This is the second child that has been knocked down on this road in the last 2 weeks. Now something needs to be done along this stretch of Newdyke Road.Its lucky Matthew is alive but someday it could happen again and it could be your child lying on that road next time. That Newdyke Road needs Traffic calming measures put in place and maybe some way of taking the parked cars off the road. There is a school along this road with a football pitch where a lot of kids normally play,so by having the Traffic calming measures in place can justify that your kids will arrive home in one piece. Speed bumps-Speed cameras- extra signs- Chicanes, anything to slow down drivers along this road. If you know this area and seen the evidence yourself,please sign the petition.If you have children or grandchildren who play around this area then get signing.The more signatures the more EDC will be pressurised into carrying these measures out. If I get enough signatures, I will personally go to EDC myself and fight to have these measures put in. Even though this is the main bus route from Harestanes to Glasgow,it may stop any measures getting put into place but if the buses also slow down for speed bumps it can prevent any accidents as well. We need this happen now before someone gets killed. 

Colm Heneghan
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Petition to Chris Grayling, Humza Yousaf

Simplify the National Speed Limits!

Speed limits aren't as straightforward as you might think! A scary number of motorists are being caught out with speeding convictions because they're completely oblivious or bamboozled by the fact that speed limits on roads can vary depending on what classification your vehicle falls under. If you drive a Van or LGV/HGV you should be aware that the national speed limit is 10 miles an hour less than other vehicles on single and dual carriageways. However, if you drive a pick up truck or a car derived van, it can become a very grey area. Even the police sometimes struggle to define which speed limit is applicable to these vehicles, and the advice provided by the department for transport has been singularly unhelpful. Instead of trying to establish whether or not a complex series of rules and exemptions apply, what we'd like is the law to be updated for so called "dual purpose vehicles" and other commercial vehicles including vans and car derived vans, as the current legislation is outdated and not fit for purpose. Our suggested change would be for the national speed limit to be standardised to 60mph on single carriageways and 70mph on dual carriageways for all vehicles that weigh less than 3.5t (driveable on a standard 'B' licence), and the lower speed limits to only apply to vehicles over 3.5t (requiring a 'C1' or 'C' licence & above to drive) or vehicles towing a trailer (requiring a 'B+E' licence). This change would: - simplify the current legislation - modernise a law written 30 years ago for old vehicles using drum brakes, and taking into account advances in safety technology like disc brakes, improved stopping distances and ABS on modern vehicles - increase safety on roads by allowing the traffic to flow better - reduce driver frustration and the number of vehicles dangerously overtaking on bad roads (especially on roads like the A9). - allow businesses to move more efficiently across the country, reducing carbon emissions and delays - Reduce driver fatigue by reducing the number of hours spent behind the wheel each week, hopefully in turn reducing the number of accidents each year involving tired commercial drivers

Ben Law
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Petition to Phedon Phedonos

Paphos 2017 City of Culture Embarrassment!

Boy racers will remain a term that I would use loosely to describe the anti-social behaviour of middle aged men who spend the vast majority of their time speeding and revving their cars and motorcycles up and down Poseidonos Avenue, Paphos, Cyprus and do so on a regular basis through the day, night and early morning. This behaviour has now traditionally gone on for many years much to the annoyance of Residents, Local Businesses and Tourists alike and very little continues to be done by the council or police in reducing or even stopping this offensive behaviour by irresponsible locals who obviously have very little respect for others, their community or their environment and who also have the audacity, on occasions, to remove the number plates on their vehicles so they cannot be reported. I cannot think of a better time in light of Paphos 2017 City Of Culture for both the Mayor and his departments to now put into affect a Zero Tolerance policy in restricting this unnecessary noise pollution. This behaviour is not only anti-social but an embarrassment and a reflection on both the Police, Successive Mayors and their Councils. So what should be done to curb this behaviour? 1. Introduce more speed restriction signs along Poseidonos Avenue. What road signage exists from Alexander the Great Hotel to the Tea for Two cafe remains negligible and needs upgrading. 2. Introduce permanent speed bumps, they exist and continue to be built everywhere else in Paphos and the surrounding area but not where they are really needed. 3. That both the police and the law courts introduce new by-laws and impose anything from heavy fines to confiscation of vehicles in order to curb this anti-social behaviour. 4. Lastly, can I suggest that for the safety of both Tourists, Residents and People with Disabilities that at least two more Raised Pedestrian Crossings are created at Beach Walkways from Poseidonos Ave to access the Beach front opposite The Nest Cafe and opposite The Place Royale (Dionysis Hotel) with dropped curbs for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Again what official crossings there are on Poseidonos Ave are negligible and are not wheelchair friendly. This will then turn the negative behaviour on Poseidonos Avenue by the irresponsible few into a positive for everyone who live, work and holiday in Paphos. I would be grateful for the support of anyone reading this petition to help create a more tourist and disabled friendly environment for everyone who lives, works and holiday along one of Paphos Cites major tourists coastal roads.

Mark Hemming
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